Saturday, June 15, 2013

Samples Received/Redeemed: 10 June - 14 June 2013

This is definitely a good week for collecting freebies and prizes, there were so many I actually went 2 days too early to collect my prize. But unfortunately, my prize didn't reached the collection location yet, so it felt like a wasted journey. But then, it's not that bad. At least I didn't show up and was informed that there was a mistake somewhere and I wasn't supposed to be on the winner list xD

Stamford Catering Facebook page previously had an app that's similar to a Snake & Ladders game where you roll a dice to move forward on a gameboard. And wherever you land on, it depends on what vouchers you get in return. I got:

  • SELECT Catering S$50 Voucher
  • TEXAS Chicken Singapore S$5 voucher

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: This app is over, but then, I was hoping for something a little more substantial instead. As I've never been to TEXAS Chicken Singapore before, so giving me a S$5 voucher is just going to make me a clueless eater. Instead, they should have like a value meal voucher of some sort, to get me started on their menu instead :O

Metro Singapore
Metro Singapore Facebook page previously had a Unwrap Metro app in lieu of their 56th anniversary. I really wanted a eletric rice cooker or something similar, but instead, got a Madly Kenzo EDP instead. Anyway, I totally forgot about them until I received this letter from Metro Singapore in my mailbox.

Metro Singapore
So, a little hunting around on the Internet informed me that the nearest train station to collect my prize would be Farrer Park MRT Station. (My father claimed that I should take bus #67, endure a long and mind-numbling journey to god knows where before I jump off the bus. But I reckon I won't even know where I am by the time I realized I need to get off the bus..) Luckily, I can get to City Square Mall underground, instead of having to get out of the train station and walk through the sweltering heat instead.

So, here's the Madly Kenzo EDP (EDP a.k.a Eau De Parfum) I won via Metro Singapore's Unwrap Metro app on Facebook. It's a 80ml bottle but the retail price is a little past S$120. My mother claimed that it doesn't smell nice, and as for me, I find that it doesn't remind me of the Kenzo scent I once associated it with during my early 20s. Hmmm...

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: The app is over. However, department stores such as Metro definitely has apps similar to Metro's Unwrap Metro where they reward their fans. So, it's not too late to "hunt" down which department stores are going to have their anniversary next :D

Feeling Guardian
So, I kinda missed out on Guardian's Feeling magazine for a little while. Previously, the Guardian outlet near my area tend to place their Feeling magazines near to the cashier counter. But after renovation, they seemed to have moved it somewhere else. And I only found out the new location for this magazine last Tuesday. It was displayed near the entrance area...

Feeling Guardian
Anyways, the samples for this current issue of Feeling magazine are:

  • Poise Liners 3x @ 19cm each
  • Colgate Total Pro Gum Health @ 20g
  • Vaseline Total Moisture 24H Nourishing Lotion @ 25ml
  • Dove Nourishing Wash x 1 sample sachet @ 8ml

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Feeling magazine can be bought at any Guardian outlets throughout Singapore for a low price of S$1.00 only. It's a bimonthly a.k.a once every 2 month publication magazine, and each issue always comes with at least up to 4 samples with no extra cost. My peeve is always the toothpaste lol

Why not like my Facebook page at to be informed of latest samples I found, which is duly updated? Also includes updates to health, beauty & lifestyle tips at least once a day. It will definitely save you the trouble of having to hunt them down :)


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