Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo Review

WHAT IS IT: Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo
Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo

Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo
Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo: Lasting and gentle relief from oily dandruff flakes combined with hair loss. Conditions and soothes the scalp with coconut palm oil and extracts of thyme and willow bark.

Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo
The shampoo itself looks like gel-like ribena, to be honest in terms of color xD

Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo
It suds pretty decently, but surprisingly, is easy to rinse off with 2 washes. Doesn't leave itchy after-feel on the scalp after washing off the product off my hair and scalp.

VERDICT: I personally find the scent of this shampoo a little minty, which I like it just fine. Normally, mint-scented shampoo guarantees a cooling effect on the scalp after using it. It's a herbal-mint type of scent that thankfully doesn't make you feel nauseous at all. Normally, brandname shampoos with a long history tend to have this particular type of scent that reminds you of your grandparents, but not with this one. It's always a pleasure to want to take a sniff out of this shampoo each time before you want to use it.

The consistency and texture of this shampoo is clear and gel-like with the color of diluted ribena. My apologies for the lack of "imagination" with regards to color-types. I personally find that the shampoo itself feels just like most ordinary gel-like shampoos, although I am personally glad it didn't feel like once it got onto my hands a.k.a skin, it feels as if it's hard to wash off. On the contrary, it is relatively easy to foam it up which ensures that the shampoo foam itself reaches and cleanses my scalp. And it also washes off rather easily too, only 2 rinse/wash-over, last I checked. It's rather sucky when shampoo foam takes more than 4 rinses to get if off your hair and scalp totally.

And after using and washing the shampoo off my hair and scalp, it leaves this really cooling and tingling sensation. Almost similar to the sensation and feeling you get when you use Head 'n' Shoulders Anti-dandruff Shampoo. It has this really comfortable cooling and tingling feeling on your scalp, which reminds you that your hair and scalp is well-cleansed, but without the feeling that the natural oil from your hair and scalp has been thoroughly stripped off. Even when my hair is finally dry, I didn't get any itchy feelings on my scalp. Which I think is rather rare when shampoos promises, but never delivers.

My scalp feels calm and soothed, like a baby. Not sure what my scalp will say if it can talk though. But my hair doesn't feel and look oily, and neither does it feel too overly dry. And get this, I didn't use my regular conditioner when trial-testing shampoo samples, unless the shampoo sample comes with it's own conditioner and/or treatment sample as well. But thankfully, this shampoo when used alone doesn't make my hair feel dry nor tangled up without warning since my hair sometimes have a mind of it's own and starts the tangling process from the ends without and "external" influences such as a breeze, to quote for example.


WHAT I THINK: I love the smell, I love how it is easy to foam up and rinsed off without too much trouble. And I especially love how my hair doesn't feel dry and my scalp doesn't feel itchy or irritated after usage. This is one of those products I would consider using on a long-term basis.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Samples fully redeemed.

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Monthly Topic #27: How To Talk To A Man

Stop worrying about the difficulties of sending signals from Venus to Mars - Here is a solution to better communication in your relationship.

~Image Source: The Telegraph~

You've heard it a million times - the secret to a good relationship is communication. And it's totally true; without it a relationship can quickly wither. So how come we haven't learned to be better at it? Put simply, it's because men and women communicate in such different ways that we may appear to be speaking foreighn languages sometimes. Tell me everything I don't know, I hear you cry. Well, let's get specific about the most common communication problems between the sexes and how to deal with them.

The "thing" Thing

Problem: The most significant of these differences is that women primarily focus on people, whereas men make objects their No. 1 priority. This trait is evident from early childhood and manifests itself in the way men prefer to discuss business, sports, gadgets and how things work. Or, as Dr Ken Druck, author of The Secrets Men Keep, says, "Men are adept at talking about things, rather than their feelings about the things." Women, on the other hand, communicate mostly about people and their responses, problems, reactions, failings and foibles. Even at work, women are far more likely to e sensitive to how individuals work together, tensions within a work group, or how best to create a smooth workin environment. The shared experience of a conversation is crucial to women, who will often ask questions to maintain the momentum of the interaction, whereas men simply regard questions - and often conversations - as an efficient manner of exchanging information. This is further complicated by the fact that, linguistically speaking, men live in a world of competition where every exchange has a winner and a loser - whereas women collaborate.

