Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Face Milk Review

WHAT IS IT: Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Face Milk
Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Face Milk

Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Face Milk
Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Face Milk: The Ceramide functioning ingredient and Eucalyptus extract penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum so skin stays soft, deeply moisturized and resistant to external irritation. It helps to improve your skin's natural barrier function, soothe and protect skin from dryness. Intensely moisturizing yet it feels airy-light on skin.

Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Face Milk
The texture is definitely moisture milk while the consistency is really runny, but lightweight and airy on the skin when applied.

VERDICT: Scent wise, it's nothing out of the ordinary nor is it any special and to be honest I really can't detect any sort of scent to it. Although I thought I detected this really light and faint floral-esque scent, but I could be a little off there, so I am just going to skip the scent part in this review.

This moisture face milk's consistency is actually similar to milk cleansers as it is really the watery and runny type. Like most other users out there, if you saved the Moisture Face Milk for last, the previous other Moisture products are going to fool you into thinking that it has a slightly thicker consistency, before throwing a sucker punch at you by crazily flowing out of the bottle instead of the usual oozing method. I know, I almost lost half a small sample bottle. And please, don't laugh at the small sample bottle either. Samples are good as it lets you determine if the texture and consistency is up to you own standard of how a product is, whether the scent is to your liking and whether it does any good to your skin as promised or just feel like a waste of money cos you do not see any changes (or probably damages) to your skin after trying it out.

The texture is really airy light as it claims and without too much force nor effort exerted, I gently massage this product into my skin in really short a time. I didn't even realize that it was already absorbed into my skin the first time I tried out the sample, so I was essentially massaging my skin repeatedly hahaha xD What I like is that the surface of my skin totally looks different before and after application. Before application, I can see it lacks moisture but after using this, I can still my skin looking much more hydrated and moisturized. The after-feel after applying this product isn't the typical greasy nor sticky feeling either, which I am definitely grateful for.

Also because my face is a combination skin type and can get really oily-looking when the weather turned a little cold, I feel my skin really appreciates such a light and airy moisture milk meant for the face/skin. A definite choice to consider due to the hot and humid weather in sunny sauna-esque Singapore, considering that applying facial moisturizer in the day time is akin to asking it to come right back out of your pores due to the sweating part. I'm sure most of us girls have experienced this at some point in a sunny weather. You applied a light facial moisturizer at least an hour before stepping out of the sun, and the sun just decides to be relentlessly sunny in an attempt to make you sweat even more. You sweat. You take out a tissue to pat off the sweat and realized, the sweat is making your face feels a little more "slick" than usual when the tissue goes on your face. Yikes! You think you're sweating out sweat and your facial moisturizer all at the same time. I know... happens to me on a daily basis.

However, what I noticed about this product is that, the above didn't mentioned as compared to other facial moisturizers I've applied on before setting out of the house on a bright and sunny day. Sure, I did sweat a little. But not that much to the point where it feels like the product is being sweat out of my pores either.

And at the end, my skin felt calmed and soothed after using this product. It didn't feel like my skin was being aggravated nor irritated from using this product at all, despite the sample bottle being a tad too small to fully utilize for a whole week as I used it day and night. I also noticed that my skin feels and looks more "well-behaved" and no stray pimples showed up from out of nowhere too. Although it's light, but I felt it was more than enough for my skin without making it feel clogged up at the pores.


WHAT I THINK: Lightweight and airy, it actually calms and soothes my angsty, problematic combination skin and during the days I was using this, I noticed no new stray pimples making sudden appearances.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: This current Intensive line is not available for sample redemption. Current one should still be the Sebum range, if I do remember correctly.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance Review

WHAT IS IT: iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance
iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance

iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance
iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance: A light and fluffy day cream imbued with fresh cells and oil from the deeply regenerative rosa damascena. Fresh rose damascene cells penetrate into deeper layers of skin to restore vitality. Contains rosehip seed oil to heal scar tissue and reveal skin’s natural ‘bloom’, damascene rose otto to regenerate skin cells and reverse ageing, sandalwood to rejuvenate and nourish at a deep level.

Anti-ageing and brings a soft, radiant and youthful complexion. Penetrates easily bringing extraordinary hydration, softness, radiance and vitality with a subtle, lasting fragrance.

iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance
Directions for usage is stated clearly. As it is a really rich day cream, just a really small amount is more than sufficient for the entire face.

iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance
You can see from the photo above that this day cream is really thick, heavy and creamy.

iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance
It takes a little while to fully massage the entire cream into your skin, but you instantly see your skin looked a little more nourished and hydrated.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent. It was so heavenly I was really hesitant on using it. Instead, I wish I could either use it to scent my room or just take it out every now and then and take a whiff out of it to refresh my mind. Just the scent along is enough to make one feel really restorative on so many levels, be it the mind, spirit or body. Never have I encountered such a product that makes me not want to use nor even consider finish using it at all.

