Friday, November 30, 2012

NOPS Silky Repair Hair Shampoo Review

WHAT IS IT: NOPS Silky Repair Hair Shampoo


NOPS Silky Repair Hair Shampoo: Smooth and Soft repair therapy leaves your hair clean and healthy. Damaged hair will be recovered like virgin hair effectively with nutritive ingredient yet light texture. Nops will lead you into the pureness of nature. Synergy effect of plants and organic energy will make your skin healthy and vitalizaing.

Suds decently, and yet easy to wash off. A pleasant scent to the shampoo and surprisingly, it did what it promised, all on the first wash.

Since fans were able to flash the bottle to purchase a NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask at S$9.90 and surrender the (empty) shampooo bottle for a free Mizon Active Slim Body Cool Wash, I transferred the remaining shampoo to another re-usable bottle. I'm a slow shampoo user lol

VERDICT: First of all, I didn't washed my hair for a good 3 days before using this shampoo a few weeks back. Of course I showered, I can't stand being sticky and smelling too "woman-ly" without shower for more than a day. As the shampoo stated, "Damaged hair will be recovered like virgin hair effectively with nutritive ingredient yet light texture", it is definitely evident that one must put products like this to the ultimate test. And hence, not only did I not wash my hair for a good 3 days over the period of at least 2-3 weeks, I didn't even comb my hair at all with any types of combs or hairbrush. I only run my fingers through my hair, à la The Little Mermaid, minus the fork, and my hair was securely rolled into a bun high and low. Which thus resulted in really tangled hair.

But most important of all, we cannot forget about the scent!! I fell in love the the sweet and pleasant scent of this NOPS Silky Repair Hair Shampoo. Sure, most shampoos have a particular scent that's representative of their namesake, brand or product name and this is no different. However, I like that I don't feel nauseous from over-sniffing this shampoo at all. The shampoo itself is actually marble-blue in color, and despite using this shampoo on my hair, the scent doesn't overpower at all. It suds well and easy, especially for the hair shampoo method I've mentioned in another post. (Now you know why I still had so much shampoo left despite using this for close to a month already ^^ )

And as stated previously, I didn't wash my hair for 3 days, never combed my hair too except with my fingers and kept my hair tied up in a bun. This is guaranteed to make my hair really messy, tangled and un-manageable to comb, no matter how hard I try. So this time round, I didn't try to comb it out before showering. I just went to shower, wet my hair and sud up the shampoo before applying it to my hair and scalp and let it do the miracle it promised. And remember this one other thing, I have dandruff on and off, so I'm practically doing a "hardcore" test and review on this NOPS Silky Repair Hair Shampoo for the good it promises.

And voila! My hair instantly felt so much smoother after washing my hair with this product. And sure, there's bound to be hair-fall episodes during shower time when hair washing is involved. But, it's not that much to make me squawk in terror nor agony, which I personally like about it. And after showering, I just let my hair dry as per normal and still I didn't comb it at all. And while my hair was drying, it definitely felt smoother, à la virgin hair as it promised on the bottle itself. And when it was almost dry, I instantly tied my hair back into a bun.

So, night went and morning came the next day. And immediately, I let my hair down. And guess what? No combing is needed. My scalp didn't feel as itchy as it was when being plagued with dandruff and despite tying my hair into a bun and sleeping through it the night before, my hair is actually tangle-free, still baby smooth like virgin hair. And for once in my life, I never felt my hair this clean before, until now. Woohoo! And I initially thought that all that promises from an un-assuming bottle of shampoo won't really deliver what it promises. And I was proved wrong. Alas, I must change my perception of un-assuming bravo product(s) like this NOPS Silky Repair Hair Shampoo.

No doubt, I would definitely purchase this shampoo continuously, on and on. Let's just hope Venus Beauty don't stop importing this miracle shampoo, or I'll have to turn somewhere else for a miracle shampoo :/ And for the record, I did not use a hair conditioner nor apply hair oil to my hair before, during and after using this shampoo. It's all from this shampoo, no external hair products needed to make it that astounding.


WHAT I THINK: Itch-free, tangle-free, baby smooth hair? This calls for an impromptu shampoo celebration!

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: If you are already a fan of Venus Beauty starting from middle/late August this year, you should have already been able to redeem a free bottle of NOPS Silky Repair Hair Shampoo with a redemption letter brought to their AMK outlet.

Alternatively, you can purchase this bottle of shampoo from all Venus Beauty outlets throughout Singapore for the price of S$15.90. I'd dare say the price is decent for the promises it delivers for my hair. And if you are using the proper hair washing method I've blogged about, this S$15.90 bottle of shampoo can actually last you up to 6-9 months to a full year.

Alternatively, go to Venus Beauty Facebook page at and Like their page to be informed of up-and-coming giveaways, freebies and redemptions for special products.

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