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John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Purifying Serum Giveaway [Non-Sponsored]

Hi all and welcome to the 7th giveaway on my blog~

As most of you regular readers might have noticed on most of my reviews regarding hair and scalp products, I've always have this issue with dandruff and flaky scalp and hence, I began on a journey to find that one product that actually does work not just from the first usage, but every single time as well. And luckily for my, I've found it in the form of this product called the John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Purifying Serum, which can be purchased via any Sephora outlets in Singapore.

John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Purifying Serum

Here's a little more information about this product that I am giving away to 1 lucky winner :D

John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Purifying Serum is a salon-grade scalp nourishing serum that uses a variety of extracts and oils to treat and soothe damaged scalp while removing excess sebum and oily buildup. This works great and a really effective treat for scalp massages and note that, right from the first time I used it, I can feel it's effectiveness firsthand. That constant itching instantly went away right as soon as my hair dried after a satisfying shower and a well-deserved scalp massage with this John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Purifying Serum.

It provides:

  • clean and refreshed scalp
  • better blood circulation in the scalp
  • stronger, fuller and more manageable hair

It helps to:

  • to alleviate scalp irritation
  • bring scalp back to its natural pH
  • to prevent hair loss
  • stimulate hair growth

The best way to use this is to apply 2-4 drops (more if needed) to scalp, massage evenly into scalp and leave in.

It's that easy to use and it also leaves a cooling and tingling sensation on the scalp, similar to when you are using a mentholated hair shampoo. And it doesn't even feel greasy when your hair dries up and best of all, it doesn't even feel as if you have applied anything onto your scalp once you massaged it in :D

I'll just keep this part here short and sweet and skip right to the important bits needed for a giveaway. And nope, Bun & Skip + flowers are not included, unfortunately xD

Rules of the Giveaway

Note: This giveaway starts exactly at midnight on 31 October 2014 and ends on 22 November 2013 at midnight. Entries later than this stipulated date and time will be ignored. Although I might extend the deadline by another week, depending on the outcome of the entries. This giveaway is open to anyone who either be Singaporean or Permanent Resident (PR) residing in Singapore or at least have a valid mailing address in Singapore. And comment on this blog post by leaving your valid Singapore mailing address so your entries can be verified by me, the human :D All steps, except for #3 (in the event you do not have a Blogger/Google+ account) are compulsory to be qualified for this blog contest/giveaway. Note that if you complete all 3 steps, you have 3 chances. If you completed only 2, then you have 2 chances to winning the prize :)

An example would be something like this (do not leave your unit number as I will be asking you for it if you are the winner and also because it's the world wide net and it's not safe):

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  • There will be 1 winner for this giveaway, decision is final
  • Winner will be announced on the 25 November 2014 after contest ends, and will be contacted via PM on Facebook. If there is no reply within 1 week, a new winner will be picked once again
  • In the event the winner has un-Like my FB page before the contest is over, it will be auto-disqualification. Hence, I will need at least a day or 2 to ensure all participants follow the rules stated, so as to be fair to everyone who joined. Note that the winner will have to submit a screenshot showing that they have Liked my page
  • This is not a sponsored giveaway by John Masters Organics, I am doing this to reward readers and fans of my blog and Facebook page
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monthly Topic #21: c

How do one classify virginity? Is it a matter of a few drops of blood or is it a state of mind that refuses to be corrupted? Can we claim back what's been lost? Here's a careful consideration of ongoing trends of "revirginisation" and what exactly it involves.

~Image Source: The Redwood Bark~

A Spiritual Restart

For many, the significance of virginity is far greater than a simple loss of naivety. It is a physical state of purity and moral righteousness. Following an existing but hush-hush trend, a number of women feel that virginity, both the physical and mental states, can be reclaimed and have gone to great lengths to do so.

Across cultures and countries, the concept of virginity as something scared that should be maintained till that fateful wedding night is prevalent. Not all women may subscribe to the concept and there are those who feel that in the event they do not have their virginity intact when they meet that right person, they should be allowed a 'do-over'.

The trend in seeking this sexual restart really started to kick off in the early 90s when women sought the spiritual path to reclamining their virginity. By taking a vow of abstinence till marriage, they believed that at least mentally and spiritually, they were recovering that state of purity which should only be shared with their future spouse.

Some even practised this when married with kids with certain Christian followers believing that refraining from sex after being married and having children will allow them a form of spiritual virginity.

Rewrapping a Gift

These days, plastic surgery has become more and more accessible and radical, prompting women ro consider a more extreme method of recovering their virginity. The Hymenoplasty (the surgical reconstruction of the hymen) has become a popular request for those seeking to improve the cosmetics of their vaginas.

This procedure started gaining steam amongst those who come from strict religious backgrounds and are worried that not being intact on their wedding nights will get them into serious trouble among their religious communities. To many, the lack of bloodstained sheets on the first wedding night is a case of serious shame and can even lead to a situation where their lives may be at stake. It is a popular procedure amongst the conservative communities in India and gaining notoriety with Muslim women the world over.

However, the trend isn't confined to those from morally strict or religious backgrounds. More and more women are looking into 'revirginisation' surgery as a form of enhancing the sexual experience. Married woman or women with children see this as a form of 'sprucing up' and giving their partners (and themselves) more sexual gratification. It won't come as a surprise that there are women who decide to go under the knife just to present their husbands with an anniversary gift.