As my regular readers are aware, my skin can sometimes act like a teenager on a rebellious streak. In my case, it meant pimples and acne out of the blue, and without anything to trigger it at all. Most nights, I have more than 8 hours of sleep and I drank plain water like armageddon is upon us and yet, my skin just decided that it must have pop at least a few pimples just to prove it's existence. Sometimes, it can get really frustrating to the point when I don't even know my current products are of any use at all.

But this day cream is like a life saver for my skin on days when I have a feeling that I might get to see a few pimples show up like an unwanted guest. And like I've already mentioned, just the scent along is heavenly in it's own. But the feeling I get when applying this day cream on my skin, it's almost as if I am at a spa retreat already due to the scent itself. It's almost like every application is a moisture injection to my skin and I can instantly see my skin looking so nourished and hydrated. Although the day cream is really thick, heavy and creamy, but just the time spent massaging it into my skin is just well worth the time spent on the application.

I especially love applying this in the day time before I step out of my house for work in the afternoon. By the time I reached my workplace and applied a light layer of makeup, I don't even need to re-apply anymore skin moisturizer at all. (I don't like applying makeup before setting out of the house, since Singapore weather is just frigging humid and hot and makeup under hot and humid weather in Singapore is just going to make it melt too fast) Throughout the entire day until I get off from work, my skin doesn't feel like it's being deprived of moisture under a layer of makeup.


WHAT I THINK: Simple packaging, but luxurious on scent and benefits for my skin, mind and spirit. I was so glad I won this set (along with the Night Cream) to give it a try. If I were to have to spend my own money, I wouldn't even know this product is so good despite the simple and minimalistic packaging.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask Review

WHAT IS IT: NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask
NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask

NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask
NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask: “ Let's return to nature with nature!”

Nops will lead you into the pureness of nature. Synergy effect of plants and organic energy will make your skin healthy and vitalizing. Advanced prescriptions of Nops contain good values as it is with the efficacy of genuine nature. The energy of nature, getting from wind, rain and soil, will be delivered perfectly into your skin. Nature is beautiful by itself. So, we want to be getting alike nature.

NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask, as its name suggests, is a clay mask that makes your skin brighter. It contains lemon extract which helps improving skin color. The citric acid of lemon can prevent pigmentation and the formation of freckles. This Whitening and Moisturizing Pink Clay Mask contains unique ingredients which can turn dull skin into natural radiance skin. With purslane extracts, this mask can offer you a relaxing and moisturizing skin.

NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask
As the name suggests, it is really pink. And the clay isn't too hard to "manipulate" from pot to skin, although I have to stress that even when well-kept away from sunlight and the lid tightened sufficiently, this product can still dry up a little, making it hard to work with.

NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask
Here's how the clay mask looks like when applied to the skin in a thin but still generous layer. I mainly use it for my acne scars and blemishes.

VERDICT: The scent of this product is lightweight, although I couldn't pinpoint it to being any distinctive scent. But luckily, it isn't the lightweight weird or lightweight funny type of scent either, so phew~

The mask itself is mud-based, but pink in color and I find the texture and consistency really pleasant to use. With a face mask brush, I could easily use the bristles to somehow scoop out a decent amount for my entire face. And it is also easy to spread around on the skin without much effort too. Although I have to give a fair warning first, if you neglect to use this product for too long, even with the lid sufficiently tightened up, the product will still harden up a little. Not too hard to the point where you cannot scoop out nor spread it on your face, but just a little bit hard to actually be able to scoop any out with attempting to use your fingers to do the job.

As I mostly use this mask to help in lightening and brightening up acne scars and blemishes, I generally recommend using a mask meant for pore cleansing at least a day in advance to clean up your pores and get rid of gunk on your skin, suck as whiteheads and blackheads for example. And just before using this mask, use a facial exfoliating cleanser as well to get rid of dead skin cells sitting right on the surface of your skin. There's no point in whitening and brightening your whiteheads and blackheads and let the product brightening up dead skin cells, right?

I've also noticed that my acne scars and blemishes have gradually started to lighten up a little compared to before using this. It's not totally gone, but with continual usage, I am convinced that my acne scars and blemishes will totally go poof, but until then, I am satisfied with gradual brightening and whitening since it has lemon extract, which we all know, can help brighten up one's skintone.

So far, I have not encountered any side-effects or after-effects from using this product. And after washing this product off my skin after waiting for close to 20 minutes (that's how long I prefer my mask to sit on my skin), my skin felt softer, calmer and relaxed. It's like, my skin just went to heaven and back and feels like a pampered baby.


