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Samples Received/Redeemed: 19 Nov - 24 Nov 2012

So, another week of samples received and redeemed, freebies won and gift voucher spent. Another sad week to say the least, since I have only 3 goodies to show here. But at the end, it's better than having nothing to show huh? Without further ado, here's the freebies/goodies for the past week.

Despite many people joining this Welcome Giveaway lucky draw organised by Erabelle Singapore, I'm just glad my name was one of the chosen for a Erabelle Long-Lasting Brown Pencil.

Arrived at Vivo City rather early, so I did my usual "I-wander-around-like-a-lost-soul" thing. Lurked near Erabelle, only to see 4-6 people crowding around a table having a discussion. Thinking that they may be having a meeting, I proceed to wander around some more, finally had it and approached the Information Desk and inquire about Erabelle's opening hours. Turns out, there were staffs actually manning the front counter inside Erabelle lol

The lady who served me was very matronly and friendly at the same time, and kudos to their uniform too as it's actually a kimono. Pretty! Initially I wanted the black one, but after she tested out the colors on my hand, I realized black was too dark while gray seemed even darker. The staff agreed too, so I settled for brown instead. And this brown pencil costs S$34.24 in retail prize (o_O) Just glad I got it for free instead of having to buy one.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: If you are on my friend list, you would have had the app spammed by me on your wall. But nonetheless, I think I might have posted it on my Facebook page as well. And for those of you beautiful ladies (and men who joined to get one for your wife, girlfriend or female siblings), you might want to check your email inbox and see if you are one of the lucky 100 who won too.

In my previous Samples Received/Redeemed post, I've stated that I got a S$5 Watsons voucher, courtesy of a survey prize awarded by Pfizer Singapore. Knowing that I was going to Vivo City to redeem my Erabelle Brow Pencil, I figured I could stake out the Watsons there as I am pretty sure they should stock My Scheming masks. Glad I brought the voucher along to offset my mask by S$5.

Although kinda sucky that Pfizer Singapore took so long to mail my voucher out, or I could have bought my mask at an even cheaper prize. But still, better than no voucher, I reckon.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Go over to, and fill in a survey. It takes around 5 minutes, I took just slightly longer since there are questions asked about some YouTube video ads. And I don't think the free voucher will be forever, so hurry!!

Previously, I joined the "Make A Gingerbread Man" app by The Body Shop and I didn't realized that they would send another email to me informing me that the surprise gift voucher would be ready for collection. And stupidly, I thought the first email was meant for redemption. And hence, made my way down to the Ion Orchard outlet to redeem it.

The staffs are rather ignorant and haughty actually. Their outlet entrance was wide opened and seeing that there wasn't any shutter pulled half way down nor was there any sort of barricade at the entrance, I presumed their outlet was opened and went in to redeem my surprise gift voucher.

The staff nearest to the entrance told me that their outlet opens at 10:30am. And seeing that my time was already 10:35am, I asked them if they said they opened at 10:30am cos it's already 10:35. They stopped whatever they were doing and all of them looked at me like I was some sort of freak show. Obviously, they are ignorant of their own company rules and policy.

In which I duly made a feedback on The Body Shop Facebook page. It wouldn't hurt nor kill them to just kindly inform me that they do not have the vouchers ready for collection yet or even anything. So unhelpful, despite me writing so many reviews on how good their products are. I think ungrateful is a better description..

And I finally got them to allow me to redeem my gift card at Bukit Panjang Plaza instead as the staffs at the BPJ outlet are much more friendlier and down-to-earth. As usual, my favorite store manager there was a little blur lol Until her staff (a sweet Indian girl) remembered and asked if I was the one who feedback about the Ion Orchard outlet. So, I just told them what happened exactly, as you all had read about in the previous paragrpah.

And the store manager and the sweet Indian girl's response? The same as me, appalled! Store manager said that the Ion Orchard outlet staffs should stopped or dropped whatever they were doing and attend to the customer, in which case, me. While the sweet Indian girl actually asked me to retort back to the Ion Orchard outlet staffs exactly what time is their clock?

Glad to know there are friendly, sweet and understanding TBS staffs who actually feel and sympathized for their customers. Can't say the same for the Ion Orchard outlet one. If you don't believe I have friendly relationship with the BPJ outlet staffs, go to the nearest or favorite outlet of your choice and ask your preferred staff if they had to do a Gangnam Style dance at the end of their Dinner and Dance ;-)

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Go over to The Body Shop Singapore Facebook page at, and Like their page in order to access the app. Next, register your particulars and once done, you may proceed to decorate your own Gingerbread Man.

Whether you did a good or bad job at it, you will still be eligible to receive/redeem a Surprise Gift Card. I would suggest avoiding redeeming from the Ion Orchard outlet since their staffs aren't that friendly and seemed rather ignorant about their own company rules, policy and the time their outlet is supposed to open.

TIP: People tend to cheat at all the apps that TBS came up with. As with the previous Tea Tree Power app, I think 3rd place winner cheated cos he/she went from 90+ votes to 1600 votes in under 24 hours. Either they have really dedicated friends who want them to win so badly or as we all know it, kept making extra accounts to vote for themselves. Whereas bloggers like Charlotte from MFP didn't even get to one of the top 3 spots at all, despite her review being one of the best ones out there. No doubt those with 400+ votes and more probably cheated as well, I'm just saying. So, my advice is not to focus on trying to win. Too much anguish. Just do the app and get your free Surprise Gift Card.

This is from Montagne Jeunesse.

As mentioned in another one of my previous Samples Received/Redeemed post, I've posted up the sample redemption link for the Montagne Jeunesse sample redemption. Since I wasn't sure if the redemption is still available, I got a friend to redeem it and he filled in my mailing address instead. This time round, I got the Deep Sea Mud Pac mask instead. And luckily, I think they didn't saved our email address. So, he got another one for himself, but with his mother's name lol

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Go over to Montagne Jeunesse Singapore Facebook page at, Like their page. Next, click on the Free Sample link and follow the prompts. After that, sit back and wait for the sample to be mailed to you.

I'm rather tempted to try a 2nd round and see if they mailed me a green one instead xD

Why not like my Facebook page at to be informed of latest samples I found, which is duly updated? It will definitely save you the trouble of having to hunt down samples :)


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