Sunday, November 11, 2012

Samples Received/Redeemed: 01 Nov - 10 Nov 2012

I had to admit, it's a rather sad week from 01 Nov through to 10 Nov. There wasn't much samples I yanked out of my mailbox, and I thought I was so close to sample-withdrawal symptom. But on the other hand, I'm kinda glad I got spooked a little with Essentials, ended up filling out their sample request form 3 times within a span of less than a month and now, I have 3 sample kits for the Essentials trial kit. Haha! Maybe the lack of samples in my mailbox is also a blessing in disguise in another form, huh?

I love receiving bulky mail and I cannot stress how excited I am whenever I see something that is addressed to me and looks somewhat bulky. The feeling grows and grows~

So, the first time round after I submitted my sample request and I didn't receive anything for close to 2 weeks. I panicked and thought maybe I was too slow, and hence, filled it in another 2 more times. And now, I have 3 sample kits ^^;

As usual, it's the sample "flavor" or series, which are:
  • Essential Purely Smooth Shampoo x 2
  • Essential Purely Smooth Conditioner x 2

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Go over to the NEW Essential Sample Redemption at Fill in the short questionnaire/survey, complete with your details that includes your name, email, address, etc. After that, just sit back and wait for the samples to arrive in your mailbox~

I happened to saw this sample giveaway on the right panel of Facebook while I was playing my regular FB game apps. So naturally, I checked it up and saw that it was available for anyone residing in Singapore and thus spammed everyone who is interested to get their hands on it too.

I got a Strawberry Souffle and I reckon people whom I know are probably getting the same too. Always saw this mask for sale at Watsons, however, I've never encountered anyone buying them. Maybe that's why they are giving out samples to get people to buy. I'd say these are good to bring with you on chalet or holiday outings, if you want to.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Go over to Montagne Jeunesse Singapore Facebook page at, Like their page. Next, click on the Free Sample link and follow the prompts. After that, sit back and wait for the sample to be mailed to you.

I managed to get a friend to request for a sample a few days back and the sample link is apparently still working. But hurry, as I don't think they will re-stock samples to mail out.

The moment I felt a round cylindrical bottle inside, I kinda managed to guess what is inside *squeals*

A bottle of Bifesta Bright Up Cleansing Lotion (30ml). And it comes with a little booklet, detailing what are the other products available and whether they are non-rinse of rinse-off types. At the same, it includes simple instructions on how best to use the product.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: For this sample, I've been scratching my head in wonder from the very day I received it up till now. A check on their Facebook page revealed a similar giveaway, but it's for last year. And I doubt Bifesta took almost a whole year to mail out samples. I'm guessing I probably won this somehow or there was an impromptu sample giveaway on their Facebook page. But then on the other hand, everyone loves free samples, whether they come in sachets or little bottles. And free stuffs gets redeemed pretty fast too.

Hence, I recommend going over to Bifesta Singapore Facebook page at and Like their page to be notified of giveaways, contests and samples.

As I have previously posted on my Facebook page, Oilum posted on their own FB page that they are retailing this Oilum travel pamper pack at S$2.00 at all Guardian outlets throughout Singapore. It was literally days of panicking as they posted it up on Friday and I went back on the weekends to find it but didn't. And apparently, the staffs at the Guardian outlet I patronize mentioned that it wasn't displayed because they had no space to. And I thought they had sold out as soon as Oilum posted up this cheap deal..

At a glance, it's a 3 piece travel pamper kit, suitable to be brought out with you for chalet outings, overnight stays, short holiday getaways. And the items include:
  • Hydro-Rebalance Collagen Revitalizing Lotion (20ml) x 1

  • It's with Anti-Oxidant + Double UV Filter, essentially a lotion and a sunscreen in 1 bottle, It's a white-based lotion.

  • Hydro-Rebalance Collagen Rejuvenating Body Cleanser (20ml) x 1

  • A liquid soap, with milk-white base.

  • Hydro-Rebalance Collagen Cleanser Bar (20g) x 1

  • Prevents skin aging and Dehydration. If you are not a shower gel person, this soap bar is your alternative too.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Available at all Guardian outlets through Singapore for a cheap price of S$2.00. If you don't see this being displayed at the nearest Guardian near you, you may have to inquire with the staffs instead. And in the event the Guardian staffs are clueless, it would be best if you snap a photo or print out the item shown on Oilum's FB page and show to the staffs instead.

Hurry, as this offer is only valid until 14 November, Wednesday!!

And while we are on the topic of Facebook pages, why not Like my Pu Niao's Product Reviews page at and be notified of new samples, contests and giveaways. I always update my FB page as soon as I find any new samples that can be redeemed so that everyone can grab their samples too.

And at the same time, here's a recap on what's new over at Pu Niao's Product Reviews for now.

From time to time, I always find DIY recipes for making your own body scrub, bath salts, for example. And if you are someone who hated buying store-bought products due to issues such as parabens, for example, my PinInterest profile on my FB page will at-a-glance let you know where the DIY recipes can be located. Also perfect for some of us who might want to cut back on our spending and use ingredients available in our own kitchen for some natural remedies. My PinInterest profile can be accessed through this blog (on the left panel, under the Pu Niao's Social World header) and on the FB page as well.

As you know, being Fan of the Week will give you certain benefits/privileges, such as receiving samples that I mailed out to you. As it is still in the starting stage, more information will be released. And I would probably change it to Fan of the Month concept where a fan with the most contribution(s) will be eligible for goodies, courtesy of me~ So, stay tuned for more updates and information!

We all know what forums are for, everything under the Sun. Over at my FB page, I've included a Forum section for fans to share reviews on products they have used, especially the ones that are must-try and must-buy. And at the same time, do kindly remember that everyone is unique and therefore have their own views. If you dislike a particular product, do share the cons of it and the experience you have while using said product. Don't start attacking or trolling just because someone likes a product that you absolutely disliked.


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