Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st 5 Discoverers for RoC Singapore

So, I joined RoC Singapore's Facebook Contest, had quite a hard time choosing S$120 worth of RoC products to "boink" into my RoC Shopping Bag. If only I knew I would be that lucky, I would have chosen wisely lol

But anyway, it was a pleasant surprise when my good friend Irene informed me on my Facebook wall that I won. Wasn't thinking that I would be that lucky, so news from Irene came as a pleasant and happy surprise.

You can see the results on RoC Singapore's Facebook page at

"Digged" around RoC Singapore's Facebook page for the post that says I had won.

And after I found the wall post, I still cannot believed I won. So I went over to the app to check out the Winners list just to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me. Yep, I really did won~

I choose Energising Cleansing Mousse worth S$28.

And also a Eternal White Night Cream worth S$78. And that's why I said I wished I had chosen more wisely lol

I ended up receiving 2-3 emails from RoC Singapore AND AppsBomb as well. Was rather confused which one to print out. It didn't help that when I was played the RoC Shopping Bag game, it was in the middle of the night and I entered my Identity Card number wrongly by 2 digits. Failz..

Tried calling, but they said via a PM that their lines were probably busy so I just confirmed my details with them via Facebook PM and scheduled to pick up my goodies 2 days after I received the email. (^^)

Went to Great World city near Kim Seng Promenade. Luckily, Great World City/Tiong Bahru used to be my old stomping grounds as I used to live there from when I was born till I moved to my current place of resident midway through Primary 1. (My Primary 1 classmates at my old primary school are definitely nicer as compared to the classmates I had at my new primary school. No prejudices just because you looked a little weird with home-cut hairstyle.)

So, my goodies came in a cutesy little RoC paper bag. I cannot stress on how I adore cute little paper bags like these. Not so big that it can get crushed and yet at the same time, small and cutesy enough to put in your most precious goodies.

The goodies that I had won from RoC Singapore. So happy! And so lucky! Wasn't expecting to win since I previously got a RoC Lipbalm for being the first 100 discoverers, just felt incredibly honored to be picked to win my chosen goodies.

Thank you RoC Singapore for the prize, I really appreciate it and I can't stop admiring it for now. Still had to finish using my TBS Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foam Cleanser before I can embark on my RoC's Energising Cleansing Mousse.


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