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Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Even-Tone Lotion Review

WHAT IS IT: Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Even-Tone Lotion
Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Even-Tone Lotion

Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Even-Tone Lotion
Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Even-Tone Lotion: Vitamin B3 Triple Sunscreens helps match your dark skin areas to your light ones.

Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Even-Tone Lotion
Smells old-school and nostalgic and I've previously mentioned, my hands are so terribly dry now that patches of skin near my nails are so cracked that it hurts. Like a bish. And old-time favorites such as this Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Even-Tone Lotion actually soothes the pain while providing moisture and lightens up the skin-tone on my hands :D

VERDICT: I personally love how the scent seemed so old-school and nostalgic, it sort of reminded me of the days when young, I would secretly use my mother's Hazeline Snow while my mother was doing her household chores. Back then, I just don't understand how can someone do household chores an entire afternoon. Frankly speaking, until now I still don't know either LOL

Anyways, the lotion itself is nicely scented. The scent itself doesn't linger on strongly and neither does it have this strong scent that doesn't seem to dissipate. In my opinion, good products that smells great should actually somehow seem to have a lingering scent but you only catch the scent when a breeze comes your way. Or hours after application, say to your arms, you accidentally brush your arms against your face and catch a whiff of the scent. That is good enough, anymore stronger or way too lingering that you can smell the lotion when your arm is nowhere near your face is a big No No.

The lotion when squeezed out onto my arms and hands seemed really creamy and thick, however, I found that it is actually light as lotion. It actually instantly melts into my skin within a few seconds after gently massaging into my skin. Wow! This is what all lotions should be like. Looks heavy, but is miraculously light and melts into the skin simultaneously without much effort. And while gently massaging this lotion into my skin, it gives this very slight cooling sensation as well.

Immediately after application, I also noticed that my skin felt so much smoother, softer and well-hydrated. As I personally shun using products such as moisturizers and skin lotions during the day as I am worried about sweating it out as Singapore is such a hot and humid country. And furthermore, I tend to wear a cardigan on top of my usual T-shirt(s) since the air-conditioning in Singapore public buses can suddenly get cold without warning. This sort of resulted in uneven skin-tone color on my arms and hands most of the time.

I wouldn't say the skin-tone on my arms whitened up, it's more like lighten up to the point where everything patch of skin on my arm looks so much more even-toned now. All this despite wearing a cardigan out in the open sun in hot and sunny Singapore. My legs are generally covered by long pants, and despite wearing flip-flops with my long pants (I've even applied this lotion to my short and chubby legs before donning my long work pants). I did notice that the color of my legs looks much more even-toned as well.

Generally, my skin tend to vary between fair and ghostly white, depending on circumstances. So basically, I would say this product works for me quite well. And not forgetting the dry and cracked skin around my fingers, it actually looks so much better now and the dry and cracked areas aren't hurting that much either too. In fact, the lotion literally melts into my skin that I am sometimes tempted to re-apply every 30 minutes or so xD


WHAT I THINK: My skin-tone looks much better now, in terms of even-toned areas. And it helps moisturizes my hands along the way.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I redeemed this sample from CozyCot's website previously in September 2012. There hasn't been any sample redemption going on for a while now until recently CozyCot revamped their website. And so far, there's 2 freebie redemption going on. But the redemption is at their Shaw Centre office and honestly, speaking, it didn't help that the entire building is undergoing renovation now and the office entrance looks eerily empty and devoid of humans. So, I'm personally going to give the freebie sample redemption a miss instead :/

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