Monday, February 18, 2013

Lucido-L Hair Treatment Water Review

WHAT IS IT: Lucidol-L Hair Treatment Water


Lucidol-L Hair Treatment Water: Penetrating hyaluronic acid: works into hair to capture moisture and comes with Coating hyaluronic acid to coat hair surface and make it smooth. Light fragrance (Green floral scent), quickly rids hair of dryness or bed head. Essentially a non-rinse hair treatment water.

Despite the bottle looking all blue and aqua-y, the product itself is actually a clear solution with a clean floral scent.

VERDICT: First of all, let's talk a little bit on the fragrance. Personally, it really depends on the product itself when it comes to hair products. Of course we want our hair to smell glorious and heavenly after using shampoo, conditioner, treatment, so on and so forth. Only back in the 1990s where hair product choices were really small, so we can't afford to be picky at all as long as the product works. Fast forward to now, there's practically a slew of hair products with each product catering to different hair problems and needs. And along the way, we figure out that it doesn't harm to have our hair smelling like a spring romp in the garden after all these years. This product actually has a light floral scent to it and it doesn't bother on being nauseous at all. In fact, if it wasn't for the scent, I probably would have thought it's just a plain old regular hair treatment water.

What I like is that it works well on my bed hair, especially long bed hair. I admit that not all of us are actually comfortable with tying our hair up before bed time, since the area that is bundled up doesn't actually get any "air time". Which accounts for particular sweat spots that miraculously pops up on specific areas of our head/scalp. I personally don't really like to have my hair up in a ponytail, not even remotely a braid too. Since the area that is "bundled" up tends to feel hot and sweaty throughout the night, and I personally don't relish the thought of waking up to messy bed hair AND sweaty hair.

All it takes is a few sprays to smooth out the kinks and tangles on my hair, without having to use so much energy. And despite hours after spraying this on my hair, my hair doesn't feel oily nor greasy at all. In fact, the smoothness on my hair maintained it's smoothness throughout the day when I shower in the evening or night and washed it off my hair for good. And my hair actually felt even worse if I get stuck in an air-conditioned/cold climate for prolong hours, turning the ends all frizzy and tangled. Even tying my hair up into a bun doesn't escape the harsh treatment I get from being in a cold environment.

And because I don't need to literally spray all over my hair, just the areas that are dry, frizzy and need an instant fix, this is definitely one product I would love to buy on a permanent basis. And whether it's a sample/trial bottle or a retail-size bottle, it can actually last even longer with just a few sprays per day. Although it doesn't make my hair looks glossy and I am not a big fan of glossy hair in the first place, what I personally adore is how much smoother and hydrated my hair feels and looks.

And with the addition of 2 types of hyaluronic acid, it actually hydrates my dry and frizzy hair pretty well, so much so that this is the only hair treatment product I ever need for my rebellious hair. Personally, this doesn't feel like it's a hair styling product, which is another bonus factor for me. I mean, why would I want the ends of my hair to look all flashy when it's tangled, dry and frizzy, right? And also, I did noticed less split ends on my hair ever since I started using this hair treatment water. Something that other hair treatment products doesn't help my split ends at all.


WHAT I THINK: The perfect treatment water for my rebellious hair, need I say more?

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I got this sample bottle from when the postage price was S$2.99 for 4 items. But considering that it's a 45ml sample bottle and you might not necessarily need to use it on a daily basis if you do not have really rebellious and angsty hair, why not consider getting this sample bottle and give it a try before paying slightly more for a retail-size bottle?

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