WHAT I THINK: I am definitely seeing my acne scars and blemishes lighten up a little, my skin looks slightly brighter than before as I use it only once a week or once every 2 weeks.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No more samples for redemption, although you can get this from any Venus Beauty outlets. Alternatively, you might want to check on ebay and other online stores that carry this product if you are interested.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hada Labo ES Foam Wash Review

WHAT IS IT: Hada Labo ES Foam Wash
Hada Labo ES Foam Wash

Hada Labo ES Foam Wash
Hada Labo ES Foam Wash: Hada Labo es Foaming Wash is a facial cleanser for sensitive skin that protects delicate skin, leaving it moisturized and firmed. Sleek and rich foam appears once you have slightly pressed the nozzle of the bottle, which mildly clears away excess oil and impurities on the face. Nano mineral hyaluronic acid, a tiny molecule that easily penetrates to the bottom of the stratum corneum, hydrates skin. Together with ingredients that soothes and conditions sensitive skin, it keeps skin always healthy.

Hada Labo ES Foam Wash
The cleansing foam itself is light and foamy, almost similar to using a small piece of cloud to cleanse your face, if I may say so myself :D

VERDICT: I'm just going to skip the scent/sniffing part as this product doesn't have an overly strong nor mild scent to it. Let's just say the general scent it has is of a foaming wash, so nothing in particular about it. The foam itself is light and foamy. However, unlike most foam cleaners I've encountered, this is really the dense type. Instead, it's more similar to how general liquid cleansers looks like after you tried to foam it up by repeatedly rubbing between your hands. However, I do noticed that it washes just like regular and brand-named foaming cleansers. And we all know foam cleansers are generally better than non-foaming type as bubbles are more likely to pick up dirt on the surface of your skin than to constantly massage and rub a non-foaming one on your skin repeatedly.

On a personal note, I prefer using this product after I wake up in the morning or at the end of the day after I removed my makeup with a makeup remover. In the morning, it gently cleanses my skin without making it feel dry. And at the end of the day after removing my makeup with a makeup remover and using this, my skin doesn't feel dry and irritated at all. On the contrary, I felt that it really does help with the cleansing due to the foam itself. If I were to compare my skin from using a foaming cleanser to my skin from a non-foaming one, I felt and saw that my skin is much more cleaner and clearer without the worrying of having breakouts due to under-cleansing.

And the good thing about foaming cleansers is that, you just gently massaged the foam on your skin for as long as you need to without having to worry about unnecessary friction on your skin due to the constant pulling and tugging encountered when using a non-foaming cleanser. Less pulling and tugging on the skin due to non-foaming cleansers is the equivalent to less wrinkles likely to form. And I thought wrinkles only showed up cos I over-laughed LMAO

Also, if you need to double-cleanse due to makeup issues, for example, after using makeup remover and cleansing your skin away. I definitely would recommend this product. As we are all aware, cleansing is one thing as cleansing is supposed to be an activity that cleans your skin from dirt, grime, sebum and other yucky things. But because makeup is involved, we need to double cleanse to ensure leftover makeup don't stay on our skin to irritate it even more. But even a normal double cleansing might be a little too much for our skin as over-cleansing can strip away the necessary oils on the surface of our skin, making it too dry. Which in turn, our skin would have to produce more sebum so our skin doesn't dry out too much.

And also, foaming cleansers might be better in a sense that they can reach deeper into our pores and clean out the pores on our skin without making it feel too squeaky clean and dry to the touch. Whereas for non-foaming cleansers, you have to rub and rub to get the foam out and sometimes, you squeezed out too much or too little, resulting in too thick and rich-like foam or watery to the point that there's no sign of any foam at all. Let's just say, my skin reacts better to foam cleansers than non-foaming cleaners on a general. With non-foaming cleansers, I sometimes feel like I've leftover cleansers stuck in my pores. Blame it on my occasional OCD urges that wells up with no apparent reason at all :/


WHAT I THINK: Generally, my skin don't feel overly squeaky clean and dry from foaming cleansers such this Hada Labo ES Foam Wash. In fact, my skin's condition is much better when I use foaming cleansers.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Fully redeemed. And it's been a little crazy trying to use this before it expires in under 2 weeks after I received it from The Sample Store.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist Review

WHAT IS IT: Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist
Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist
Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist: This high-performance, energizing treatment lotion with anti-oxidants deeply hydrates skin. Powered by our proprietary Pomegranate Nectar Infusion, this rich, cushioning lotion infuses skin with comforting moisture and energy for a look of radiant vitality.

