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Biore Pore Pack Review

WHAT IS IT: Biore Pore Pack


Biore Pore Pack: A lovely way to cleanse clogged pores - enjoy the Cherry Blossom and Green Tea scented strips with garden-inspired prints. Additional slits designed to fit the contour of the nose better.

There's even a mini-booklet inside the packaging, teaching you how to use the product. Although it's only in Japanese, the pictures/illustrations are practically and totally idiot-proof. Even if you do not understand Japanese, you can still know via the illustrations within the booklet.

Most Biore Pore Pack strips I've bought, seen and encountered so far consists of a pore strip on a clear plastic.

My method is to actually splash water on my whole face, attach the pore strip on my nose and pat dry with a towel. In this way, you need not fear that you forgot to wet a small specific area at all. It adheres pretty well and didn't fall off at all :)

VERDICT: First of all, the scent. Yes, the scent! The reason why I bought all 3 of them years ago, was totally based on the little fact that it is scented. A whim if you like to call it. It's not as if I've never bought them before, but it was a total bore buying those plain white or black ones that first initially got introduced to the market. It was only a few more years when scented and printed pore packs were introduced. And I can say I was sold on the scent, the packaging and probably the price, as it was on sale when I bought them.

We all are guilty of being lazy every now and then, when our beauty regime involves using those metal blackhead extractors that we used to squeezed out irritating blackheads. The end result isn't really pretty most times, with the red nose and the occasional runny nose that accompanies it. Any redder and we would all have looked like clowns without the actual clown nose, no doubt. That's when pore pack like these comes into play.

Although honestly, I'd dare say pore packs aren't really that effective. Those blackheads that you can literally see on your nose (via a mirror) are probably the easier ones to remove with the use of a pore pack nose strip. Whereas the small ones are a hassle, as they don't come off that easily. And you wouldn't have thought your nose wasn't wet enough when you applied the pore pack on your nose. But that's not the case at all.

Mostly, I'd exfoliate my face with extra attention to my nose in particular. And after washing my face clean, I'd attach one of these on my nose to tackle the more prominent blackheads. And when the strip goes off, it's another session of manual blackhead extraction, but not needing too much effort as the pore strip has already done most of the job for me prior to manually squeezing out the blackheads.

As usual, the recommended method for removing blackheads via a pore pack nose strip from the product packaging is as follows:

  • With dry hands, remove Pore Pack from sachet. With the plastic liner facing you, twist Pore Pack to separate slits. Peel Pore Pack off the plastic liner.
  • Wet your nose thoroughly with water.
  • Dry your hands wells, then firmly apply the smooth side onto your nose.
  • Let it dry for about 10-15 minutes until the Pore Pack feels firm. Do not leave on longer than recommended as Pore Pack may become difficult to remove.
  • Remove Pore Pack slowly starting at the edges, pulling towards the centre.

Well, here's my recommended method for using a Pore Pack for the best result(s):
  • First of all, exfoliate your face well. Wash your face clean, but do not wipe water off your face yet.
  • Next, with dry hands, remove the pore pack from the plastic liner and attach/smooth onto your nose. Be sure where exactly and precisely you want the pore pack to be.
  • After applying the pore pack to your nose. Pat dry your face with a towel.

In the process I've recommended, you will notice that the pore pack adheres to your nose entirely and there shouldn't be any part that isn't stuck on your nose due to not being wet enough or being too dry on any part. After removing pore pack and finishing what else you need to do to remove blackheads not annihilated by the pore pack, such as using a blackhead extractor manually. Always always, remember to use a toner to tighten the pores, especially on your nose. As you had taken the trouble to do as much as you can to remove the blackheads, it would be a total shame if you didn't use a toner to tighten up the pores on your nose. Or it will be a good job down the drain, nullifying your best efforts to rid the blackheads off your nose.

But still, this isn't a product to be ignore, despite not being able to remove 100% of the blackheads on your nose. For a fact, this does help to remove whiteheads and at the same time, peels away a thin layer of dead skin on your nose. Especially if your nose are rather sensitive to exfoliate properly. So, it isn't all that bad in the end.


WHAT I THINK: To have a Pore Pack be able to remove your blackheads 100% totally, I think the pore pack itself would probably have to be sentient to do that in the first place.. :x

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: As usual, I've never ever saw pore pack samples before in my life so far. Unless you are getting them from The Sample Store Singapore. However, as 1 box isn't that expensive, so here's what you can do instead.

Get between 2 - 5 friends (2 friends = 5 pore pack each or 5 friends = 2 pore pack each) and split the cost between 1 box of pore pack that contains 10 strips. As it's best used at least once a week, or twice weekly if you happened to have excessive sebum flow on your nose. You should be able to gauge/judge based on at least 2 usage if it works for you or not.


  1. I love biore products, plus the pink color is really cute :) I saw your post on blogaholic and following you on GFC now. I look forward to your future posts :) You can find me at

    1. @ Frugal in WV:

      I used to love Biore products too, especially the pore pack as I was starting to get lazy when it comes to "extracting" blackheads. Until I found out that it wasn't 100%, but still, it's good that such product(s) exist so that we need not "work too hard" when it comes to removing blackheads.

      And thank you for the following, I've followed your blog in return too :)


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