Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jasmine Oil: Dandruff Prevention

Disclaimer and Important:

If you have a sensitive scalp and cannot tolerate oils of any type on your scalp, than I would gently recommend not using or trying this method at all. If you insist, don't say I never warn you. And I will not be held responsible for scalp inflammation of any type.

Fans of fragrances love Jasmine for it's uplifting scent while skin-care ethusiasts swoon over it for it's softening properties. And regular spa-goers simply adore it for it's stress-reducing abilities, but then, can Jasmine oil be the ultimate cure for dandruff? Although Jasmine is nourishing and heals the entire body and skin, but apparently a few drops can help treat dandruff problems. And do you know that Jasmine Oil has the power to act as a germ killing agent which in turn helps to cure many infections.

My first knowledge of Jasmine Oil being able to help prevent dandruff problems came a few years ago while I was browsing for books in the library. I knew I didn't purposely went over to the Healthy & Beauty section to look for a specific book, in fact, the library near my house is actually notorious for not having new books. So, I wasn't too anxious in looking for any specific new titles, but it didn't help that my mother tend to take her own sweet time in the library. Which thus results in mindless browsing around the library, which will ultimately lead me to the aforementioned Health& Beauty section where all the old books tend to be.

I happened to chance upon this beauty book about using natural and organic methods for beauty, and happened to chance upon a particular chapter where the author mentioned about a friend accidentally tipping a bottle of Jasmine Oil into the bath water, in which subsequently, the friend's severe dandruff problems went away in less than a week. And remembering I still had a full bottle of Jasmine Oil lurking around in my bedroom, I decided to give this a try.

As you can see in this photo, this bottle of Jasmine Oil was purchased in Daiso, instead of the Ayurvedic types meant for direct usage on hair or skin. So, I intended to use this by mixing a few drops of Jasmine Oil into the bath water instead.

The aromatheraphy oil that can be bought from Daiso enables you to dispense the necessary drops needed.

The scent is nice, soothing and relaxing. Maybe this might help in curbing the dandruff issue at hand.

Once every 2 days, I would diligently add a few drops into my bath water and use the Jasmine Oil-infused bath water to wash my hair and take a shower as well. And this went on for a couple of months already before I dare to make a judgement on whether it's supposed to be effective or not. And here's the result!

Intitially, stepping out of the shower after using my Jasmine Oil-infused bath water, I did noticed less scalp scratching activities. But the non-scratching sort of remained only a day or so, before I am back to scratching my scalp repeatedly. And because I only used this method once every 2 days, I was thinking it might probably be the amount of times I was using it. But I still persisted in my once every 2 days shower regime for another good 2 months or so.

And despite my own personal "research" that Jasmine Oil provides the users with a protective covering and makes the hair look glossy. This I can definitely attest to as I did noticed my hair looking glossy with a healthy shine to it, which I can probably attribute to the so-called protective covering it gave when used. However, I did not see my dandruff issue going off, much less become lesser. Instead, my hair smelled great, heavenly and divine without external use of extra hair products to give it that wonderful smell and healthy glossy look.

So, I cannot be absolutely sure if Jasmine Oil can actually help prevent dandruff issues. It could be that certain or specific type of Jasmine Oil could be able to do that, instead of Jasmine Oil that is meant for aromatherapy usage. But if I do managed to get Jasmine Oil meant for skin and hair use directly, you bet I will give it a try again.

VERDICT: Worth the try, but not seeing anything good out of it.

Overall Thoughts: Could be the type of Jasmine Oil I am using that makes it looks like it's not working. But if I do managed to get my hands on Jasmine Oil that is meant to be used directly on hair and skin, you bet I would definitely give this a try once more.


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