See a new look of active, radiant health. Nutritious helps Detoxify irritants. Neutralize external irritants. Infuse skin with moisture and energy. It's a daily dose of powerful vita-nutrients for your skin. A total approach to beauty, powered by pomegranate.

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist
It's a clear liquid with a serum-like texture that actually absorbs into the skin quite fast.

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist
It spreads evenly over the skin without much spillage and I also realized that it gets absorbed quite well when massaged into the skin.

VERDICT: The scent is really wonderful because it smells like pomegranate, it's so "gentle" and "peaceful". Unlike most products that have this scent that wavers between weird and funny-smelling to somewhat okay, this product has that scent that makes your skin feel like it's being pampered like a baby from the outside to the inside. At first sniff, it seemed a little heavy, but it gradually became a much comfortable and lighter scent after a few sniffs. Besides, the scent of pomegranate is quite decently strong here, so all I'm actually getting is mostly pomegranate instead of other chemical scents associated with beauty products.

The consistency is a little towards "syrup-like" and it does feel a little heavy due to the consistency of the product, which I presume should be geared towards users who have dry skin instead of oily or combination although the product explanation on their website insists that it's suitable for all skin types. However, I personally felt that it absorbs rather well into my skin with just gentle massaging, instead of the usual rubbing method. You can instantly feel that your skin is hydrated and moisturized upon application. And I like how it doesn't leave this greasy and oily after-texture hours after application.

As I personally tend to overslept a little before I wake up for work, I won't have enough time to actually go through a proper skincare regime prior to stepping out of the house. So, a small bottle (a sample bottle actually ^^;) is still essential for me to apply onto my skin after I reached my workplace but before I start work. And I would say, it is rather decent to have my skin feel hydrated, nourished and moisturized before slapping a light layer of makeup on.

We all know how skin looks like a few hours after you slapped on makeup, whether it's heavy or light. Right on top of that layer of makeup on your face, you can tell whether the product is good or not or whether you did or did not apply moisturizer prior to applying makeup. A few hours after I started work, sometime around my break-time, I noticed that my skin (with a light layer of makeup on) didn't look so bad. Normally, my entire face would look as if I went through a heavy and intense round of facial exercise and although you can still see that thin layer of makeup on my face, it is also at the same time "infused" with a layer of facial sebum that has gone out of control.

But not when I apply this Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist prior to applying makeup. There are still oily spots on certain areas of my face, especially the T-zone, but the most suffered zone around my actual T-zone area is only limited to my nose. My forehead and chin doesn't look overly shiny and glossy from the sebum and a facial blotter on my nose actually helped return the "look" of my nose area to matte in just a few pats. Sure, I did re-apply foundation powder to my face, but instead of the entire face, it's mostly just a pat here and a pat there gently instead of full-out facial coverage with powder.

And at the end of the day when I removed my makeup, I also realized that my skin doesn't feel too dry after the makeup itself is removed. Normally, your face will tend to feel a little squeaky dry to the touch after removing your makeup at the end of the day, despite applying moisturizer, but not with this product. On the contrary, I think it's because the product itself not only promised, but also deliver what it claims too. Although my manager is more happy to say, "Because it's expensive, so it works lah!"


WHAT I THINK: This is one of those products I would gladly splurge money on as the sample itself promised and delivers. And I like that pomegranate scent, it's not too heavy for my nose and best of all, I don't feel giddy nor nauseous from the product scent.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: You can try asking for a sample of this product at any Estee Lauder outlets throughout Singapore. As I normally don't ask for old product samples, I can't exactly tell you whether they would still have sample stocks left for this product, so good luck :) But I still greatly recommend getting the sample to give this a try, as it does works for me.

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Samples Received & Redeemed: January & February 2015

My humble apologies for taking so long with the January Samples post, unfortunately, I have been falling ill too much recently. Hence, I have to postpone the January post and squeezed it together with the February post instead. Also, partly because January entries are too little, and thus the decision to do so. Without much further ado, let's proceed along with the post and freebies collected and goodies bought :D

Gold Kili
Gold Kili was previously hosting a sampling giveaway for their latest released product, Matcha Latte. Well.. I'm a sucker for anything Matcha. If you don't try, you won't know if it is good or not, right?

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I'm not sure if anymore samples are still available, however, the website is still up on the Internet. So you can still fill in the form and try your luck. Go over to http://www.lioncityonline.com/2014/11/free-samples-of-instant-matcha-latte.html

The Sample Store
The Sample Store previously had a copy of December 2014 Reader's Digest Asia copy for free under the "Free Samples" link. I like having free material to read and pass the time away, and it's been years since I had a copy of Reader's Digest to read, so yeah, I requested for my copy :D


Sangobion - The Sample Store
Well, no gals like having periods, be they heavy, painful, or just downright irritating to show up when you are at the peak of your best moments. I know it sucks, it's even worse when commercials claimed that happy periods exist. I'm definitely sure and positive that it's men who are in charge of the "Happy Periods" commercials. Anyway, if it helps with periods, I'm definitely sold :D

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Last I checked, samples are still available under the "Free Samples" tab over at The Sample Store.

