Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dermona Herb Essence Review

WHAT IS IT: Dermona Herb Essence


Dermona Herb Essence: A great pore tightening serum that improves skin texture without irritating it - Special pore tightening care - Highly concentreated herbal nutrients. Control serum without irritating skin breathe. Absorb to skin very fast.

This is a yellowish clear-based serum, which a rather watery consistency. Doesn't make your pores feel clogged, and has a pleasant herb scent to it.

VERDICT: Since this product is called Dermona Herb Essence, I was actually expecting a very strong herbal scent to it, almost to the point of feeling or thinking it may be more suitable for ingestion than for surface application. However, this wasn't to be. Upon opening up the sample sachet and taking a sniff out of this so-called "Herb Essence", what struck me was the fact that this product actually has a rather pleasant and sweet herbal-ish scent to it. Looks and names can be deceiving, huh?

As stated on The Sample Store website, this product is actually a pore tightening serum, so the method of using is still what we all know. Apply after cleansing and toning. Which I diligently did so for the past few nights, focusing mainly on the pores on my nose instead. We all are aware of the fact that despite whether we remove our blackheads with a pore pack or manually via a blackhead extractor, the pores on our nose are definitely going to suffer slightly more, as compared to the other facial areas on our skin.

As usual with me, I avoided applying this in the daytime due to me sweating easily in the hot humid Singapore weather. Personally, I like the fact that despite this product looking yellowish, like oil-based serums, it's actually serum. It's smooth, glides onto my skin easily, has a nice and pleasant scent. And on top of that, it doesn't make my skin feels clogged, which ensures my skin can still breathe after layering on so much facial products after shower and before bed.

And best of all? I did not suffer from any skin allergy throughout using this. As it's so gentle, it actually gets absorbed into my skin pretty fast. And I do not recall looking at a very greasy/oily face first thing when I wake up in the morning. And no itchiness was felt as well. Due to the fact that the ingredient list for this Dermona Herb Essence is made almost entirely out of herbs, it doesn't aggravate my pre-existing acne flares too.

However, although The Sample Store website stated that each user can checkout 2 sample sachets of Herb Essence, I only received 1 sachet in my mail. Hence, I really did not see much effect it promised, not especially on my nose. Prior to using this, I actually took the trouble of get rid of as much blackheads as I possibly can on my nose before I used it. And less than 4 days later, I did not see nor feel any pore tightening effects at all. The blackheads are back rather fast, despite this being a pore tightening serum which I applied on my nose diligently.

Essentially, a sample that is too little to actually feel any miracles it promised for my skin and pores specially. Only making my skin feel and look a little refreshed than usual. Luckily, I've only tried the sample version instead of buying an actual retail version, which I heard is rather expensive but doesn't promise. Phew!


WHAT I THINK: Maybe if I got 2 sample sachets as promised on their website, this product may have made a difference somehow.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: If you are really curious and want to try this before spending money on the real deal, go over to The Sample Store and check this out.

However, do be aware that TSS has increased their postage price from S$2.99 to S$3.99. Which I personally think is rather expensive, if you are checking out 4 tiny sample sachets of products.

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