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TBS Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask Review

WHAT IS IT: TBS Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask


TBS Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask: A weekly deep-cleansing velvety mud mask treatment, for combination to oily skin that spreads easily over the skin. Combined natural ionic action from three types of 100% natural clay work together to draw impurities from the pores, absorb excess oil and revitalize the complexion. Absorbs excess sebum from the skins surface to help equalise oiliness.

The store manager at the TBS outlet which I frequently patronize recommend to mix an appropriate amount of water before using, or else, direct usage will give you a really pale and whitish complexion. The reason why I trusted what she said is due to the fact that all TBS staffs had to go to their HQ to try out new products, in order to be able to recommend customers on which product is better for their skintype, and how is the best method in using them.

Hence, I scoop out a small amount onto the lid and mixed it up with a little water. If you didn't scoop out enough, don't worry. You can scoop out some more and mix with a little water. Kinda like buffet meals, don't take too much all at once. But it's alright for "2nd helpings".

Depending on how thick or thin you apply this clay mask, it mostly dries off starting from the edges first. This is how the mask looks like when it's freshly applied.

And this is how the clay mask looks like when the edges starts to dry. Note that if there are thick and thin patches applied on your face, you might see certain areas drying up faster than the edges.

VERDICT: I've seen this Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask numerous times whenever I popped by to TBS for my monthly shampoo fix. And each time, I kept telling myself that I must try this, but each time, I kept putting it off. Until finally, I decided to buy it, as it is definitely good for my skin type, which is oily. And while paying for this, the store manager who attended to me actually mentioned that she and her staffs had to go back to their HQ to try out new products in order to be able to better recommend much accurate products for customers who might be clueless. And at the same time, teach customers little tips and tricks to correctly using the products they carry, so that their customers won't be shocked at what they realized later. This product is one of them apparently.

What I learned from the store manager is that, while she was at her HQ testing/trying out this product, she was rather gung-ho and just applied it as it is. Only to wash off her face and found herself looking a few skin color lighter, almost to the point of looking like a denizen from the local Hungry Ghost Festival. And the trainer who was with them actually kept quiet and let them use it as they thought they should, so that at the end, he/she can correct them on the actual recommended proper usage. Naughty trainer, huh?

Anyway, the proper recommended usage instructions is like this:
  • Scoop out a decent amount for your entire face onto the lid.
    if you didn't scoop out enough, it's alright. Just pretend it's like a buffet meal. If you didn't grab enough the first time round, you can "re-grab" another round. Just don't scoop out too much as it's practically not recommended.
  • Mix with a little water.
    Also, don't get too overly gung-ho and add too much water all at tonce. start with a few drops and keep adding and mixing until you get a smooth and creamy consistency.
  • Once you get a smooth and creamy consistency, spread all over your face.
    Also, take care to spread it out evenly and thinly. Remember the first set of instructions on not scooping out too much? That's because you only need a thin layer on your face. Too much and you have to wait even longer for it to dry up.
  • Once you spread evenly over your face, wash the lid of the container clean.
    In this way, you can re-use it the next time and it shall be clean at the same time.
  • If you had unfortunately spread too much on your face, resulting in a rather somewhat thick layer, fret not!
    Just grab a novel and read away. No matter how thick you accidentally applied it, it will ultimately still have to dry.
  • Wait until the entire mask on your face dries before attempting to wash off.
    I recommend waiting for it to dry completely as I found out that it's much more easier to wash it off when dry, as compared to when there's still wet patches left. Also, best use it just before you go for a shower. In this way, you need not worry about having unsightly splashes on your favorite T-shirt or top.

Before I go on, here's the low down on the scent. Despite the fact that it is a Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask, I did not detect any seaweed scent to it. However, there's a hint of mint. And luckily, I did not detect any unpleasant scent while the mask was drying on my face. I personally would call this a Detox Mask instead as it eliminates excess sebum from your face while purifying your skin at the same time.

At first glance, it didn't look impressive. But I was definitely wrong about this one too! Right after applying this to my face, I felt this wonderful tingling and cooling sensation. It's almost similar to using another product by TBS called Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask, however the tingling and cooling sensation isn't that "extreme", bringing the tolerance to bearable. As usual, if your skin is a little sensitive, you might want to pop by any TBS outlet and try a little first.

Because I don't have sensitive skin that screams when using products like these, I definitely would recommend it, especially if you are someone with really oily skin/T-Zone. And although there is this tingling sensation, it felt as if it the product is actually deep cleansing my face instead. It didn't "burn" at all, which I think is a plus factor for me.

Personally, my preferred method(s) when using products like this is as follows. Once it dries off, I'll wash it off in the shower using circular rubbing motions (gently!). Next, I'll use a gently daily facial exfoliating wash to wash away any extra gunk that has been sucked out of my pores, but still left behind on my face as residue. Once out of the shower, I applied my usual skin toner/cleanser to ensure that there is definitely no leftover residue, either from the mask or facial cleanser. Lastly, I applied my facial moisturizer if my face felt a little dry. And voila! My face feels so clean, soft and refreshed, like never before!

As I unfortunately had a pimple at the same time, the pimple itself looked slightly irritated. But it's expected as this Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask sucked out gunk and impurities from within your pores, bringing it to the surface of your skin. But luckily and also thankfully to this product, the pimple actually does it's usual "show up, ripens, get's popped and fades away" regime, leaving my face less irritated than before.


WHAT I THINK: The minty scent is actually a plus, despite not seeing mint as it's ingredient list. Hmm..

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Generally, I have never encountered sample sachets for their masks, so you might want to inquire at any TBS outlet. Also, this product is rather similar to the Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask, so I would recommend interested users/buyers to first go to the nearest TBS outlet near you and ask to test the product on the spot first. Those of you who have rather sensitive skin might not like it due to the rather extreme tingling/cooling sensation if offers.


  1. my favorite seaweed mask is the one from Lush Cosmetics - bb seaweed. Great post!

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    1. @ Moonlight Gleam:

      Ah, another seaweed mask recommendation. There could be gems we might not be aware of, so thank you for the share.

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