Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monthly Topic #17: Top 3 turn-offs

No one is trying to be passion killers, but someone just had to say something about those annoying habits some couples have of totally grossing out everyone around them.

~Image Source: Modern

  • It's cool when a couple are so in much love that they are oblivious to the people around them, and totally mesmerised with one another. It's NOT cool when they treat the people around them with disregard, groping one another's butts in the shopping malls, tongue locking on the escalator and grabbing at each other's private areas. Save that kind of behavior for the bedroom, OK?
  • When couples start picking the blackheads from one another's faces and backs – in public. And then they start showing each other the products of the excavations. Urgh! Like monkeys picking ticks from one another, it may be considered a mating ritual for a few, but please, keep it behind closed doors!
  • Don't you hate it when people send in dedications to radio request shows, declaring a track to “My smoochy, woochy, poo bums honey bunchikins who I will love 'till the end of the world”. Eeeeek! Perhaps they don't realise how bad it sounds until the poor DJ has to read it out!