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Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Germinated Brown Rice Drink Review

Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Germinated Brown Rice Drink

Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Germinated Brown Rice Drink
Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Germinated Brown Rice Drink: Kinohimitsu J’pan MindRelax Drink is a delicious functional drink infused with all-natural ingredients and Germinated Brown Rice Extract (GABA). It promotes natural sleep rhythm while boosting general health.

Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Germinated Brown Rice Drink
The concoction is yellowish in color, similar to Chrysanthemum Tea. Despite the product description stating that it contains germinated brown rice extract, the taste is surprisingly quite sweet and delicious :D

VERDICT: What I like about this product is that, despite the product packaging claiming that it contains germinated brown rice extract, the taste isn't very bad. In fact, it's deliciously sweet and yummy, especially for picky tastebuds like mine. I don't feel like I have to drink this in order to promote natural sleep rhythmn at night, although I did found myself accidentally drinking half a bottle away prior to leaving my house to go to work. But luckily, I didn't quite doze off at work. I simply went into "Mind Relax Overdrive" mode in the midst of work a.k.a zone out a little every now and then. As long as I didn't smile to myself without warning, it should be okay, I guess..

On the plus side, I need not have to operate heavy machinery, hence drinking it "accidentally" before work didn't make me go all snoozy and sleepy at all. Phew! The taste, despite being sweet doesn't border on being too overly sweet at all. It's just a light sweet aftertaste after consumption, and unlike certain foods that linger on in your mouth, this one doesn't. So, you need not have to worry about waking up in the dead of the night cos you burp up part of the product. (Oh yes, I tend to burp without burning in the middle of the night, hence my sleep is sometimes interrupted.)

As I tend to have trouble falling asleep, unlike lucky ones who instantly konked out as soon as their head hits the pillow. And most nights, I tend to toss and turn much more than a baby does, and frequently, I am staring up at the ceiling in the middle of the night when the whole world is asleep. And personally, I avoid taking sleeping pills, as sleeping pills will make you dependent on it after you are used to consuming them before going to bed. Plus the fact that I do not want to end up waking up in the morning feeling like I seemed to have "lost" the time during sleeping despite being asleep. Yeah, I'm actually a troublesome sleeper through and through, but it's better than muttering "weh~ Weh~" in the dead of the night.

Hence, this product actually helps my mind to relax slightly more so that I can fall asleep much easily than I previously did before. And when I woke up in the morning, I don't find myself having any side- or after-effects from consuming this product. In fact, I sometimes wish that I can carry on sleeping. But then, no work means no salary, haha xD


WHAT I THINK: It doesn't make you feel really dependent on it. In fact, if you have certain nights when you know you are so tired you can instantly fall asleep instantly as soon as you climb onto your bed, then you need not have to take this at all.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I got this after my letter was featured in Guardian's Feeling magazine in the October issue. So far, I've not seen anywhere to redeem to try, but it actually does work for me though. So, I would gladly recommend this if you are trying to look for something to help with sleeping, although do note that effects and results vary on different individuals.

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