Vichy Laboratories
L'Oreal's Vichy was having a sampling activity for their "Most Loved Sleeping Masks", and to be honest, I do forgot just how many links I've tried or how many times I've actually redeemed it. No no, I don't mean I didn't get the samples. On the contrary, I have a decent enough stash to try and review it for at least a solid 2.5 weeks, depending on how much or how little I apply LOL

Anyways, the samples are:

  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum x 2 sachets @ 1.5ml each
  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa x 2 sachets @ 2ml each

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: As the website for sampling is still up and running, go over to http://feelthevichydifference.vichy.sg/ and click on the GET YOUR SAMPLES HERE linknear the top right of the page and just follow the prompts.

Follow Me Aqua White
The Sample Store was giving away sample sachets of Follow Me UV Aqua White CC Cream. I got mine too, it's a 3ml (each) sample sachet :D


Mentholatum Lip Ice
It's been so long since there were free samples from Mentholatum Lip Ice, of course, I couldn't pass up such a sample giveaway. I love their lip balms, but an actual retail stick takes too long for me to finish using. And their samples are just small and dainty enough for you to try it out without making the commitment :D I got my Fruit Burst Lip Ice sample in Strawberry flavour!!

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: The sample link is still up and running on Facebook. Go over to LIpIce Singapore Facebook page at facebook.com/lipicesg, click on the LipIce FREE Sample link and fill in your details/follow the prompts.

Waddled over to Watsons the other day and couldn't resist picking up some DHC products to try out. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anymore AFC Collagen caplets, all the ones I managed to find were the powder form and I don't really like powder collagen products, I prefer them in caplets version instead. Hopefully, they are just temporarily out of stock, in the mean time, I decided to check out and grab some DHC collagen-related products instead.

I got the DHC 32138 Cleacnea and the DHC 2293 Adlay Extract. I am already a current user of DHC 32138 Cleacnea and thought it was decent enough, hence another packet. Anyway, I have absolute faith in Japanese products, so I grabbed 2 packs of DHC 2293 Adlay Extract despite never trying them before.

DHC 32138 Cleacnea is a supplement specifically for acne care. Let's just say that during the time I was taking DHC 32138 Cleacnea, my breakouts were a lot more tamer and "well-behaved" as compared to when I didn't take it. As for DHC 2293 Adlay Extract, effects includes beautiful skin, diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects while enhancing skin metabolism and whitening/acne treatment are expected after consumption.

I saw this one and only Tsaio Mask lingering alone on the shelves, and because it's in a metal case, I *MUST* have it LOL I know, lame logic I have there, but I love collecting cute tin boxes too, on the side..

I think it's only 1 type of masks, but then, I need whitening solely for my acne scars and blemish. Other than that, I tend to steer clear of whitening products in general LOL

The image states that it's a "Limited Edition" collector's box, hence the I *MUST* have it weird logic and the mask packaging are cutesy and adorable. So yeah, the weird reasons I have for buying beauty products. Haha xD


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Monthly Topic #26: 10 Health Questions To Ask Your Mother

Dramatic developments in genetic research are pinpointing more and more genes which predispose us to certain diseases. And half the 50,000 genes in our bodies come from mum. But it doesn't mean you're doomed to develop the same problems as she had. By altering your lifestyle, die and exercise habits, you can reduce your chances of following in your mum's footsteps. Besides, looks aren't the only things you inherit from your mother, chances are she's passed on some health problems as well. Asking questions now, and taking preventive actions, could save your life.

~Image Source: I Wanna Know~

1. How's Her Gynaecological Health?

Uterine Fibroids: They're benigh growths in or on the uterus and 70 - 80 percent of women have them. Most don't notice unless they grow large enough to cause pelvic pain, heavy periods and the urge to urinate or pass stools frequently. It's difficult to say if fibroids are inherited, because they're so common. But if your mother or sister had some that cause problems, it's wise to checl.

Endometriosis: Scientists can't pinpoint the cause but there definitely appears to be a hereditary component. Studies suggest if your mum or sister had it, your risk increases to around 7 percent (as opposed to 2 - 3 percent). Symptoms can include back pain, pain during intercourse, abnormal bleeding and a dragging, arching pelvic pain.

