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Natural Aqua Gel Cure Review



Natural Aqua Gel Cure: is a gentle and natural exfoliating gel that removes dead skin effectively without causing undue stress to the skin . Unlike chemical peels which use strong acid, Cure is very gentle on the skin and only removes the unwanted dead skin. It does not dry nor thin your skin which causes your skin to be vulnerable to sunlight.

Tried a generous dollop on the back of my hand

Followed the instructions on the website (How to use Cure) and maybe because I always scrub thoroughly when I shower. I ended up not needing to rub off too much dead skin at all. Partly because I tend to look too pale, so the dead skin a.k.a white particles can't really be seen >.<

VERDICT: First things first, I took a long, hard sniff at this product. It didn't put me off, which means I'm happy using it. And to be honest, this is the best facial exfoliator I have ever come across, whether by accident or intentionally. First of all, like what it promised, it is really gentle on your skin and especially if you have acne-prone skin and happened to have a few angry acne on your face, it actually does stand true to what it promised.

I had some acne on my face that cannot quite decide whether to fade away or just "ripenened away" and nevertheless, I still use it. It didn't make my acne spots hurt at all. I personally cannot explain how many exfoliators I have used throughout the past 10 years or so. Some made my skin feels dry while some seemed okay after application, but only made my face feels and looks greasy after a few hours.

And I actually tried this not only on my face and the back of my hand only. I used it on my neck area, and I did see dead skin being rubbed off without using too much effort at all. No hard scrubbing just to get rid of dead skin that refuses to go away. And my face felt bright, clean and smooth without signs of "facial exfoliating stress" at all. And Cure doesn't even use any preservatives in their product at all!

Don't be alarmed when white particles started forming after applying Cure to your face and massaging it. It's not lint. It's those pesky dead skin that Cure is helping you to get rid of a.k.a massaged away.

A quick look at the ingredients that goes into Cure


Some benefits of using Cure


Natural Aqua Gel Cure focuses on the effects of its ingredients (mainly revitalized hydrogen water) that bind with the unwanted protein (rough and dead skin) on the skin surface to obtain a clearer, brighter skin , restoring our skin back to its health. The gel will immediately react to the dead skin cells on the skin surface once applied without the need to rub . This lifting off of dirt and unwanted protein/keratin keeps our face smooth and prevents skin problems.


With just 4 simple steps , you can achieve the effects of a facial in less than 5 minutes!


What is Exfoliation?
Exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the skin's outermost surface, or epidermis. Exfoliation is an important part of both facials and body treatments. When done correctly, exfoliation leaves the skin feeling smoother and fresher looking. Exfoliation also makes it easier for expensive facial products like serums to pentrate.

Why Is Exfoliation Important?
The skin is constantly generating new skin cells at the lower layer (the dermis) and sending them to the surface (the epidermis). As the cells rise to the surface they gradually die and become filled with keratin. These keratinized skin cells are essential because they give our skin its protective quality. But they are constantly sloughing off to make way for younger cells.

As we age the process of cell turnover slows down. Cells start to pile up unevenly on the skin's surface, giving it a dry, rough, dull appearance. Exfoliation is beneficial because it removes those cells that are clinging on, revealing the fresher, younger skin cells below.



WHAT I THINK: Off with the dead skin!

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: Go over to, fill in the form (your Name, Email, Mobile # and snail mail Address in Singapore) and wait for the samples to be sent to your mailbox.


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