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Fruit of the Earth: Block Up Review + Giveaway [Non-Sponsored]

Details for this giveaway is at the end of this review, and as promised, there will be 3 winners for this blog contest/giveaway. So, remember to read until the end to know how you can win a tube/bottle of Fruit of the Earth: Block Up sun lotion/sunspray for yourself. This contest/giveaway is NOT endorsed by Fruit of the Earth: Block Up, it comes solely from me to you, my readers as a "Thank You" for the blog and Facebook page support and also to welcome new readers and fans too :)

WHAT IS IT: Fruit of the Earth: Block Up Review


Fruit of the Earth: Block Up: Fruit of the Earth® Block Up SPF50 Lotion contains antioxidant vitamins A, C & E to combat free radicals that cause premature aging. It protects against UVA1, UVA2 and UVB rays and contains superior aloe vera-based formulation. This product is designed for use all year round in hot and sunny Singapore. It's also water and sweat-resistant, gets absorbed quickly and is non-greasy.

This sun lotion actually looks more like a body moisturizer than a sun lotion, the texture and consistency is so creamy that you feel as if you are applying whipped cream to your skin. And the scent, although there's a hint of something chemical-y, but then, I think this is probably normal for sunscreen and sun lotion.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent actually has a hint of something chemical-y in it, but then, I think this is probably normal for almost all sunscreen and sun lotion to smell just like that. If they don't, you won't even know it's supposed to be a sunscreen/sun lotion. And despite having a "superior aloe vera-based formulation", I really didn't catch any hint of aloe vera in it. Probably got overpowered by the supposedly usual chemical smell of sunscreens and sun lotions, I presume.

The color, texture and consistency is actually white and looks really creamy, and you will feel as if you are applying whipped cream of some sort to your skin. Yep, that's how it feels like to me. And the good part is that it doesn't feel sticky nor greasy upon application and even after hours under the sun, that sticky and greasy feeling and sensation didn't show up. Most body products actually feel as if there's some sort of invisible film that sits on your skin after application, and I am actually glad to say that I don't feel anything like that at all.

And upon application, that chemical smell I was previously talking about actually seemed to have somewhat dissipated and I don't smell like a chemical lab-rat after application. But still, the scent is actually tolerable as compared to other sunblock, sunscreen and sun lotions I have previously used before. Hmm.. And I was actually expecting to feel nauseous after application, but didn't at all. And yes, at least close to 10 minutes after application, the scent of sun lotion on your skin goes away. And my skin did actually looks moisturized after application too and it doesn't feel heavy on my skin too. Wah~

Personally, I like the fact that it does have aloe vera in it as a soothing topical skin treatment, which dates even as far back as ancient Egypt. The spiny succulent plant contains a kind of gel that is extracted from the leaves, and is known to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities, that make it perfect for use on minor burns, as well as dry and blemished skin. Essentially, beneficial to our skin in sunblock, sunscreen and sun lotions, the use of aloe vera as a topical skin treatment has no dangerous side effects linked with it, although those with sensitive skin may find it a little drying.

And for the record, I am personally quite a fickle person when it comes to all these sunblock, sunscreen and sun lotions due to my skin getting red and irritated easily under the Singapore sun. Whenever new ones comes out, I'll finish using my old previous ones before going for the new ones that are brought to Singapore. So, I am actually surprised that I managed to finish using up my previous tube and went off to buy a 2nd tube instead of changing brands. And this time round, that chemical-y scent I was talking about didn't really exist, instead becoming a nice fruit scent. Maybe I got the chemical-y and fruity scent all mixed up on the first time huh? But still as usual, no visible aloe vera scent that I can recall, but there's definitely the wonderful scent of something fruity in it.

And some of you, my readers, would probably have guessed that I'm someone who prefers to go out in the morning/early afternoon to collect free samples, so this is definitely something I can apply on my arms (I wear long pants with sneakers, so my legs are probably spared due to the cloth coverage) and I am still surprised that I grabbed tube #2 without trying to hunt down for another brand I can try. Plus the fact that I sometimes apply this to my face if the sun seems rather bright and sunny for my liking and it doesn't run into my feels, which I think is really important. Nobody wants to go out into the hot and sunny weather in Singapore with sun lotion(s) getting into your eyes huh? Kinda feels like a killjoy of some type to have to wash it out of your eyes.