Poor Bladder Control: Common cause of bladder difficulties include pregnancy, childbirth and the presence of a certain type of collagen, which is usually inherited. Some researchers also say you inherit the strength of your pelvic muslce and tightness of ligaments from mum. If they're poor, you may develop incontinence.

Difficult Pregnancy: There may be a mother-daughter link, as both may show similarities in the size of their pelvis, how the uterus contracts and how labour progresses. It's far more important to ask if she had diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy. Both are inherited and if there's a history, you should be monitored by your obstetrician.

Beat The Odds By: Uterine Fibroids: Even if there isn't a family history, it is recommended that all women get screened for uterine enlargement (during a pelvic exam) every year, from your 20s through to 50s. Medication can shrink fibroids or they can be surgically removed.

Endometriosis: Taking the Pill, which blocks menstruation, can help to ease symptoms and prevent it from progressing. For best results, take it continuously and don't break for the sugar pills. The best cure for endometriosis seems to be a pregnancy. If you have babies early, you're less likely to develop it.

Bladder Control: Doing Kegel exercises daily (tightening and releasing the muscle that controls urine flow) helps immeasurably.

2. When Did She Hit Menopause?

The average age for menopause is around 52 but in rare cases, it can happen as early as your mid-30s. If your mother went through the menopause before 40 (and it wasn't a result of surgery or chemotherapy), you're also at rick - something to consider if you're planning on having children. Usually, women who experience early menopause are born with a small number of eggs. You're likely to inherit a similar number of eggs as your mother and lose them at a similar rate. Menopause usually occurs when the eggs run out. Your mother's severity of menopause symptoms - hot flashes, cold sweats and insomnia - may also be passed on as they're influenced by how your body handles oestrogen.

Beat The Odds By: » Planning on having children early, if you want a family.

» Not smoking and watching your alcohol intake. One study showed that smokers can start menopause up to eight years earlier than would have naturally occurred. Alcohol can lower oestrogen levels, also making early menopause more likely.

» Starting hormone replacement therapy early, when you first start to skip periods. There's evidence that taking estrogens more than five years after menopause increases the incidence of breast cancer, but it's very slight and this has to be balanced against the significant positive benefits.

3. How's Her Dental Health?

If your mother had crooked teeth or needed orthodontic treatment as a child, there's a tendency for you to inherit her dental problems. Though if you inherited the right type of genes from your father and he had great teeth, you can be lucky. But you need not get all your parents' dental problems as it's also possible that their bad teeth are a result or poor diet, or not having enough access to a dentist. There is a rare genetic disorder (called amelogenesis imperfecta) which affects the outer layer of the tooth, but only one in 14,000 have it. Gum diseases isn't thought to be hereditary - it's a build-up of plaque which predominantly causes inflammation, bleeding or receding gums and tooth loss.

Beat The Odds By: » Watching your intake of sugar and acidic drinks. It's okay to indulge occasionally but every time you do, you're subjecting your teeth to an acid attack. Carry a toothbrush with you and brush teeth after meals to get rid of food debris (dry brush if you don't have toothpaste at hand).

» Scheduling six-monthly dental check-ups. You may need to go more often or less, depending on your dental history.

» Developing good oral hygiene habits. Brush twice a day, using a fluoride toothpaste, change toothbrushes every two months, floss at least once a day.

» Avoid smoking, red wine, coffee and tea or reducing such stains by rinsing with water after.

4. What's The Family History Of Cancer?

Breast: All of us are at risk (there's a one in 12 chance for the average female) but if you have three or more first or second degree relatives (mother, sister and grandmother, for instance) who were hit by breast cancer pre-50 or menopause, particularly in both breasts, your risk does rise. But despite public perception, only 5 to 15 percent of total cases have a strong family history. Two breast cancer genes have been identified - BRCA1 and BRCA2. If you're one of the few unlucky enough to inherit them, your lifetime risk could be as high as 50-60 percent. BRCA1 may also predispose you to ovarian cancer (Men can also carry the gene so ask about your father's family). Early onset of your periods, having children post-30 and being overweight are also suspected.

Ovarian: The normal risk in one in 70 but a strong family history of ovarian cancer can make it five times greater. Symptoms include abdominal pain or swelling, persistent constipation or diarrhoea, nausea, indigestion, unexplained weight loss or abnormal bleeding.

Beat The Odds By: » Examining your breasts monthly, after your period. The better you know your own breasts and what they usually feel like, the more chance you have of picking up a change. Get your doctor to examine your breasts annually and also check that your self-examination technique is adequate. A lump, dimpling, discharge from the nipples, any change in the skin over them (including redness) or unusual pain should be attended to immediately.

» If your mother or sister have had breast cancer, discuss with your GP whether you should have early mammograms, perhaps starting in your 30s rather than the usual 40/50.

