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TFS Jewel Therapy Damage Care Hair Serum Argan Hair Oil Review

WHAT IS IT: The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Damage Care Hair Serum Argan Hail Oil
The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Damage Care Hair Serum Argan Hair Oil

The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Damage Care Hair Serum Argan Hair Oil
The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Damage Care Hair Serum Argan Hair Oil: This hair oil serum provides nourishment to hair damaged by frequent perms, blow-drying and dyeing. Highly enriched Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil quickly restores lost luster and soothes.

The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Damage Care Hair Serum Argan Hair Oil
The scent is light with a hint of floral, and the hair serum isn't greasy nor oily and it really helps to smooth out my rebellious hair on days when I don't really feel like using a conditioner during my hair regime.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent!! Despite this product being a Argan Hair Oil serum for your tresses, I find that it doesn't smell too heavily of Argan Oil. Some products do have a heavier scent when it is oil-related, so I was a little pleasantly surprised to find that the scent carries a hint of something floral. It's a really light-weight scent that doesn't clog and neither is the scent cloying to the point that it makes you nauseous when the wind whips your hair across your face.

I was previously looking for a hair oil/hair serum since my hair tend to be rebellious without warning. Especially if I am either too lazy to use a hair conditioner during shower or I simply just don't feel like using one. This was recommended to me by the sweet Malay girl who attended to me at The Face Shop at Bukit Panjang, and recommended me a slew of other yummy products that I wanted to lay my grubby hands on LOL

Basically, my main concern is actually the ends of my hair where it tends to get all tangled up when big gusts of wind blew. It sort of undermined my effort in brushing my hair, only to have the wind turned me into a well-dressed hobo with messy unruly hair. And as if unruly and messy hair isn't enough, I sometimes run my fingers through my hair only to find that the ends are really thoroughly and magnificently tangled up like as if I didn't combed nor brushed my hair in ages. Yeah, the breeze in Singapore sometimes can be "dangerous", if you get what I mean ^^;

And the salesgirl recommended me this hair serum, and she did mentioned that she herself is using it as well. Oh well, I remembered saying something similar too during my 1 week stint at a local beauty store that I left. Let's just say it's hard to convince people to buy products that you haven't tried, used or even heard of before. But then, her hair looked so pretty, so I was actually convinced that she really used it. Anyways, this hair oil is actually pretty lightweight in that it doesn't weigh down my hair when applied.

I still recalled the very first time I used this hair oil for the very first time. I had just finished dyeing my hair and accidentally got some oil-based body scrub onto the ends of my hair without intending to. Next thing I know, my hair was really tangled up beyond hope. I tried re-washing my hair a few more times, but only with a conditioner to try and smooth out the ends of my hair. But let's just say, it didn't work as planned. And then I thought, maybe if I let it dry out, it should work out by itself. But alas, it remained determinedly tangled. Hope was seemingly lost... Until I remembered I bought this hair oil a little while back.

I first tried rubbing a little onto my 90% dried hair without attempting to run my fingers through my hair. Since it's already tangled, all the more I cannot even try to run my fingers through my hair, isn't it? When my hair was totally dry, I used a few more pumps and managed to untangle my hair with minimal hair loss. And in return, I sort of got a lot of compliments on how glossy and healthy my hair looks ^^; If only everyone knew that hours prior, my hair was ridiculously tangled up like a banshee.

Luckily, I still hadn't found any split ends on my hair as I tend to only have split ends when my hair goes past my waist. But what I did noticed without fail is that, my hair doesn't feel heavy, oily nor greasy despite the humongous amount of hair oil I've applied to smooth out the tangles. And also despite the huge amount of hair oil I've applied, I also noticed that the scent still stayed lightweight without clogging up as well. I catch whiffs of the hair oil whenever there's a breeze, but it's a happy floral scent. In fact, my hair was so smooth that particular day I actually had trouble getting my rubber band to stay on obediently when I had to tie up my hair, pony tail style when it was time for work.

And the best part of it all? It's easy to wash your hands of this hair oil/hair serum as compared to others I've tried and used before. Just a small pump of soap/hand cleanser and it comes right off easily, instead of having to wash my hands repeatedly just to get rid of leftover hair oil/hair serum on my hands.


WHAT I THINK: Non-greasy, non-oily and lightweight in scent and texture. It miraculously smooths out my tangled hair without making my hair look like a mess at all. In fact, my hair was so smooth that all attempts to get it up in a decent ponytail ended up being a lazy and limp ponytail.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: There's no sample for redemption. However, I personally find that this is a much better hair serum/hair oil as compared to L'oreal Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum that I've previously tried and reviewed. In fact, I would greatly recommend TFS Jewel Therapy Damage Care Hair Serum Argan Hair Oil as it's a smaller bottle that you can bring out with you in case of any unnecessary hair tangle management control.

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