Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dr Stuart's Skin Purify Tea Review

WHAT IS IT: Dr Stuart's Skin Purify Tea
Dr Stuart Skin Purify Tea

Dr Stuart Skin Purify Tea
Dr Stuart's Skin Purify Tea: Some wonderful herbs which have been known to purify, cleanse and soothe the skin have been put togeher to create this lovely tea. If everyday life has take too much out of your complexion, give your skin a treat with this invigorating herbal infusion. Red clover (24%), nettle leaves (18%), dandelion leaves (18%), burdock root, chamomile, lemon balm, lemon peel, natural lemon flavour. contains 20 tea bags made in England

Dr Stuart Skin Purify Tea
Each tea bag comes in it's own individual little sachet sealed envelope to ensure freshness of the tea itself when you want to drink it.

Dr Stuart Skin Purify Tea
It's a pretty yellowish color, reminiscent of chrysanthemum tea although it can be sweetened with honey if the taste is a little too "strong" or "unusual" for you :D

VERDICT: I previously had a bad case of PMS and bad menstrual cramps that last for close to a full week or until my menses finally stopped it's cycle. And after a bout of emo'ing on my Facebook wall, a sweet friend (Thank you Umy) recommended a tea from Holland & Barrett's to help soothe the pain and cramps. But as it was close to ending, I thought I would just stock up once I can go about freely without having to feel obstructed by the pain. And along the way, this sweet Indian lady working at the Bukit Panjang Plaza's Holland & Barrett outlet recommended this Dr Stuart's Skin Purify Tea while I was checking out the Raspberry Leaf tea that Umy recommended to me.

And I personally have to stress that sometimes, just using the right facial products for your skin types on top of using facial masks a few times a week might not necessarily be enough to maintain our skin's natural balance at all. I still suffered from pimples and acne woes every once in a long while, and since I felt that I have nothing to lose with trying out this tea, I just decided to buy it on a whim and give it a try for a good half a month to see if it's worth buying on a long-term and permanent basis for my skin woes.

Prior to trying this tea, I do have breakouts every once in a while. I'm sure regular readers would have been aware of my pimples and acne woes, where those pesky little dots either stays on my face for up to a week, undecided whether it should just settle and go off or take it's own sweet time to ripen up and fade off. If not, it ripens at a decent rate and ended up leaving blemish and acne scars that take ages to fade away to oblivion. But after trying out this tea, I am definitely happy to say that I am seeing less pimple and acne woes showing up on my face. Now, it's just the regular oily T-zone/combination skin issues that is plaguing my skin, and I am already thankful for it.

And I also have to mention that I dump in a tea bag into my bottle which I bring to work and when the water is running low, I just topped up more warm water to further steep the tea bag. Which means I roughly drink up to more than slightly 4 or 5 cups of this tea per day on a daily basis. And I can definitely attest that it really does help with my skin problems. Initially, I was a little hesitant on whether it would work, but I am definitely seeing a better change to my skin now that I finally take the plunge in trying out this tea. In short, I am hooked on the tea series from Holland & Barrett itself, and I actually went back to purchase more variety of tea bags from them now.


WHAT I THINK: I am definitely a believer of this Dr Stuart's Skin Purify Tea now!!

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Despite there being a Facebook page for Holland & Barrett Singapore, there's no sample activity going on. But then, their teas are really affordable, so I think it's worth it to buy a box to try and see if it works for you. If not, you can pass it to the next person who might benefit from it. As it's in teabag form, I doubt there's no chance of any germs or bacteria issue, as compared to facial products.

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  1. tea is always good for soothing pain :)I love how it's a good beauty regimen too :D

    1. @ Jill:

      Agreed. Sometimes, tea really does help in alleviating pain that comes from menstrual cramps and at the same time can be part of our usual and regular beauty regime. Personally for me, it's better than having to eat bird's nest on a regular basis, which can be really expensive in the long run :)


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