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Perfect Hair in Minutes: Venus Palermo

I was somehow toying with the idea that maybe alternate Saturdays or Sundays could be devoted to DIY hair masks, face masks and the likes that are founded off the Internet and shared up here. After I'm done trying it out to ensure I personally don't get any side effects from it. But, let's just see how this goes for the time being.

I'm sure anyone who knows how to use YouTube and Facebook would probably heard of the craze, phenomenon and hype surrounding these names, just to name a few that are more popular on the Internet:
  • Valeria Lukyanova
  • Dakota Ostrenga a.k.a kotakoti
  • Venus Palermo
  • Anastasiya Shpagina
  • Wang Jia Yun

I'm sure some of us who took the time to google around intensively would have not only found their make-up tutorials at Youtube, but at the same time also found other stuffs about what they might have done to achieve such doll/anime-inspired looks. Sure, some of us would be equally inspired to want to look cute and sweet like that, while some of us might be a little perturbed that they look just like real doll/anime girls to the point where the line between real and make-believe is blurred.

But today, I'm not going to start a long post debating on why they should or shouldn't do all that. Each person's life is different and unique, it's not up to us to decide what's right or wrong on how another person wants to live their lives. Today, I'm going to talk about this youtube video by Venus Palermo on achieving perfect hair in minutes. Actually, make that close to 1 hour, as you need time to prepare the hair mask needed, another few minutes to apply to your hair, followed by 30 minutes of wrapping your hair up. So yea, give and take, it's close to 1 hour in total.

Needless to say, I've saw this video and finally decided to take the plunge roughly a month ago. Hey, you need to "work hard" a little to achieve something that makes you feel better. That's Perfect Hair. Granted that it's hard to look perfect, at most decently good/reasonable-looking no matter how much we try, it's one of the flaws of being a human. That couple of imperfections that we may not like about ourselves could end up making us a little more human. But on the off-side, it's better than looking 100% perfect to the point where people expect you to be an emotion-less robot, and that you shouldn't give a heck when someone else criticizes you. But at least, the least we can improve in all our imperfections is to achieve at least close-to-perfect hair. In this video, she showed how to improve the overall silkiness of our hair, maybe we can all save up on buying hair conditioners or hair oil in the long run, huh?

As you all know, most of us have hair/scalp problems, which ranges from itchy scalp to dandruff, weak hair that breaks easily, tangled hair, and all the other hair/scalp problems that we don't want to admit we have. But while looking through this video, oh well, I was amazed by her hair (only her hair, mind you!) and thought her hair mask recipe could be worth a try. Besides, all the ingredients needed are mostly what we tend to eat on a daily or weekly basis, except for the baking yeast, which I personally never use.

First of all, we shall need 2 egg yolks. Use the remaining egg whites to make desserts like, I don't know, Lemon Meringue Pie maybe? Or you could use it for your own DIY facial purposes. Come to think of it, I had such a hard time separating the yolk from the white, not sure why my chicken eggs tend to have the yolk(s) stuck to the inside of the shell (@_@)

Next, we shall need 3 tablespoons of yogurt. I'm not sure if using flavored yogurt might be a good thing, since the concoction smells pretty bad in the end. Urgh.. But then, I might try a flavored one soon and see if it improves the overall smell.

Next, we need 1 tablespoon of honey. Don't even get me started on the benefits of honey already, it's good through and through, whether you use it as a facial, to eat with, etc.

Baking Yeast, since her video didn't state exactly how many grams have to go in, I guess I had to take the plunge here and use it via the Singaporean's way: Agar-ation.

Turns out, the box of baking yeast I bought comes in little individual sachets inside. So, I just followed what was in the video and used an entire sachet of it.

You would need a big bowl to combine this as they are need to be mixed and beaten up thoroughly. And at the same time, also big enough to dip half your head in it. Hmm..

Once you have all the necessary ingredients in your big bowl, mix them up and beat them until you get a smooth creamy mixture, with no leftovers baking yeast bits undissolved. Like, literally smooth and creamy. And don't forget, it has a yucky smell. But then, instead of following the phrase: 爱美不要命 (literally translates to "Want to be pretty, but don't care about life"), maybe we should take a clue from this newly inspired phrase: 爱美不怕臭 (literally translates to "Want to be pretty, but don't care about the stench") instead.

Well, I followed the video by first wetting my hair and applied it from the ends of my hair, and slowly working up near to the roots. Ensuring that every available inch of my hair is covered in this concoction. Next, the video asked that you should use a cling-wrap to wrap your hair around your hair and covered it well with a towel.

For a start, my cling-wrap doesn't want to co-operate with me, so I resort to using those plastic bags meant for lining waste-paper baskets. Since it's in the shape of a bag in the first place, it does wrapped my hair up pretty well, I'd dare say. I just use scotch tape to secure the bag tight enough around my head. And wrap it up in a towel while waiting for 30 minutes to pass.

As it was getting closer to the 30 minute mark, I noticed that this concoction managed to drip out of the bag itself, right onto my regular blue crappy t-shirt with holes on the neckline. Glad I had this t-shirt on, phew! I dashed into the bathroom and rinsed off this concoction off my hair. And behold! The bathroom floor turned whitish from all the rinsing...

But since I was showering at the same time, I just did my normal shower activities. Complete with only hair shampoo, bath shower gel, facial cleanser, blah blah. And surprisingly and scarily enough, while washing this yucky-smelling concoction off my hair, I did noticed that there were literally no hair-fall experience. (o.o) I know, sounds impossible. But I assure you that I didn't see any hair fall at all. And despite using my regular shampoo after washing my hair of this yucky-smelling hair mask, still no hair-fall at all. The hair-fall part only comes when I was trying to brush out my hair after it dried, but it wasn't that much at all.

And mind you, I did not use any hair conditioner nor hair oil before, during and after using this hair mask recipe. Nope, but honestly, my hair did feel a little smoother and silkier than before. Hmm... I do need to try using this method and replacing the plain yogurt with flavored yogurt to try getting the smell down by a few notches.


Overall Thoughts: It's rather effective, as opposed to what I initially thought. But it's the smell that makes me think it could have been better without smelling like eggs :/

Available Link: If you are interested to see a video presentation instead, go over to


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