Solution: Try to talk about the things he loves, stuff like football and Ferraris. Although it may seem to have the emotional nourishment of a Matt Le Blanc movie, he will feel closer to you for having shared something that he is passionate about. And he should return the favour. Point out that it's through talking about people and their experiences that you form the strongest bond with them. While "thing" talk is fine, explain that you find it almost impersonal and distancing - as if he's feeling afraid to reveal his innermost self.

Jekyll And Hide

Problem: You're at a party and he's hoggin' the floor, telling joke after joke. But you get into the car to go home and it's as if he's metamorphosed into an mute chauffeur. Not a word. This behaviour relates back to the "things" versus "people" conversation mentality. More specifically, the intimate circumstances of home life or even a car ride are better suited to women's style of communication. "While women sometimes express to express," explains relationships Joe Tannenbaum, :men almost always express to resolve. These respective traits cause most damage in times of relationship strife, as many women feel 'the relationship' is working as long as we can talk about it.' Men, on the other hand, are usually more inclined to take the view that 'the relationship is not working if we have to talk about it'."

Solution:When you're alone together, be mindful of engulfing him in conversations about subjects - such as people, emotions and people's emotions - with which he's not comfortable. This is not to say these conversations should not take place. After all, you deserve emotional sustenance and he needs training. Try to make sure he understands that you like to talk for the sake of talking because suich an emotional exchange makes you feel closer to him.

A Paler Shade of Grey

Problem: Men live in a world that's black and white, whereas women inhabit one that's coloured by a million different shades of grey. Men are on a mission to make a point, they assume that women have the same agenda and become frustrated with what they see as pointless tangents. A case in point: my friend's colleague has a shocking taste in men. It's one loser after another. Recently, we met the latest instalment in this cavalcade of mediocrity and I muttered "yet another beauty". My friend, on the other hand, the head of the Freud squad, was interested in why her colleague kept selecting below-par suitors. Did it make her feel superior? Did it give her an easy out when the heady romance wore off? Was this the kind of man her father was? While I feel this approach does have its merits, these theories - whether prove or unproven - do nothing to alter the reality of the situation. Yet men's penchant for sticking to facts have dangerous consequences. Especially when communicating with women who read between the lines. "What men find worth telling are facts about such topics as history, sports, politics are how things work," wrote Deborah Tannen in You Just Don't Understand. "Women often perceive the telling of facts as lecturing, which not only does NOT carry a meta-message of rapport, but carries instead of a meta-message of condescension: I am the teacher, you are the student. I'm knowledgeable, you're ignorant."

Solution: Say what you mean to him and try not to over-analyse what he says to you. Nine times out of 10, he's being straight down the line, I swear. He, in turn, has to develop patience with your right to analyse what others say and do, as it is your way of understanding the world around you. (Plus, it's probably far more sophisticated than his blinkered approach). Let him understand that by sharing your analytical revelations with him, you feel more intimate as a couple.

Laying Down The Law

Problem: Historically speaking, men have had the power, the money and the patriarchy to back them up when making demands. Women, however, have had to be more circusmpect and diplomatic about attaning their goals and have been rather unjustly accused of being sneaky and manipulative. But the reverse is true in the private domain: "When trying to negotiate mutual preferences and decisions, women are often more indirect than men," explains Deborah Tannen. "But when it comes to talking about their personal relationships and feelings, it's the men who are indirect."

Solution: Quit saying things like "What would you think if we were to..." or "I'm not sure if this is right but..." or "If it's ok with you." If you want to do something, tell him. If you want to say something, say it.

