Thursday, August 23, 2012

Black Head Off Stick (B&C Laboratories Inc.) Review

[ Before I go carry on this review, I would like to state that this product was bought almost more than 8 years ago on one of my beauty/facial whims when Watsons started stocking up on beauty products brought in from Japan. But sadly, I no longer see this product anymore at Watsons ever again. So, you may want to try online stores if you feel this product may work for you]

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WHAT IS IT: Black Head Off Stick


Black Head Off Stick: Contains various amount of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients combined! Through lightly rubbing your nose, it cleans off the tip and sides of your nose! Even if your partner has their head any closer to yours, you won't have to be embarrassed about those dark and dirty black head. Be a clean and absolute beauty!

It looks seemingly close to a lip balm, matte foundation stick and even better, Maybelline's Clear Smooth BB stick. But it's not!

Lightly rub your nose and it cleans off the tip and sides of your nose! As seen in this image, those are not my dead skin cells, but rather from the Stick.

VERDICT: As stated, it's a beauty whim purchase. And as per stated on the packaging, you need to rub it on your nose to get rid of blackheads.

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Wash your face clean from oil, and then rub your nose with "Black Head Off Stick". You will see tiny crumbs floating off your nose, use tissue or clean cloth to rub clean and you're done. Use toner on your face for extra care and protection (If you feel a burning sensation from the rubbing, this is a normal symptom).

First, I would like to inform my readers that this product doesn't effectively and really gets rid of your blackheads. I bought it because I am just darn sick of trying to remove my blackheads manually via suqeezing, nose pore strips. And I thought this was a godsend product. What this product does is to actually just "rub off" the head of your blackheads. You will still have to get rid of your blackheads manually, out of your pores the hard way.

The good part?

After using this on my nose for my blackheads, I did noticed that "surface" blackheads doesn't look that obvious from a short distance, almost close to non-existence blackheads on my nose. And it actually rubbed away some dead skin cells on the surface of my skin near my nose area. And what's more, it actually mattifies my nose so it doesn't look sebum-shiny too.

This one's a 50% hit and miss in 1 package, to be honest. For the 50% miss, it touts to clean blackheads, but it only does so if you rubbed long enough on your nose. It removes the "surface" blackheads (blackheads are black on the top as seen from your nose, those are the "surface" heads) so your blackheads won't look so obvious. And as for the 50% hit, it rubs off dead skin in the process while mattifying your nose.

In short, you will still have to be "hardworking" and wash your face, especially blackhead prone area with more gusto by washing longer, or still continue using pore strips. However, if your nose tends to produce more sebum than most ladies, then it may be worthwhile to just get it to mattify your nose instead.


WHAT I THINK: A haphazard plan of action when thinking of this product!

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: As usual, this product doesn't have sampling when it was first brought to Singapore. But what I can assure you is that, most Black Head Off Stick's out on the market doesn't really gets rid of your blackheads literally. If you feel that this one may not even work or as effective as the packaging touted, then it's more than alright not to buy.

And since it's in a lip balm-esque container, kinda hard to "share" it at all. Just give this a miss if you ever see it sold in Singapore again, if you are someone who prefer to wash your nose clean the usual method.


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