A Real Deal

Whether you choose to undergo such drastic measures, for the sake of regaining something most would say isn't reclaimable, is really a question of how you view the concept of virginity itself. It can be disputed that virginity is something sacred and the whole point in its significance is that it isn't something that can be 'put together' again. However, the concept of virginity isn't as black and white as we may think it is. Perhaps it is simply a state where purity of mind and body are apparent. If so, why not recapture the essence of purity instead?

Whatever the case, we should consider how worthwhile a few drops of blood or the recreation of the mark of sexual awakening is. Is it worth it if it could save your life (in the case of girls who face the threat of honour killings should they not be virgins when they marry)? Can you put a price on recreating that first sexual experience? If there are those willing to go through mental and physical trauma for the sake of that all-encompassing concept, then perhaps we never put enough weight into the true value of virginity in the first place.

Like a Virgin?

What does revirginisation really entail? Here's the bare details on the surgery that makes you a "virgin" again.

Hymenoplasty: This is the surgical repair of the hymen (a thin layer of tissue covering the entrance of the vagina). Whilst the hymen can tear due to any number of reasons, many believed that a woman is not a virgin unless her hymen is intact. There are 2 popular types of this surgery.

Basic Hymenoplasty: The surgery involves piecing together the remnants of the original hymen to recreate it. The edges are brought together so to form a 'ring' as it was prior to the tear. It is a simple procedure that can be done under local anesthetic and with either no or minimal hospitalization.

Hymen Implant: This surgery is for hymens that cannot be restored. A biomaterial can be inserted to act as your hymen. Tissue can also be used from other parts of your body. In this case, the surgery can be done under local anesthetic and takes 1 to 2 days for recovery.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ma Cherie Moisture Treatment Champagne Honey Gelee Review

WHAT IS IT: Ma Cherie Moisture Treatment Champagne Honey Gelee
Ma Cherie Moisture Treatment Champagne Honey Gelee

Ma Cherie Moisture Treatment Champagne Honey Gelee
Ma Cherie Moisture Treatment Champagne Honey Gelee: A sweet licious hair care product which formulated with Honey Gelee that allows your fingers to glide through smooth silky hair. Moisture range leaves hair feeling soft, tame and smooth even after air dying. It is specially designed to remove frizz whilst nourishing hair. Tame Unmanageable Frizzy Hair!

Ma Cherie Moisture Treatment Champagne Honey Gelee
It comes with a flip-top lid, making it easier to carry on should my face feels really dirty and I need it cleansed on the spot. Easy to use inside the bathroom too :D

Ma Cherie Moisture Treatment Champagne Honey Gelee
The texture and consistency is rather similar to

Ma Cherie Moisture Treatment Champagne Honey Gelee
Despite the product looking quick thick in the photo above, I assure you that this product spreads really well on wet hair like how normal conditioner and hair treatment products do. It's practically the same way you would use hair conditioners, just let it sit in your wet hair for at least 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

VERDICT: First off, the scent. it smells so heavenly with a fresh and sweet scent, akin to fresh fruits in a shower. The scent itself is actually long-lasting, and the good thing about it is that, it doesn't make you feel nauseous after a while. The initial scent dissipates and it won't be that strong, but when the wind blows or if there's a light breeze, you can catch a refreshing sweet and fruit scent that just instantly wakes up your senses.

The texture and consistency of this treatment product is actually similar to normal conditioner, with the exception that it looks a little more jelly-like. Despite the product itself looking all hard and stiff from first glance, I find that it spreads really well and decently on wet hair without any troubles or effort needed. It just glides onto wet hair although there is this really slight slick sensation on my back near my hairline. But it's easily take care of by rinsing and massaging the skin area with tap water and the slick sensation is gone, no need for shower gels at all.

What I did noticed that using this product for a few weeks is that, there's no more split ends on my hair. Funny that I still get split ends on my hair despite my hair being short now. I thought it would only happen when you have long hair and not enough nutrients are getting to the ends of the hair. Best of all, I find no curled up ends, which unfortunately always happens to my hair no matter how much I tried, for example, wearing a beanie on my head before I go to bed. And also, no flyaway stray hairs that looks like it's reaching out to E.T. too xD

And when my hair is all dry and nice, it still feel smooth to the touch and I can actually run my fingers through my hair, even while in the shower already. It washes off easily without any hint of leftover residue on my hair or scalp too. Although I did noticed a little something different with regards to the scent after my hair is all dried up. Before using this product, I took a sniff test and instantly like the scent it has. While using it in the bathroom, the scent is still consistent with the scent prior to using it. But when my hair is all dried, I noticed the scent that lingers in my hair is a little musky than before. Hmm.. My hair still smells nice though, so I'm not going to linger on this topic any longer. Most importantly, my hair must feel like virgin hair but smells like roses and flowers in the end xD


WHAT I THINK: I seldom color my hair, mostly it's because my previous hair coloring job leaves my hair looking half black and half brown, hence the re-coloring to turn the brown back to black at least. But then, too much coloring still damages hair. But this product does it's job well and at the end of the day, my hair smells nice too.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption. And I don't recall seeing a travel-sized version for this product either, but then, you can still try your luck at Watsons and see if there is.

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