Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner [Part 2] Review

WHAT IS IT: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner: Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner is formulated to visibly reduce excess oil on skin’s surface, while leaving it instantly fresh and healthy looking. Made with Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract and Antarcticine to soothe and hydrate skin, our non-drying alcohol-free formula gently removes any remaining residue, dirt and oil without stripping skin of vital moisture. PH-balanced, and tested for safety and gentleness. Oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free.

Despite the packaging stating that it is "fragrance-free", this time round, I do detect a faint scent. Just slightly noticeable, as compared to the Cleanser.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent! Despite the information stated on the sample sachet that it is "fragrance-free", I am absolutely sure I detect a faint scent to it, as compared to the cleanser. It's not the type of scent that puts you off, it's almost like a lingering scent that is seemingly "there it is, there it isn't". But still, since my skin is of the oily variety, I do find that this Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner did not made my skin feel ├╝ber tight and taut at all, even after hours after using it.

And on a side note, my skin did feel refreshed upon using this product and clean at the same time. It wasn't as refreshing as compared to other facial toners I've tried and used before, but since there isn't Tea Tree used, I can't really blame the product for not giving me that refreshed, cooling and tingling sensation. Despite this product removing excess sebum from my face rather well and making my skin look mattified in an instant, it didn't last as long as the other facial toners I've used.

Despite the actual retail size container looking all blue, like the sample sachet(s), the product itself is actually a clear yellowish color, and I was honestly expecting the toner itself to be blue as well. Considering the known facts that Cylindrica Root Extract help boost skin's ability to absorb moisture and Antarcticine that helps skin retains water, preventing cutaneous dryness, I personally felt that it help create excess sebum flow in a rather short time-span.

And even after following the instructions on moistening a cotton pad to wipe all over my face, I didn't see any facial "dirt" on the cotton pad after wiping my face with it. And I think it's actually a shame that this Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner although being gentle on my skin, doesn't quite live up to it's promised expectations I had. In short, it didn't feel soothing nor hydrates well, despite claiming to "soothe and hydrate skin". And also, it's touted to control shine for 24 hours, and barely 4 hours passed after using this, and the shine is glaring right into my eyes as soon as I stepped in front of the mirror D:

It's even more terrifying when I swiped my fingers across my face, only to see my fingers looking greasy and oily. And when compared to other facial toners I've used, with the 'swipe my face with my fingers" experiment, I didn't encounter excessive sebum on my fingers. But with this Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner, it's definitely a notch just above terrifying. Ultimately, it's a shame that this particular toner didn't deliver even though their Cleanser was good to use.

  • Paraben-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Oil-free


WHAT I THINK: Excessive sebum flow in less than 4 hours? No thank you..

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Previously on 13 June, Kiehl's had a Facebook promotion whereby if you flashed their page at any of their outlets, you are entitled to receive a 1 week's supply of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil 1.2.3 sample kit. Personally, I think there are some real gems from Kiehl's, but it seems that they are more interested in picking an overall winner for their occasional Facebook contests, than to actually let fans redeem sample kits via their Facebook page, unlike other Skin Care lines such as Mentholatum for example.

And so far, this is the only sample kit(s) Kiehl's Singapore has willingly let their fans redeem. If they do bother to let fans try sample version of their latest products every now and then, I might have been a total Kiehl's fan. If you are really interested in giving this a try as it may seem to suit you, just pop by any Kiehl's outlet throughout Singapore and ask if there's any sample sachets they are willing to give out. Pretty sure they have sample sachets for their product range, but not sure if they are willing to give them out though as I've only requested for this sample and it's my first and probably last time since they haven't been releasing new products and new samples for a while now.

Ultimately, I think this supposedly Oil-Free Toner is much more suitable for dry skin than normal to oily skin as it suggested.

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