Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Semi-Hiatus until the end of 2015.

As most of my readers are aware, I've not been updating this blog for the past few months. Was kinda brainstorming here and there a little until my job dropped a bombshell, from a 6-day work week, 8 hours daily to a 5-day work week, 10 to 12 hours long on some days. One thing led to another and I just conveniently forgot quite a lot of things, especially this blog. It's tiring, and I feel like a zombie almost on a daily basis and it would be most rude and insulting to post up new blog posts with a half-assed feeling. It's even worse when the post itself lacks a lively "voice" telling you the wonders and joys of a product and/or sample that went through trial-and-test before it gets unveiled.

It didn't help that I fell sick too often and most days, I'm just too tired after work to actually have the time to sit down and prepare a blog post. (Yes, I write my blog post on the spot. Not pre-write days in advance and schedule them to go live on different dates and times. Although I am looking at this option as a possibility for next years new posts in the event my job schedule is way too overboard to even consider humane) Off-days and Rest-days are even more precious now as it means I get to sleep in a little longer instead of worrying that I cannot wake up early or on-time. It's frustrating when your boss thinks "Oh~ You all get 2 off days now instead of the previous 1-off-day-a-week". It gets even worse when the people who planned job schedules, where instead of just planning for a daily 10-hour work shift where it is less tiring, decides to give you a 8-hour shift, immediately followed by at least one or two 12-hour shifts. It's as if people are planning work shifts for droids and robots, instead of humans.. If you all get and understand my drift -.-"

Meanwhile, I'll continue my semi-hiatus on this blog until the end of this year to adjust to a newly retarded phase of work and hopefully by the start of 2016, I'll settled a little more comfortably in my new work shift hours and be able to churn up almost daily blog posts once more :)

Meanwhile, stay happy, energetic and postive and see you all in 2016 :D