Thursday, June 27, 2013

Palmer's Olive Butter Formula with Vitamin E Review

WHAT IS IT: Palmer's Olive Butter Formula with Vitamin E
Palmer's Olive Butter Formula with Vitamin E

Palmer's Olive Butter Formula with Vitamin E
Palmer's Olive Butter Formula with Vitamin E: Palmer's Olive Butter Formula has the power to transform your skin. Extra Virgin Olive Oil takes care of your skin in three ways, namely unique lipid structure moisturizes instantly, loaded with antioxidants to keep skin youthful and emulsifies on contact for superior skin smoothing. As this creamy lotion penetrates, skin immediately feels soothed and softened. Absorbs quickly and leaves skin visibly improved.

Palmer's Olive Butter Formula with Vitamin E
The scent is fragrant, and the product itself doesn't feel oily nor greasy upon contact and hours after application. It's almost like it's instantly absorbed into the skin right upon application.

VERDICT: The scent is actually pleasant and light, although I can't really pinpoint anything related to olive oil or olive in it. (I'm going to stick my limb out and blame it on the haze LOL) Plus the fact that because the scent is really lightweight, you don't feel nauseous upon sniffing or catching the scent unwittingly. As I've come across products that seemed so wonderful and the occasional wafting scent seemed so nice, until I decided to literally sniff the product itself and got "rewarded" in an awkward way.

The product itself looks so creamy and wonderful and yet at the same time, it doesn't feel like it's too rich and creamy to be absorbed into the skin instantly. I love how it spreads so soft and gently on my skin as I was applying it onto my legs, and it doesn't feel as if I need to take forever to ensure that the product is fully absorbed into my skin. And despite hours after application, it doesn't feel as if there's a thick layer of something sitting on my skin, unsure of it's next course of action.

And I am loving the fact that my skin looks hydrated immediately upon application, it's almost like my skin is instantly refreshed, hydrated and moisturized right on the spot. And like what I've mentioned above, despite hours application, my skin doesn't feel as if it's only hydrated and moisturized for the few hours the product has been applied on my skin. That wonderful feeling of hydration and moisturization actually stayed on my skin until my next shower regime.

Making this a product that you should consider bringing out with you out of the house, to constantly keep your skin hydrated and moisturized and looking soft and dewy. It's even more important and crucial since Singapore has recently been "attacked" by the Indonesian haze. Just caring for the inside of your body isn't enough, as you need to focus on the outside of your body to keep it in tip top shape. In this way, you need not fear the haze.


WHAT I THINK: Non greasy nor oily and skin instantly feels and looks hydrated and moisturized on the spot.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: As I've redeemed this sample last year, around July/August period, so I cannot be sure if Palmer's Singapore rotate their samples or not. But, you can still go over to Palmer's Singapore Facebook page at, Like their page. Next, look for the link that says FREE SAMPLES, click on it and fill in your particulars to have Palmer's samples mailed to your mailbox.

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