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SilkPro Oil Control Shampoo Review

WHAT IS IT: SilkPro Oil Control Shampoo


SilkPro Oil Control Shampoo: Enjoy an invigorating experience as you cleanse your hair, while getting early treatment for hair loss. 11 Eastern and Western herbs are specially extracted and combined with Juniper Extract to cleanse your hair deep down, and remove excess sebum and build up.

There was this light minty and herbal scent as soon as I opened up the sample. And the shampoo itself is a light pinkish/purplish color with a clear base. Suds well, and also washes away easily.

VERDICT: As soon as I cut open this sample, I was hit by a light minty and herbal scent. It wasn't the overpowering type though, just light enough to get you interested. Especially if you tried to open up a retail bottle at the Supermarket and take a sniff or two, the scent will probably persuade you to buy it on the spot without a doubt. And the shampoo itself is actually in a light pinkish/purplish color, despite it being a clear-based shampoo. All in all, the scent is pleasing and pleasant by my own standard.

But despite the minty scent, it didn't actually give this cooling and tingling while I was using this shampoo on my hair. (Yes, I do have greasy scalp/hair, but luckily, it's more on a once-in-a-blue-moon moment) Although I do admit that just from 1 wash, my hair doesn't look greasy nor oily, and yet still feel so soft and manageable at the same time. This SilkPro Oil Control Shampoo actually suds up pretty decent and can be washed off easily too.

However, as soon as my hair is dry, I felt this horrible itchiness in my scalp. And mind you, I didn't use any hair conditioners nor apply any type of hair smoothener nor hair oil at all. It was only the shampoo from beginning to end. Ultimately, if this shampoo promises thicker hair, then I have to disagree totally. As this shampoo gives me an itchy scalp, which in turn leads to scratching and more scratching to relieve the itchiness. And all the scratching ultimately leads to hair loss, and with hair loss present, how can this product claimed to give thicker hair? It should probably be changed to "This shampoo thins your hair like no any other".

However, I don't recall my hair smelling nice nor pleasant. Maybe the itching part over-ride the scent factor in here. True that my hair didn't feel greasy nor oily after 1 wash, but I didn't anticipate on having an itchy-like-hell scalp after using it. And I did stood under the shower-head for a further 10 minutes more, while constantly massaging and running my fingers through my hair. So, it's highly impossible that I could have missed a spot where I forgot to rinse out the shampoo. Let's just say it's impossible to rinse half your scalp and not rinse the other half in the shower. So, it's definitely not me, but the shampoo.

I ended up re-washing my hair late at night with my regular shampoo, just for the sake of getting rid of the itchiness that refused to go away. And if you thought that it was only an episode of itchy scalp, then you're half right there. While washing my hair, I did noticed that my hair fall increased, despite SilkPro range promising that it reduces hair fall. Just like the previous SilkPro Hair Fall Control review I did, it promises less hair fall. But in the end, it gave me more hair fall instead.

Part of me is just glad I got the sample kit instead of buying the retail-size version, or I'm going to have trouble getting rid of it since this shampoo series did so much harm to my scalp and hair than to actually help it.


WHAT I THINK: The itch from hell, straight from a SilkPro shampoo bottle. Try it if you dare..

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I previously got this sample around late July, and less than a week or so, all samples were fully redeemed. Personally, I am just glad the samples were redeemed pretty fast, as one, the sample arrived looking greasy and yucky looking and all the samples in there consists of SilkPro Oil Control Shampoo, SilkPro Hair Fall Control Shampoo & SilkPro Treatment Conditioner. And I can gladly say I hated all 3 of these products from SilkPro. Instead of promising to reduce hair fall, all I experienced was more hair fall than before and an oily back (from the Treatment Conditioner) which resulted in a bout of unwanted backne (a.k.a back acne). Grr..

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  1. Hi there I'm facing the exact same issue after using this shampoo. Im an 18yo guy btw. Didn't know what made me make the worst decision. Really regret it cos it has caused me scalp itch -and hair loss I have never experienced before. I'm still trying v hard to find solutions like using the antibiotics scalp spray. Have u had any luck to reverse the problem?

    1. Hi joshua chong,

      I actually switched back to my regular shampoo, which unfortunately is out of production. Therefore, I can't really help much.

      But I am currently using Klorane shampoo and it did helped a little with my current hair situation.


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