The Word Race

Problem: How many times have you been chatting with a man when you begin to suspect that instead of listening, he's simply waiting for you to pause for breath so that he can jump in with his point of view? Plenty, I'll bet. Women tend to be better listeners than men, who often perceive the role of listener as inferior. As a result, they'll often challenge the speaker, or more specifically, their facts. "Since women tend to build rapport, they're inclined to play down their expertise rather than display it," notes Tannen. Women tend to view the roles of talker and listener as equal in the quest to enhance understanding and intimacy. Facts, figures and power plays rarely figures in these talks. Listening is one of the greatest communication challenge within a relationship. Many couples feel that because they've been together so long, each knows how the other thinks and feels, without having to listen or ask. "This becomes particularly apparent when they argue," says Dr Bob Montgomery in Living & Loving Together. "Both are so busy preparing the next verbal salvo inside their heads that neither has the time to listen to what the other has actually said."

Solution: Since your listening skills are probably more than adequate and his are probably practically non-existent, it would be wiser not to live in hope of re-wiring his brain. Instead of pleading for him to not only listen to you but also indicate that he's actually comprehending what you're saying, become proactive and make him hear you. Hone your speaking skills, don't be afraid to challenge him and it worst comes to worst, give him a taste of his own reticence by cutting down the amount of verbal and non-verbal feedback you gave while he's spouting forth.

To The Rescue

Problem: The final major communication battleground between the sexes is that of crisis. When women go to their mate with an emotional problem, they seek empathy and understanding. Unfortunately, what they receive are solutions: a plan of action to resolve and therefore negate the dilemma. Not so fast, Einsten. Men fail to understand that women have cottoned only the true healing power of empathy and they like giving it as much as they need to receive it. Most guys also don't realise that women like to talk a problem out, elaborating details and experiencing an emotional catharsis, which is as important as any conclusion they might reach.

Solution: Point out to your man that although his ready-made problem-solvers to your every emotional problem are appreciated, you'd be far better supported through such crisis if he were aware of the following three responses from Chris Evatt's He & She:

» She is upset, wants empathy now and advice some other time - maybe even never.

» She is upset, wants empathy now and solutions only after she expresses her feelings.

» She is not upset and wants to discuss a solution to the problem.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Samples Received & Redeemed: March 2015

My apologies for taking a few days longer to post this up, as my phone is acting all weird on me once again. Luckily, I've gotten my bonus so I got a Asus Memo Pad. Hopefully, I'm able to take slightly better photos and the Memo Pad won't act all "naughty" like my phone does. I had to manually sync all these photos from my phone to Facebook privately. Then re-download back to my laptop and edit/cleanup the images. So much manual labour just for the photos LOL

Although on a side note, I'm rather impressed that I managed to bag some decent amount of mail-box samples for the month of March. I wasn't really expecting anything past 2 or 3 free samples, but I was a little off. Not much, but it still accounts for something. It didn't help that TSS was giving out free facial vouchers on their website for a short while, so it's somewhat "deflating" that not much freebies was being doled out for redemption too.

Without further ado, here's a look at the freebies I managed to bag for the month of March~ :D

I can't really remember how I got to know about this samping activity, although I do recall seeing this newly released product in supermarkets and drug stores. What caught my eye was the Bollywood inspired design of the bottle, but nothing more. I got the:

  • Inner Rich Shampoo x 1 @ 15ml
  • Inner Rich Conditioner x 1 @ 15ml

This Inner Rich series is suitable for dry, frizzy & unmanageable hair, with floral fruity fragrance. I also noticed that they have the Nature Smooth series meant for oily scalp and oily, tangled ends. I wish companies let us choose the type of samples most suitable for our skin, hair, etc.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No samples for redemption. I've googled and re-googled, but can't find the link anywhere. But then, Asience is also constantly coming up with new products, so it shouldn't be too long a wait before the next sample for the next new product comes up again.