WHAT I THINK: Well, it's already my 2nd tube wor. That speaks volume for it already, and besides, I like the colorful packaging, so you can never missed using this before stepping out into the sun.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Nope. I previously won this from Guardian, and I don't really recall seeing the Singapore website offering samples of some sort, nor was there even any sort of existence of a Facebook page dedicated to Singapore too.

Giveaway for 3 Lucky Reader/Fan [Non-Sponsored]

From Left to Right:
  • Block Up Kids SPF30 Spray
  • Block Up Sport SPF30 Lotion
  • Block Up Kids SPF50 Lotion

Does your skin looked red and irritated from being under the sun? More importantly, have you always wanted to tried products I have reviewed and sometimes raved about? Well now, here's a blog contest/giveaway from Me to You this CNY season. I personally love how this sun lotion keeps my skin from looking lobster red while the aloe vera soothes my skin at the same time. And my impression of CNY is always hot, humid, sweaty, sunny, and unwanted cold showers to soothe my sunburnt skin. And hence, you are in luck now. I am giving away 3 different types of Fruit of the Earth: Block Up sun lotions and spray.

Rules of the Giveaway

Note: This giveaway ends on 28 February 2013 at 11:59pm. Entries later than this stipulated date and time will be ignored. This giveaway is open to anyone residing in Singapore or have a valid mail address in Singapore. All steps are compulsory to be qualified for this blog contest/giveaway :)

  • Like my Facebook page at

  • Comment on this blog post which prize you want, why you want the prize, including your name, email address and Facebook profile name + link. Example would be like this:

  • Prize I want: Block Up Sport SPF 30 Lotion

    Why I want: Because I am an exercise buff and I tend to be able to find time to exercise when the sun is shining oh so bright, thus baking my skin making me feel like a humanoid french fry.

    Name: Pu Niao

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: PuNiao

    FB Profile Link:

  • Any entries not fulfilling the above rules will not be honored

  • There will be 3 winners for this giveaway

  • Winners will be announced on 3rd March 2013 and contacted via PM on Facebook. If there is no reply within 3 days, new winner(s) will be picked once again

  • In the event the winner has un-Like my FB page before the contest is over, it will be auto-disqualification. Hence, I will need at least a day or 2 to ensure all participants follow the rules stated, so as to be fair to everyone who joined.

  • This is not a sponsored giveaway by Fruit of the Earth: Block Up Singapore, I am doing this to reward readers and fans to my blog and Facebook page.

  • Once winners have been contacted, the earliest mailing date will be on 04 March 2013, presuming a previous winner is uncontactable and a new winner is picked instead. If not, once all winners mailing address has been received, items will be mailed out within the week.

Now, go~


  1. Prize I want: Block Up Kids SPF30 Spray

    Why I want: Because I get sunburnt relatively easily and there was once I had the whole back of my ears burnt, so I would love to try this to prevent sunburnt! (Good post by the way, love reading your reviews! :D)

    Name: Lai Ying Ying

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: Ying Ying Lai

    FB Profile Link:

  2. Prize I want: Block up kids SPF 30 spray
    Why I want: I get sun burnt very easily and quickly when exposed to intense sunlight. I prefer using sunblock that can be sprayed onto your skin because it is more convenient:)
    Name: JiaQi
    FB profile name: Kai Kee Koh
    FB profile link:

  3. Prize I want: Block Up Sport SPF 30 Lotion

    Why I want: Because when i was younger i didn't put sunblock i have many freckles on my shoulder and arm. And that was like 10 years ago when the sun wasn't as hot and bright. Now the 19 year old me that is beauty conscious i want to put sunblock to prevent even more damage from the ever brighter and hotter sun.

    Name: Lau Yi Yin

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: yiyin Lau

    FB Profile Link:

  4. Prize I want: Block Up Sport SPF 30 Lotion

    Why I want: Because recently I'm into sports like basketball, cycling and jogging for exercising as I felt that I've grown fatter :( I need this sun lotion for my skin as I does not want my skin to turn dark :)

    Name: Jane

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: Jane Ng

    FB Profile Link:

    Thank you!
    Happy Lunar New Year! :D

  5. Prize I want: Block Up Sport SPF 30 Lotion

    Why I want: I am often out in the sun: buying groceries, running errands. On some days, it almost feels as if I'm doing a marathon! This would come in very handy and I will put it to good use.

