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Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash Olive Almond Review

WHAT IS IT: Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash Olive Almond
Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash Olive Almond

Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash Olive Almond
Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash Olive Almond: Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash gives you the trusted Dettol protection plus nature's best for naturally, healthy skin. It has the goodness of Natural Olive and Almond to make your skin feel restored and moisturized. Daily use of Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash will leave your skin protected from germs and have it looking and feeling healthy.

Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash Olive Almond
Flip-top lid means no spillage, especially when it took me some muscle power and a chipped nail to pry it open :/

Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash Olive Almond
The body wash is actually a clear solution and I think the scent is actually wonderful, although I didn't smell any olives or almonds. It' just this weird fruity/vegetable-like scent instead lol

Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash Olive Almond
It lathers up well, rinses off without hassle and Dettol mostly makes my irritated and sensitive skin feels hydrated, cleansed and well taken care of.

VERDICT: Scent wise, the body wash doesn't smell anything like olives and almonds to me, more like fruity and vegetable mix of something that I cannot put my finger on. But despite that, the scent isn't that bad, in fact I kind of like the scent. I normally use this after a hard day's work and a few hours before I pop off to bed as I find the scent rather relaxing and soothing enough to lull me gently into sleep. The scent doesn't linger on heavily, it just slowly dissipates over time so you don't feel like a walking bottle of perfume. By the time I woke up the next day, I feel strangely refreshed and the scent somehow rubbed off a little on the bed sheets making everything seems nice and wonderful for me. Hmm..

As I have sensitive skin (skin on the body, not the face yah~), occasionally I need to use a germ protection body wash to ensure my skin don't get irritated. This body wash lathers up really well into a foamy consistency and I do notice that I tend to spend a longer time in the shower whenever I use this body wash. It washes off just as easily without any hassle and upon washing off the foam, my skin doesn't feel like there's a layer of something extra sticking onto my skin at all. Some shower and bath wash tend to do this, hence the reason why I mostly use The Body Shop's shower gels also. Not that I am bragging about that The Body Shop shower gels are superbly effective, but when your skin really appreciates and shows up well, you tend to stick to that one brand product because you know it does wonders for your skin.

The olive and almond part aims to restore our skin's moisture barrier, leaving a soft, tender and supple feeling at all times and those of us looking to give our skin a luxurious treat to revitalise and reinvigorate the senses. That much can be proven true of this product. My skin felt so much softer and supple, as for the tender part, I won't go much into detail as I'm currently a human instead of the regular tender chickens you see for sale at hawker centre bbq stalls :P My mind works in strange ways, that I can assure you. For normal people, it's easier for them to sleep with a clear mind, I find it difficult to do so. On the contrary, because of the scent, my mind tends to get cluttered with the likes of "Aah~ The scent is so relaxing~.. *snoozes off*.." before I drift off into sleep.


WHAT I THINK: As my skin tends to get sensitive especially during hot and humid days, I tend to scratch my skin until it gets red and sore, this body wash actually helps to alleviate that problem for me and helped to subside the itchy problem I have on my skin. And the scent is actually relaxing enough for me as well, plus it doesn't linger on strongly, instead slowly dissipating throughout the day (or night, depending on what time of the day you used it), leaving this relaxing and calming feeling.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No samples for redemption. But then it's Dettol, it's definitely worth buying and trying as it's a well-known established brand.

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