Friday, February 15, 2013

NOPS Hydro Mud Mask Review

WHAT IS IT: NOPS Hydro Mud Mask


NOPS Hydro Mud Mask: NOPS Hydro Mud Mask replenishes skin with essential moisture and re-energizes skin cell to in order to soothe sensitive and tensed skin. With enhanced moisture content, pale yellow and dull complexion is corrected. Skin reveals line-less, healthy glow and vitality.

I like the interesting scent that is emitting from this NOPS Hydro Mud Mask, and I can't seem to really pinpoint exactly what the scent is. But I love the smoothness of the mask, and it is easy to apply without spills nor fuss.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent! It's actually interesting as I can't seem to figure out exactly what it reminds me of. But I do know that there's this wonderfully light and sweet scent, it doesn't hinges on being citrus-y as it's supposed to be a mud mask. And whoever heard of mud mask smelling all fruity, right? It probably feel weird somehow. But as it is a mud mask, I am presuming that the wonderful scent should be flowery or earthy related, to tie in with the name "Mud Mask". Although I dare say the mud mask is more like a cross between chocolate and pudding, it just looks so yummy to be considered a mask.

What I like about this mud mask is that it's really smooth, gentle and soft to apply on, and despite not being the usual clay-type masks that you can buy anywhere and everywhere, it actually applies on really easily and without fuss nor spills. And this is one korean product that I am starting to love for it's simplicity as being a hydro mud mask, instead of looking all fanciful, pretty but not effective. And even after applying on my face, there were no spillage of any type, which I am personally pleased. Smooth and soft enough to apply on without feeling like the skin on your face is being stretched unnecessarily.

As it is a mud mask, there wasn't any tingling nor cooling sensation upon application. Understandable, since it doesn't go anywhere near the region of mint nor tea tree area. But because it is so smooth and soft, you may feel that you need to apply a thick layer. But I dare assure you, a moderately thin layer is enough for this mud mask to do it's magic. In which case, to correct pale yellow and dull complexion and at the same time, soothe sensitive and tensed skin as well.

As I personally am a sucker for using masks on a daily basis, I used it only once a week. Especially at the end of the week, so that my skin looks bright and fresh on a dreary Monday morning. And I love how my dull skin looks clearer and brighter, even after one application. And nope, my skin doesn't feel dry nor taut, even after hours using it, which is a surprise. As some of us are actually sceptical of mud mask, especially when we know mud mask of any variety will tend to make my face feels a little tight and taut. So, this is definitely another of the the bonus points I like about this mud mask.

And mostly, by the end of the week, I'm sure most of us have tired looking faces from waking up early in the morning and sleeping in late. And what better moment to put this mud mask to the test! I love how it soothes my tired skin without overdoing anything. But do remember that this mud mask isn't meant to be washed off until it is dry. As soon as 15-30 minutes have passed, you can wash it off. And I tend to apply this mud mask before stepping into the shower, so it is easier to wash off during showering. And yes, I love spilling tap water on the floor. Okay, that was a little awkward..


WHAT I THINK: Instant skin revival? I'm sold!

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