    Name: Jen

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: S Sim Neo

    FB Profile Link:

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  6. Prize I want: Block Up Kids SPF50 Lotion

    Why I want: I want to give it to my brother as he travels all over the island to work, often under the hot sun. I hope the high SPF50 will keep his skin well protected from the scorching hot sun and harmful rays.

    Name: Bebe

    Email Address: bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

    FB Profile Name: Bebe Lee

    FB Profile Link:

  7. Prize I want: Block Up Sport SPF 30 Lotion

    Why I want: Because I am an outgoing person and I couldn't find any sunblock that I like and suit to me! Hopefully this could be something that I've been looking for!

    Name: Rosemarry

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: Rosemarry Sim Yee

    FB Profile Link:

  8. Prize I want: Block Up Kids SPF30 Spray

    Why I want: A sun block spray will be convenient for the busy me, who is always lazy to put on sunblock =3=

    Name: Amanda
    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: Tinneh Tastethenutella

    FB Profile Link:

  9. Prize I want: Block Up Kids SPF30 Spray

    Why I want: I know I ain't a kid but this spray seems fun! I put sunblock everyday and I think it's a chore to rub sunblock into my skin. With this spray, I just go *psst* here *psst* there and viola, sunblock done. I am still experimenting with different brands of sunblock and this could probably be the holy grail of all sunblocks.

    Name: Cheryl Toh

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: Cheryl Toh

    FB Profile Link:

  10. Prize I want: Block Up Kids SPF30 Spray

    Why I want: Because I am a fairly white skin person and I can easily get sun burn if I stay under the sun for just a few hours! I hope I can give this spray a try since I'm still sourcing for an sunblock to suit me which doesn't give me that 'sticky' feel.

    Name: Shuning

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: Shuning Swee

    FB Profile Link:

  11. Prize I want: Block Up Sport SPF 30 Lotion

    Why I want: My old sunblock is running out and I'm looking to try out sunblock from other brands. Hopefully this sunblock can keep me going back to the stores for more!

    Name: Eleen Cheong

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: Eleen Cheong

    FB Profile Link:

  12. Prize I want: Block Up Kids SPF30 Spray

    Why I want: Been wanting to try out the sun spray for long but didn't managed to due to my limited resources. Am hoping to win and get a chance to try out this lovely babe.

    Nane: Irene Soh Yoke Kung

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: Irene Soh

    FB Profile Link:

  13. Prize I want: Block Up Kids SPF50 Lotion

    Why I want: I have a very active toddler who wants to be outdoor all the time and as a mum and an ex primary school teacher I believe that learning through play is good for baby to absorb knowledge the fun way. So we are always getting sunburn because we love to explore outdoor. We really hope to win this!

    Name: Jo-Ann Ortega Macanas

    Email Address: Jo-Ann Ortega Macanas

    Fb Profile Name: Jo-Ann Ortega Macanas

    Fb Profile Link:

  14. Prize I want: Block Up Sport SPF 30 Lotion

    Why I want: I love running outdoors and doing outdoor sports like badminton. As my skin is very prone to pigmentation, I always make it a point to use sunblock because I don't want to become excessively dark and be at risk of getting skin cancer. I want to win the Block Up Sport SPF 30 Lotion because I know it's something I'll use everyday! :D Thanks for the giveaway!

    Name: Kaori Lizaso

    Email Address:

    Fb Profile Name: Kaori Lizaso

    Fb Profile Link:

  15. Prize i want - Block Up Kids SPF50 Lotion
    Why I want: I am always going on holidays and doing activities therefore having to always put on sunscreen all the time.My mother also uses them regularly, therefore it would be a good deal for me to win this sun block as i know putting on sun block is essential in singapore's hot weather. I am also very easily sun tanned and have not won a giveaway before T_T

    Name: Sim Jia Xun

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: jia jxun

    FB Profile Link:

  16. Prize I want: Block Up Sport SPF 30 Lotion

    Why I want: I have not been using sun block and my skin always easily to become darker and spray would be easier for me to use as well!!


    Email Address:

    Fb Profile Name: MicHelle ANg

    Fb Profile Link:

  17. Prize I want: Block Up Kids SPF30 Spray

    Why I want: I want something that applies fast so a spray would be good.

    Name: koh Jun Jie Jason

    Email Address:

    FB Profile Name: Koh Jun Jie Jason

    FB Profile Link:

  18. Contest is over. Any entries after this comment will not qualified. Results will be up within this week, so stay tuned :)


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