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Liese Enhance Frizz Free Styling Milk Review

WHAT IS IT: Liese Enhance Frizz Free Styling Milk
Liese Enhance Frizz Free Styling Milk

Liese Enhance Frizz Free Styling Milk
Liese Enhance Frizz Free Styling Milk: It does not stiffen your hair, keeping them light and airy and holding that natural look throughout the day. Straight or curly, you can enhance your daily appearance easily. Liese Daily Enhance Styling series gives you the confidence to look just the way you want.

Pump Frizz-Free Styling Milk onto hand and spread it on both palms. Apply thoroughly onto hair ends, starting from the inner layers. Finger comb the outer layers of hair to tame it. Finger comb to tame the ends and you are done!

Liese Enhance Frizz Free Styling Milk
It's a milky and runny consistency, making is easier to apply to the hair without fuss. As for the scent, it smells rather nice, but thankfully not the lingering type though. It slowly dissipates and you can catch a slight whiff of that product scent whenever there's a breeze.

VERDICT: To be honest, every gal in this world who have natural straight or natural but slightly wavy hair can attest to this, flyaway and static-charged hair that sticks up like a sore thumb. Just imagine you are standing in front of the mirror brushing your hair, and everything looks perfect. As soon as you step out of the house, this horrendous wind comes out of nowhere, which helps to blow and mess up your hair, making that brushing ineffective as loose flyaway strands start standing up as if the wind just gave them life. Yes, it is that irritating to the point where you wonder, "Why on earth did I brush my hair for?". Even worse is when the strong breeze just knows when you have just nicely brushed your hair and decides to do it's worse on your hair.

And those with natural straight hair aren't having it best either. Because natural straight hair tends to curl up a little depending on the situation, for example, you'd push a lock of hair behind your ears so you don't have a "curtain" for your face. Hours later, that lock of hair is the one part of your head that curls up while everything looks limp and straight. Like what the hell? That's another issue for people with natural straight hair too. It's like, why are you curling up when I don't need you to but you never curl up into those goddess waves when I want you to??

Enter Liese Enhance Frizz Free Styling Milk, granted I've tried various brands of hair products that helps me tame my flyaway hair, or to have my hair done in those gorgeous goddess waves you see in magazine spread when I grow out my hair. But many times, I keep going back to Liese partly because I have absolute trust in Japanese hair products. I mean, have you seen Japanese girls with their hair? It looks so clean, tidy and airy despite them claiming that they have applied various hair products, but I'm betting that Singapore only has 1 season so that's where the difference lies. With it's weightless styling technology and added damage-repair ingredient which helps to restore our hair's suppleness. This frizz-free styling milk contains smoothing polymer that coats and instantly tames frizzy hair upon application, and without leaving your hair strands feeling stiff, sticky or oily.

It applies easily without hassle, just start with 1 pump each time to apply to your hair. If you need more, another pump in case extra pumps makes your hair look wet and limp. I normally apply it to my hair when my hair is roughly 70% to 80% dry after a shower and when my hair is fully dry, no flyaway nor frizzy hair sticking out. Behind that strong breeze from out of nowhere doesn't do much "damage" either. And because my hair is easily tamed since I've been living with it's oddity for so many years, I find that this product can actually last me almost an entire day with a few brushing here and then to keep everything in place. And my hair doesn' even feel heavy or weighted down at the end of the day, in fact, I totally forgot I applied this to my hair almost 8 hours earlier.

My only pet peeve out of this is that people kept asking if I rebonded my hair "cos it looks so straight", which I am going to accept as an insult somehow since all these statements came from male colleagues. Sigh... People with rebonded hair won't even remotely tie or bun up their hair for a good 3 months to ensure the rebonded hair stays straight lest they waste the money on rebonding. Natural straight hair curls up slightly at the end, rebonded hair doesn't.


WHAT I THINK: Liese products never fail to do their job as promised and I always find myself trying their various products every now and then and their product always make my hair smell so nice all the time. The trick is to go and start easy when using their products to avoid making your hair look heavy, greasy and weighted down, as more is never good with hair products. But the fact that it tames my hair for almost an entire day is enought for me to go keep back to their products for managing my hair.

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