Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Skin79 Super Plus BB Triple Functions Cream Review

WHAT IS IT: Skin79 Super Plus BB Triple Functions Cream


Super BB Cream Skin79: Light weight BB Cream readily absorbs to skin, hydrating to reveal a healthy, fresh and natural looking hint of color. With added sunscreen, the formula protects from the sun's UV rays SPF25/PA+++, while promoting whitening, wrinkle care and sebum control effects. 10-in-1 One Step Solution for Multiple Concerns.

Before applying Skin79 Super Plus BB Triple Functions Cream.

1 hour after applying Skin79 Super Plus BB Triple Functions Cream, while waiting for my hair to dry out from showering.

VERDICT: My apologies for posting this review a little late due to Photobucket not working for me yesterday. And also another apology for posting this Skin79 Super Plus BB Triple Functions Cream just as late too, as I was still testing out other BB Creams. I know, I'm such a slow-poke sometimes. But why rush and compromise the quality of the review, right? We must all learn how to chill and relax once in a while, so that we may cover even longer distances. But back to the actual review now~

First of all, this BB Cream actually has a light powdery scent to it. You can actually compare the scent to foundation powder as the scent is rather similar. And the color upon squeezing out of the sample sachet is actually a dark beige/beige-gray color tone and I was starting to think it might not be the right color-type for my skin tone. Especially knowing how "ghostly" I look in the morning, wouldn't it make my skin tone look a little forcibly natural/healthy looking while the rest of my skin tone looks somewhat "half-dead"? (Half-dead needn't literally meant it as it is, it can also be simply used to describe looking half-asleep, which accounts for sallow skin, etc).

But upon applying this on my face, I was instantly surprised to find myself mistaken a little. Sure, the color of the BB Cream doesn't seemingly look close to my skin tone, but as soon as it was applied, it actually does match my skin tone really close. It's asmooth and creamy texture with a whipped cream-esque consistency, with a light-weight powder-y scent. It glides on really well and minutes after application, my skin does look a little much more healthier than usual. It doesn't make my skin tone look forcibly healthy with the usual healthy glow, or it'll probably look really weird to look healthy and glowing on my face while my limbs and neck looks pale. But then, I can't really agree with the different skin tones on my face and jawline, there's still a visible color difference after all. Had to apply past the jawline and close to my hairline near my neck to ensure my entire face looks even.

And as touted on Skin79's website, this particular Skin79 Super Plus BB Triple Functions Cream is more for oily/combination skin due to the fact that it leaves our oily/combination skin looking matte and controlling facial sebum. I found this BB Cream doesn't really feel like it's clogging my pores at all, which I think is a miracle. Considering that most BB Creams claims to not clog any pores, but feel pore-clogging nonetheless. It really does help to keep my oily skin looking matte for a couple of hours, roughly 3-5 hours maximum before it slowly starts to wear off and certain parts of my face started looking a mixture of matte and oily at the same time.

I don't particularly feel the need to re-apply another layer of this BB Cream despite looking half matte and half oily 3-5 hours later. Just pat the excess sebum away with a piece of absorption paper, or 2 pieces if you need that much, and I'm good to carry on with what I am doing. And we all know how enlarged pores looks like, especially on our nose where the blackhead gathers, I like that the pores on my nose doesn't seem that obvious, unless you're standing right smack in front of me. (Oh god, go back!! >.<) However, towards the end of the day, I did noticed that this BB Cream seems to start melting away from my skin without my noticing. Oh well, this means I don't need to wash my face too long to get rid of the BB Cream at night then.

Basically, this Skin79 BB Cream is a Korean brand by default, hence their range is probably more suitable for someone with a fair-based skin tone/complexion. If your skin tone is more towards tan to dark, you might want to ask or try samples available to ensure it looks natural on you. And did I mentioned I once saw this Chinese lady at my ex-work place with ultra whitish facial make-up (complete with really blue eye shadow and blood-red lipstick) while the rest of her neck, arms, thighs and legs looks really really tanned. First thing I thought of was "Monkey Butt". I know it's rude to use that term, but still, she should use a foundation powder more close to her current skin color instead of trying to look like she has milky white skin. Sorry, it did not. And it didn't help that she was wearing a sleeveless top and a short skirt, to accentuate her dark skin tone with pale-whitish facial makeup. Ghastly!


WHAT I THINK: It's close to my face/skin color, but it's a different story when my jawline is involved.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I got this sample from the August Edition of Vanity Trove's Rocket Science Beauty. And I'm still miffed at what I am supposed to do with the sanitary pad sample I got in there. Nobody I know seems to want it..

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