Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Redflo Camellia Hair Treatment [Somang] Review

WHAT IS IT: Redflo Camellia Hair Treatment


Redflo Camellia Hair Treatment: All hair types can use a boost of this rich moisturizer. Restores vitality and shine for weakened, fine hair with Camellia oil and Camellia water.

The scent is just as good as the shampoo itself, looks thick and creamy but yet able to be washed off easily without the usual greasy/oily feeling and sensation on my skin.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent is simply marvelous. It's just as good as the shampoo itself, with a sweet flowery-esque scent that doesn't make you feel nauseous. Just like the shampoo, it isn't very heavy once the treatment has been washed off and there's a faint lingering and pleasant camellia scent that actually makes you feel like a spring goddess. It smooths out my dry, frizzy and rebellious hair from just one use and the smoothness and silkiness of my hair maintained until I used a shampoo to clean my hair and washed it off.

Although the product looks thick and creamy, I am able to wash it off after usage without having my skin feel greasy nor oily. My hair actually went from rebellious to tamable in just one use and I didn't experience any hair tangling from the moment I stepped out of the shower until my hair dried. And it feels like I can comb my hair for once without having to see hair fall on the floor or on my comb. And there's still faint lingering scent of camellia playing hide-and-seek on my hair as I tried to sniff the scent.

Despite the treatment looking really thick and creamy, what I like about it is that I don't need to rinse my hair repeatedly to get it out of my hair. While other hair conditioner and treatment seems to take longer to wash out, this Redflo Camellia Hair Treatment is actually making hair rinsing a peasy easy thing to do. Which I personally think is lacking on some conditioners and treatment that I used to try and used before during my school years until I started working after school. Those were the days when my back-acne developed due to remnants and residue of hair conditioners and treatment not thoroughly washed off my back due to my long hair.

Like like what I mentioned in my previous review of the shampoo version, I think it's rather unjustly to compare 2 different products. Whereas Tsubaki's hair products have a slew of natural essential oils in their products, Reflo has 2 which is namely Camellia Water and Camellia Oil. And sometimes, it is actually worrying to wonder how a product will smell like if there's way too much essential oils present in it's "ingredient" list. Will it be too weird or will it smell as if there's something lacking because of too much scents incorporated?

And because it is just one sample sachet I got, I wasn't that convinced it can tame my rebellious hair. But I was proven wrong, even hours after my hair has dried. Still smooth, silky and manageable which makes me wonder why such good hair products sometimes isn't readily available in mainstream suopermarkets, except for Somang counters. And do note that using hair treatment products actually lets my hair stay smooth and manageable for a couple of days, unlike regular conditioner that I have to use on a daily basis just to ensure my hair stays that manageable.


WHAT I THINK: Faint flowery scent without bordering on nauseousness and it keeps my hair feeling silky, smooth and manageable.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I previously got to redeem a Eco Clinic Organic Hair Treatment Oil from Somang sometime in July last year. But because the stocks still haven't arrived at their counter, the (China, since she doesn't sound local) SA gave me a sachet of this Redflo Camellia Hair Treatment together with a sample sachet of Redflo Camellia Hair Shampoo so I won't feel like I made a wasted trip. And I personally felt it was really nice and sweet of the SA to do that. Most SAs I've encountered will just tell me that sample stocks aren't available yet and hope I would go away empty-handed. But not this Somang SA from Woodland's Causeway Point.

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