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Hada Labo ES Foam Wash Review

WHAT IS IT: Hada Labo ES Foam Wash
Hada Labo ES Foam Wash

Hada Labo ES Foam Wash
Hada Labo ES Foam Wash: Hada Labo es Foaming Wash is a facial cleanser for sensitive skin that protects delicate skin, leaving it moisturized and firmed. Sleek and rich foam appears once you have slightly pressed the nozzle of the bottle, which mildly clears away excess oil and impurities on the face. Nano mineral hyaluronic acid, a tiny molecule that easily penetrates to the bottom of the stratum corneum, hydrates skin. Together with ingredients that soothes and conditions sensitive skin, it keeps skin always healthy.

Hada Labo ES Foam Wash
The cleansing foam itself is light and foamy, almost similar to using a small piece of cloud to cleanse your face, if I may say so myself :D

VERDICT: I'm just going to skip the scent/sniffing part as this product doesn't have an overly strong nor mild scent to it. Let's just say the general scent it has is of a foaming wash, so nothing in particular about it. The foam itself is light and foamy. However, unlike most foam cleaners I've encountered, this is really the dense type. Instead, it's more similar to how general liquid cleansers looks like after you tried to foam it up by repeatedly rubbing between your hands. However, I do noticed that it washes just like regular and brand-named foaming cleansers. And we all know foam cleansers are generally better than non-foaming type as bubbles are more likely to pick up dirt on the surface of your skin than to constantly massage and rub a non-foaming one on your skin repeatedly.

On a personal note, I prefer using this product after I wake up in the morning or at the end of the day after I removed my makeup with a makeup remover. In the morning, it gently cleanses my skin without making it feel dry. And at the end of the day after removing my makeup with a makeup remover and using this, my skin doesn't feel dry and irritated at all. On the contrary, I felt that it really does help with the cleansing due to the foam itself. If I were to compare my skin from using a foaming cleanser to my skin from a non-foaming one, I felt and saw that my skin is much more cleaner and clearer without the worrying of having breakouts due to under-cleansing.

And the good thing about foaming cleansers is that, you just gently massaged the foam on your skin for as long as you need to without having to worry about unnecessary friction on your skin due to the constant pulling and tugging encountered when using a non-foaming cleanser. Less pulling and tugging on the skin due to non-foaming cleansers is the equivalent to less wrinkles likely to form. And I thought wrinkles only showed up cos I over-laughed LMAO

Also, if you need to double-cleanse due to makeup issues, for example, after using makeup remover and cleansing your skin away. I definitely would recommend this product. As we are all aware, cleansing is one thing as cleansing is supposed to be an activity that cleans your skin from dirt, grime, sebum and other yucky things. But because makeup is involved, we need to double cleanse to ensure leftover makeup don't stay on our skin to irritate it even more. But even a normal double cleansing might be a little too much for our skin as over-cleansing can strip away the necessary oils on the surface of our skin, making it too dry. Which in turn, our skin would have to produce more sebum so our skin doesn't dry out too much.

And also, foaming cleansers might be better in a sense that they can reach deeper into our pores and clean out the pores on our skin without making it feel too squeaky clean and dry to the touch. Whereas for non-foaming cleansers, you have to rub and rub to get the foam out and sometimes, you squeezed out too much or too little, resulting in too thick and rich-like foam or watery to the point that there's no sign of any foam at all. Let's just say, my skin reacts better to foam cleansers than non-foaming cleaners on a general. With non-foaming cleansers, I sometimes feel like I've leftover cleansers stuck in my pores. Blame it on my occasional OCD urges that wells up with no apparent reason at all :/


WHAT I THINK: Generally, my skin don't feel overly squeaky clean and dry from foaming cleansers such this Hada Labo ES Foam Wash. In fact, my skin's condition is much better when I use foaming cleansers.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Fully redeemed. And it's been a little crazy trying to use this before it expires in under 2 weeks after I received it from The Sample Store.

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