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T-Zone: Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash Review

This T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash is proudly sponsored and brought to you by the wonderful folks at Nezon Marketing, sole distributor of T-Zone Products.

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WHAT IS IT: T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash


T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash: T-Zone Fresh Start Exfoliating Daily Wash - For dull skin - Contains Manuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil. Regular exfoliation unclogs pores; skin feels fresh, smooth and ultra clean from day one!

Gentle enough to use every day but effective enough to help keep pores clear. Antibacterial action helps to stop spots forming. Microfine Exfoliation Beads sweep away dirt & oil, cleans deep into pores. Antibacterial Tea Tree Oil helps to beat spot causing bacteria, Manuka Honey is antibacterial and moisturizing so it helps to clear spots without leaving your skin dry or tight. Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates dead skin cells to stop pores getting blocked. Menthol leaves skin feeling cool and fresh and Vitamin C helps to heal spots and reduce redness.

The scent is a little minty and it has small active micro-beads which is gentle enough to use on a daily basis, as compared to other exfoliating facial cleansers that can only be used once or twice weekly. And it is a clear-based cleanser where you can see little micro-beads in it.

Typically, I'm a lazy person, so I regularly use a Face Washing Brush when I don't feel like using my finger-pad for excessive rubbing on my face/skin.

VERDICT: First of all, talking about the scent is an absolute must at this blog!! You can call me weird, but I'm not fond of putting weird-smelling products on my face, hair or anywhere else, unless it's proved, touted and madly raved on how effective it is. Unlike other Tea Tree facial products I've used where the scent of Tea Tree is either faint or non-existence, I can detect a little hint of something minty in this T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash. Well, I wouldn't know exactly how actual Tea Tree scent is supposed to be like, since every product out on the market that confesses to have Tea Tree as an ingredient all smelled differently. But I'm just hoping it smells minty overall :/ But before I go carry on with the review, here's a little info regarding the important ingredients that goes into this T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash.

Tea Tree

In addition to working as a cleanser, tea tree also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It can help soothe your inflamed skinned so that an outbreak is less noticeable. Tea tree possesses powerful antimicrobial actions. Medline Plus, a scientific research review service from the National Institutes of Health, finds that research supports tea tree as an antibacterial agent. Acne eruptions are the result of bacterial infection, and tea tree products, especially tea tree oil easily penetrates your skin so it can attack the bacteria that cause the infection and inflammation.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is the most researched, most powerful medicinal honey known today. It has the ability to penetrate skin tissue and treat infections beneath the skin. Clinically proven to cure wounds, infections, ulcers and other skin conditions. Its antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties are unchallenged. So apart from conquering inflammation and bacteria, which are two major factors in acne, Manuka honey also has shown to draw out impurities in, even in highly infested, problematic, wounds. So it might have the same effect on acne pimples as well. It also has proven to stimulate the growth of new skin cells and fasten wound closure which helps reduce acne scars.

I had previously won a T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash and Pore Tightening Cleanser from T-Zone Singapore Facebook page. As my skin always seems to be undecided on it's next course of action whenever a new pimple sprouts, I thought I had nothing to lose from trying this. To be honest, I've used other Tea Tree related products from well-known brands previously. And although it worked, but it soon loses it's effectiveness over-time. Plus the fact that after cleansing, I always managed to see/find leftover facial residue on my face despite washing my face thoroughly. (This is my second set after finishing the ones I've won previously!)

But it soon changed with this T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash, it doesn't make my pores feel clogged at all and each time after using, I didn't find any leftover facial cleansing residue on my face at all. And at the same time, even though this product has Tea Tree, it also has Manuka Honey as it's other ingredients. And we all know how we sometimes use honey as a form of facial mask we do, in the event where we are tired of using so many different products that it simply went from being effective to not working anymore. I know I've used honey as a secondary ingredient in home-made DIY face masks, hence I was really interested to want to give this a try.

And I am definitely glad I did! I like the fact that there are active micro-beads in this T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash and it's so tiny that it's actually gentle enough to use on a daily basis. I don't feel as if my skin is being tortured when I exfoliate with this daily, as compared to other facial exfoliants which hurts my skin to the point of looking red like a lobster. So much as I sometimes dread doing facial exfoliating, even if it's only once a week. Yep, that bad! It's worse to see your cheeks look red and angry and it's even worse to feel the pain literally whenever you accidentally brush your hands against the irritated area accidentally. Almost like a cheek-related nightmare where you are fully awake and experiencing it.