» Watching your diet. Include cancer-fighting foods like fruit and vegetables (especially green produce like broccoli and cabbage). Regular exercise may also lower your risk.

» Cutting down on alcohol. Studies consistently link breast cancer and alcohol consumption. Stick to less than three drinks a week. As with any disease, smoking exacerbates it.

Ovarian: » Having a pelvic examination once or twice a year and asking your doctor about ultrasound screenings and a blood test for ovarian cancer. If your mum has it, get tested from age 35 on.

» The Pill helps protect against ovarian cancer after six months' use.

» Reducing dairy food and animal fat.

5. Does She Have Heart Disease?

Overseas research suggests coronary disease (affecting the arteries that supply blood to the heart) shows a definite mother-daughter link. if your mother or sister developed it before age 55 or either of your parents had a heart attack before they were 60, you're at high risk. High cholesterol and trigyceride levels and high blood pressure also appear to be passed on. One in 500 of us inherits familial hypercholesterolaemia, a condition where blood cholesterol levels are twice the norm. There are eight risk factors for heart disease. Three of them - family history, being male (or a post-menopausal female) and your age - you can do nothing about. The other five (smoking, high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, under-exercising and being overweight) are within your control.

It is recommended that every woman over 25, particularly those with a family history, gets her blood pressure taken annually and a cholesterol check .If it's 5.5 or below, there's no need to check again for another three to five years. But if it's above, you need to diet and exercise to bring that down to a normal range. And if you're even slightly overweight, you're 80 percent more at risk of heart disease. Your waist shouldn't measure more than 80cm: abdominal obesity is dangerous. If you're apple-shaped (tend to carry weight around your stomach) you're more at risk than if you're pear-shaped (carry it around your hips and thighs).

Beat The Odds By: The good news is, by changing your lifestyle and modifying risk factors, you can reduce your chances of getting any of these illnesss by 50 - 80 percent.

» Eating low-fat, low-cholesterol foods. Fresh fruit and vegetables are loaded with natural chemicals which protect against narrowing of the arteries. Reduce saturated fats like cheese, cream and butter and look for low-fat diary alternatives. Eat chicken, lots of fish and three portions of lean red meat per week.

» Exercising. It maintains a healthy weight, reduces high blood pressure and keeps cholesterol levels low. As little as half-an-hour walking a day lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease.

» Quit smoking. Smokers account for 17 percent of all coronary heart disease deaths. Watch your alcohol intake as well: it's fermented sugar, which sends triglyceride levels rocketing.

» Getting a full check-up with your doctor around menopause - before, if you smoke, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

6. Does She Get Migraines?

There's definitely a hereditary link. It is estimated you have a 30 percent chance of suffering if either of your parents do; UK research puts that figure higher, claiming in seven out of 10 migraine cases, there's a family history. We're all potential migraine sufferers, it's our threshold - how quickly one is triggered - which is inherited. There are varying dregrees of migraines. Some people just get a blinding headache, others neurological symptoms as well (temporary loss of vision, speech and dizziness). In a severe attack, you might feel paralysed, as by a stroke. What causes migraine remains a mystery though a migraine gene, found in a part of the cell called the calcum channel, has recently been discovered. There's also undoubtedly a relationship between the menstrual cycle and migraines because some people get more or less on the Pill. Although most of us associate migraines with stress, it's more likely the relief of it that's a trigger, it's quite common for sufferers to get them on weekends or the first few days of holidays, when stress is removed, than during a busy work week.

Beat The Odds By: » Maintaining regular sleeping patterns. Too little or too much may both be triggers for migraines.

» Keeping a migraine diary. Keep track of your stress levels, sleep patterns, what you ate and drank to isolate personal triggers. Some are food linked (red wine, fried food, cheese, chocolate, coffee and seafood are common culprits) though it's now thought a craving for these foods is more likely a warning sign that an attack is already on its way, rather than the cause of it. Most migraine sufferers figure out what prompts their migraines. It's then usually a case of taking preventive medication during high risk period.

7. Does She Have A History Of Depression?

Depression is hereditary but that's not all that causes it. If your mother gets clinically depressed, you have a 10 - 20 percent chance of also suffering. The earlier and more severe the onset, the higher your risk. However, remember that "you're susceptible if either parent suffers but it's the difficulties and pressures of modern life that causes it". If your mother takes medication - like Prozac, an anti-depressant - it could mean you'll also respond to the same drug. Anxiety disorders - like panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder - also appear to be hereditary, as is drug or alcohol addiction. Manic depression and schizophrenia are also strongly inheritable. it's worth asking your parents about Alzheimer's disease too. On average, half the children of an affected parent will get Alzheimer's later in life.