When Essential first released this product, Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo & Conditioner ,I really wanted to give this a try. But I don't want the commitment of a huge 750ml, in the event it doesn't do any good for my scalp and hair. So, I waited and waited and wished and wished. And finally, they released the trial pack that is only 200ml. And it was only retailing for S$5.90 for both the shampoo and conditioner, both 200ml each :D

As I have oily scalp but dry hair ends, it's like a tricky hair issue. What promises might not necessarily deliver, so I am a little skeptical and hesitant to buy products that seemed suitable for me, but in 500ml and up packages. It's like, if it doesn't work, it feels awkward to have to ask around friends and colleagues who wants the somewhat newly, once-used shampoo and conditioner. What if it doesn't work for them too? That is one big awkwardness and urm, hurt feelings that borders on mane-sabotage. But if it's a trial and/or travel-friendly version, at least if it turns out bad and nobody wants it, it wouldn't hurt that much to dispose something that doesn't cost past S$10.00

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption. I got the trial pack for S$5.90 for both the shampoo and conditioner, 200ml each.

UV Aqua White
This UV Aqua White Makeup Remover Wipes has been around the market for quite a while. It's only recently I'm on a makeup remover crazy spree. Anything that looks interesting, innovative, blah blah, I just grab because I want to try it out and see what works for me. As I am a lazy person by nature, some nights, I just want to literally wipe off the layer of makeup on my face, splash some water on my face. Pat it dry, and drop into bed like a sleep-deprived zombie. But sometimes, I want to take the trouble to thoroughly double-cleanse my face and skin so it doesn't get clogged, irritated too.

This UV Aqua White Makeup Remover Wipes comes in 30 wipes, promises to whiten, hydrate, illuminate, tighten and increase skin elasticity. I'm somewhat aiming for the "perfect for sensitive skin, pH 5.5 balanced formulation" line that it promises. And it claims that no rinsing is required, just wipe and I can go to bed and do my nightly "oink-ing", hassle-free.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No samples for redemption. I forgot how much I paid for it, but the price seemed decent and I only wanted the makeup remover wipes instead of the wipes and moisturizer bundle.

The Sample Store
Finally, TSS is doling out free actual you-can-hold-in-your-hands-and-giggle-like-a-crazy-girl samples that is actually redeemable and will be mailed to your mailbox. For a moment, I thought they were done with giving out the free samples and only wanted to give out free facial and spa voucher sample.

From left to right:

  • 3M Nexcare Waterproof Bandages x 1 pack (5 bandages inside)
  • Me and paper-cuts are real tight, we're actually BFFs in our previous lives.. Like Meh..

  • Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion SPF 30/PA++ x 1 @ 5ml
  • Instant whitening, somewhat curious to find out if this will make my light make-up looks cakey at the end of the day

  • Dr Jart+ BB Dis A Pore Beauty Balm x 3 sachets @ 1ml each
  • Same with the above.

  • Comfort Ultra Aromatherapy Fabric Conditioner x 1 sachet @ 21ml
  • Like, who doesn't want soft clothes that smells heavenly? I know I do :D

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Samples are still available for free redemption at TSS.

Cafe21 was previously hosting a sampling activity. Seems like they've released a new Cafe21 Low Fat coffee. Hey, I love my coffee free. Most of the time.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Sample redemption is now closed.

The Sample Store
TSS suddenly had a few more updated free samples a few days after I posted up the previous ones on my FB page. So, yeah, freebie redemption time once more. I've redeemed for:

  • Bazaar Man September 2014 issue x 1
  • It's Minister of State Teo Ser Luck and MP Baey Yam Keng on the cover. They looked quite impressive on the cover LOL

  • Cure Natural Aqua Gel x 1 sachet @ 3g
  • TSS kept periodically giving out free old samples. It's a shame not to get them, I think.

  • Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel with Royal Jelly & ATP x 1 sachet
  • Free exfoliating product. Yay!!

  • Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil for Face x 1 sachet @ 30ml
  • It's good to try out different face oil and see which one is the best :D

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Samples are still available for free redemption at TSS.

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