Sunday, August 5, 2012

Monthly Topic #1: Be a Beach Babe

Surf, sun and sand! Let's go on a getaway with all the products, tips and fashion to put you in vacation mode.

Get a beach-babe bod!

  • Roll about in the sand, 'cos sand is a natural exfoliator and will scrub off those old, scaly skin cells. If the sand's extra fine, pick up a handful of it and gently rub on the more sensitive side of your body, like the neck, inner thighs and under sides of your arms.

  • Toss your hair in the wind, to trap flying sand particles. Before you go “eww!”, know that there's a hair pomade in the market (Beach Hair by Kusco-Murphy) that comes specially formulated with sand to give your hair a sexy, tousled, salt-shaken look. I say save your money and just hang out on a windy coast to get that self-same look – absolutely free!

  • Swim against the waves, to increase resistance training. The harder you work, the more calories you'll burn and the more muscle you'll build. Remember, I'm not talking about ploughing through Everest-high waves here. If you can't even swim, skip this exercise altogether.

  • Soak in the sea. Salt water has been known for it's skin-healing properties. Notice how the vet always advises you to bath your pooch in salt water? If you've got small cuts, sores and insect bites, soaking in sea water (but only the clean, unpolluted type) might heal them.

Your swimsuit shopping commandments

  1. Set aside a whole day – you may need to try on 20 different cossies before you find one you love.

  2. Start shopping after exercising or a healthy breakfast – not after a cheeseburger and a chocolate thick shake. Psychologically, it will help make the changing-room mirrors easier to bear.

  3. Look your best: scrub, shave and self-tan.

  4. If you need a second opinion, take along a friend who can offer you honest advice.

  5. Brace yourself for unflattering lights and mirrors. Remember: you do not look the same outside in natural light as you do under harsh fluorescent lights in a shop – and research shows we see ourselves in mirrors 15 percent larger than other people see us.

  6. Don't feel bad if you need to go up a size or two from your regular clothing size. Swimsuits often don't stretch well lengthwise, so lots of women need a larger size than they normally wear.

  7. Mix and match separates and play with prints, colors and shapes until you find the effect you most like, that best suits you.

  8. The big decision is whether you want to slink or swim. There are two rough groups of cossies out there – one functional, the other purely for fun, fashion and flirting.

  9. Don't forget to check your back view, too.

  10. When you find your dream suit, buy it – even if it costs a bit more than you intended to spend. If it makes you feel like the belle of the beach, it's worth it, right?


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