Beat The Odds By: » Getting treatment early. You can't prevent depression but it's very optimistic that you can get good results from various forms of counselling and/or medication.

» Not being ashamed to admit you're depressed. Depression is a medical problem and like all other illnesses, it needs treatment.

» Reducing stressful events as far as possible. Try not to plan high-stress triggers (changing jobs, moving, getting married or pregnant) back-to-back.

» Not relying on alcohol or other drugs to lift your spirits. That only covers up the real problem.

» If you're sleeping badly, find it hard to concentrate, feel irritable or teary for no apparent reason, see a counsellor. We all go through periods of unhappiness but depression is distinguishable by the length (it lasts longer than two weeks), severity (feelings are intense, sometimes even suicidal) and a negative effect on your life (work and relationships suffer because you lack energy and motivation and are constantly irritable). If being miserable is disrupting your life, it's probably depression.

8. Could She Have Diabetes?

There are two types. Type 1 (insulin dependent) and Type 2 or mature onset diabetes (non-insulin dependent). Type 2 accounts for 85 percent of all cases and tends to develop after the age of 40, though it can occur earlier. Both types of diabetes have a genetic component. Your risk of developing Type 1 diabetes is around 5 percent if your father has it but only 1 percent if your mother does. With Type 2, if one parent has it, your risk is around 20 - 30 percent, and it's higher if both do. If you or your siblings weighed over 4k at birth, it could indicate gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) which predisposes you and your mother to developing Type 2 later in life. Be alert to the symptoms. Diabetes makes you feel excessively thirsty, tired and urinate more than normal. Other signs: blurry vision, infections that are slow to heal and recurrent thrush. Type 1 symptoms may be accompanied by rapid weight loss.

Beat The Odds By: » Exercising and staying within a healthy weight range. There's evidence you can delay - even prevent - Type 2 by managing your weight and keeping fit. Excess body fat, particularly around your stomach, can be a trigger as it interferes with the action of insulin.

» Opting for low-fat, hgh-fibre foods. Eating sugar doesn't cause diabetes and it's okay to have a little so long as it's part of an overall healthy eating plan.

9. Has She Had Any Serious Eye Problems?

If either of your parents wore glasses very young or have serious eye problems or diseases, you could also be at risk. If your mother mentions she's been seeing a doctor for glaucoma since she was 20, I'd be hotfooting it off to your GP even if your vision is 100 percent normal. Glaucoma used to be thought of as an "old people's" disease. But you can be born with it and lots of young people are affected. It causes the pressure in the eye to build up, damage nerves and can make you blind. There are no early symptoms but does appear to be hereditary.

Beat The Odds By: » Keeping healthy and getting lots of rest. Old-fashioned things like eating well and resting are important for the eyes. Eyes are sensitive indicators of the general health of the person.

» Wearing approved sunglasses to protect your eyes with glasses whenever you're outside. Check for how much UVA and UV radiation the lenses let through.

» Getting up and walking around now and then, if your work means that you stare at computer screens a lot, and remind yourself to blink. There's not a lot of evidence to show that staring at screens is damaging, but if you work in air-conditioning, you'll tend to blink less often and your eyes will dry out.

10. Does She Have Osteoporosis?

It does tend to be passed on and we know there's an increased risk if there's a strong family history, so take steps now to guard against it. Osteoporosis is essentially brittle bones, usually caused by bone loss after menopause when our own supply of oestrogen runs low and can no longer prevent calcium from being lost from bones. Low bone mass in your 20s and 30s is strongly linked to osteoporosis. The New England Journal Of Medicine found daughters of women with osteoporosis have lower than average bone density. Many of the risk factors appear genetic: early menopause (natural or surgical) - both rob the body of oestrogen, fair skin, a small, delicate frame and a tendency to be on the thin side. If you over-exercise and don't take adequate calcium, you may develop it before menopause (women as young as 30 have had it). Usually, it's discovered via X-rays when a fracture occurs. If your mother is still too young to show signs, ask if either of your grandmothers suffered.

Beat The Odds By: » Doing weight-bearing exercise, especially before age 35. That means any exercise when you're carrying your own weight, like jogging, walking, weights, aeroics. It's recommended you do around four hours a week.

» Eating a high-calcium diet, again before age 35. Make skim milk, low-fat, high-calcium dairy products, fish (especially sardines) and dark green leafy vegetables part of your staple diet. Add foods high in magnesium, like whole grains and turkey - it's another natural bone-builder. Also consider boosting your diet with calcium supplements if you're too lazy or busy to plan meals.

» Not smoking. It weaken bones.

» Consider going for hormone replacement therapy around the time of your own menopause, if your mother had an early menopause.

» Get a bone density test done around the time that you start showing menopausal symptoms.