Monday, June 17, 2013

Membership Card Craze

Are you like me, always constantly collecting membership cards? Especially the ones that promises lifetime membership?

Membership Card Craze

I can't really exactly remember when I became so obsessed with collecting membership cards, but what I do know is that, certain cards really can help you to get rewards, discounts and perks in Singapore. I'm sure most of us are aware that living standards in Singapore has significantly increased, and going out to town for some casual relax time with friends and acquaintances is going to become costly. Even if it's just out for a movie with friends you haven't been in contact with for a long long time.

And this is the exact moment when you felt that you should have get this or that card so you can save a little more on your expenses. Just in Singapore, there's a plethora of membership cards around. Some card can be used across a few different places for discounts, while some can only be used for a single brand or company products. Personally for me, I prefer those that are either free, or just need to spend a certain amount of money on purchases (preferably under S$100 worth of spending) and you can get a lifetime membership card for life.

Just last week, I went over to Choa Chu Kang's Lot 1 Shoppers Mall with the intention of getting 2 new ear piercings. And I ended up with 0 ear piercings, roughly S$69 poorer and a new bag to boot. And upon payment of my new bag, I got myself a free membership card that I can use for life. Is it a blessing in disguise or some sort, I don't really know or can explain. Since I don't buy myself a new bag once a month, I know I am definitely going to be using that lifetime membership card maybe only once a year or every few years instead.

It's not like I really need a new bag of some sort, but then, the salesperson told me that the bag is water-proof and I always find myself stuck in the rain whether I like it or not. Plus the fact that previously when I got for prospective interviews, I can perform pretty decently at the interviews. But always failed to get the job cos there's a huge tear on my previous bag I was using. And somehow, I felt I was penalised just because I couldn't find a bag that actually suits my needs at that time.

Anyways, on a personal note, I like and relish the moment when I can pay for something after getting a certain amount of discount on my purchases. Who on earth in their right mind would want to pay full price for something when they can actually get a discount with a membership card, right? And among the list of membership cards I've collected, here's the list so far (not inclusive of NETS and credit/debit cards):

  • Singapore ArtsFest Club: I don't remember how I sign up for this card, but bottom line is, I have no art cells and I thought a membership card for this would increase my appreciation for the arts. But sadly, no arts related festival appealed to me so far.

    Membership can be obtained at when the festival is in full swing next
  • Popular Gold Privilege Card: I got a membership card with Popular from as early in my Secondary School years and have been a longtime customer for the past 14 years+. It's really good to have a few cents to a few dollars worth of discount when you urgently needed to buy stationary supplies out of the blue :D

    Membership can be obtained either physically at any Popular outlets or at Prices vary
  • Golden Village Movie Club: Another free membership card I got roughly 4-5 years ago. I wanted to watch movies, but at a discounted rate. Considering the fact that the last movie I watched was called Passion of the Christ and it was over 10 years ago... LOL

    Membership can be obtained at for free. The card is valid as long as you buy at least 4 movie tickets per year
  • Watsons Card: This Watsons Card has been in existence for a few years already, but I only got mine sometime late last year. Should have got it earlier and I would have saved bundles on beauty products I've bought from Watsons. It didn't help that I don't recall Watsons advertising their membership card, only that the cashier asked me if I have a membership card without giving more details :(
  • Star Cruiser World Card: No idea why I got this either, but apparently, it's free~ Anyway, I thought I can get discounts if I booked a Star Cruise travel or something, turns out, this card allows the user to earn points from participating merchants, something I wasn't aware of :O

    Membership can be obtained at
  • MiniToons be black VIP Card: This membership card can only be signed up physically at any MiniToons outlet throughout Singapore. Need a minimum purchase to get the membership card, and it helps that I love plushies. Especially the teddy bears variety~

    Membership can be obtained physically at any MiniToons outlet through a minimum amount purchase. It's a lifetime membership card.
  • Courts Home Club: I got to sign up for this card via Irene's referral through Facebook sometime last year. Although I've never bought anything from Courts before, I constantly walked in to glance and peek at the digital cameras :D

    Membership can be obtained at Signup is free and it's a lifetime membership
  • Frasers Rewards: I looked around the Internet and realized that there's a membership for Frasers CentrePoint malls. I signed up for it since I already have a CapitaLand Mall membership :D

    Membership can be obtained at Signup is for free and the membership will be valid as long as the Frasers Rewards loyalty programme is in operation.
  • REBEL Card: It's free as long as you buy a ticket to any Blockbuster movie at any Cathay Cinemas. Valid from Monday to Thursday, no time limit as to exactly what time you used it. There's a deadline for the membership card and you can get a maximum of 2 discounter movie tickets per day on 1 card at S$7 per ticket :D

    Membership can be obtained physically only at Cathay Cineplexs. More information at
  • Zinc Card: I got this card after purchasing my new bag from Zinc at CCK Lot 1 Shoppers Mall :D

    Membership can be obtained only physically with purchase, although I do not know how much the minimum or maximum purchase is required in order to get the card. But it's a lifetime membership card, so you can try asking at any Zinc outlets you come across :D

If you know of anymore membership cards that are free and for a lifetime or required a small minimum purchase but for a lifetime as well, do comment and let all of is know too :D

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  1. Actually although the PAssioncard is not for life it is 1 of the cards most worth applying for. for an amount not more than $20 you can get free upgraded library membership(great news for those who lvoes to go to the lubrary like me!) & accumulate points whenever you purchase anything @ Guardian or any shop under the diaryfarm group. I'm not related to them in any way but this is 1 of my fave card

    1. @ my tots:

      I have to agree with you on the PAssioncard. It's not really for life, but yes, it is definitely one of the cards worth applying for. Other than what you've mentioned, you can also use it as a EZ-Link Card and you can also get discount on movie tickets at selected movie/cinema theatres in Singapore. Hence, the reason to include PAssioncard in this post as well :D


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