But with Manuka Honey present, it soothes while cleansing, all at the same time. I especially love how T-Zone thought of using honey in a facial cleanser/wash, it feels like this product is invented because the inventors themselves have experienced something similar like my old exfoliating woes before and wants to make daily facial exfoliating as painless as possible. This doesn't make my face feels overly-dry nor tight, and it's oh-so-gentle on my thin layer of skin. (The irony of the phrase "Thick Skin"..) And despite the odd mix of ingredients, I find that this lathers rather well and washes off easily too.

And it works quite well on my blackheads too, as they were less visible after 1 use. And those old acne/blemish scars on my face doesn't look prominent after close to a month's usage and new pimples that suddenly sprouted out normally takes long to heal, but with this, I think the existence of Manuka Honey made the healing progress slightly faster than before. I can still remember this horrible pimple I had during my school days where it just stayed red and angry and finally one fine day, I was so tired of it's existence I tried popping it and out came brownish pus. Yeck! And the wound was taking so long to heal. When I compared this particular episode to the healing time-frame on my acne now, yes, the healing is slightly faster and better than before. (I sure have impatient and itchy fingers that likes to "pop" things..)

As usual, just because you could be a tad lazy like me and use a facial cleansing brush instead of your fingers, don't be too excited and brushed too hard either. Go in gentle circular motion clockwise for 10-20 seconds, before switching in an anti-clockwise direction for another 10-20 seconds. And repeat this step for your cheeks, nose, chin until your skin feels clean. Gently, I repeat! You are cleansing your face, not scrubbing it off :/


WHAT I THINK: I like clean, unclogged pores. Especially on a daily basis~

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: As usual, this product is brought over to Singapore exclusively by Nezon Marketing, hence like some of their other products available, they always have contests where fans can win. And it's not just only 1 winner, multiple winners are guaranteed. Unless stated otherwise, and customer service is always wonderful and excellent. If you have doubts, you can actually ask for help as well.

So, just go over to T-Zone Singapore Facebook page at, and Like their page to be notified of upcoming contests, giveaways, etc.

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Giveaway for 1 Lucky Reader/Fan

Have you used other Tea Tree facial cleansing products and failed to see an improvement to your skin-tone? Are you someone who has oily T-Zone and would love the feeling of clean and unclogged pores while being able to exfoliate your face on a daily basis without making your skin hurt and look red? Tea Tree and Manuka Honey as an ingredient in this daily wash actually moisturizes plus its antibacterial and has antiseptic properties. Well, you are in luck then as here's your lucky chance in winning this for yourself. Currently, T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash are sold in Watsons.

Here's a small set of instructions on how you can join and win this T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash for yourself:

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  1. I would like to win the t-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash because well yes,like you said, I have oily T-Zone and would love the feeling of clean and unclogged pores while being able to exfoliate my face on a daily basis without making my skin hurt and look red. I am already 18 years old that all my friends have face that is clearing up from teen acne but my face is still full of pimples and my pores are huge and clogged. I usually will squeeze my blackheads out but sometimes it will just bleed and make my face scared.So i hope to win this product for my skin!
    Name :Wan Yu
    fb name: Katie Cai

    ps. I really love your blog, it is actually a habit for me to check your blog everyday for updates! Thanks!

  2. I would like to win the T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash because I am currently looking for a facial scrub that will be suitable for my sensitive yet oily skin.Basically,I am looking for a scrub that will cleanse without causing an allergic reaction or drying out my skin,unlike all of the facial scrubs that I have tried before.

    Name: Eleen Cheong
    Facebook URL:

  3. I've always heard about the wonders of Tea tree and Manuka Honey for the skin. I've been having a lot of stress and lack of sleep in the past 2 years due to my workload and my skin isn't like how it used to be. I hope to try something that works and help reduce my oily T-zone and sensitive skin so that I can have clean and clear face without any acne and blackheads.

    Thank you for holding this giveaway, this sounds like a really good product since this is not your first bottle. Hope to be lucky enough to try it on and see the results myself on my skin!

    Name: Cheryl C
    Facebook URL:
    Email Address:


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