Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Veet Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream Review

WHAT IS IT: Veet Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream

Veet Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream: The effective blend of essential oils and velvet rose leaves your skin moisturised, touchably smooth and delicately scented.

Simply apply our silky moisturising formula onto your skin, wait 3 minutes, and remove cream and hair with the Perfect Touch spatula. The result will be silky smooth legs that last up to twice as long as shaving.

No more cuts or unpleasant depilatory smell!

Apply only a thin layer, or you will find that you need to buy a new tube every time you need to remove unwanted hair on your body.

Use the Perfect Touch™ Spatula that comes with your Hair Removal Cream to scrape away the cream when time's up.

VERDICT: Many times, we all need to remove unwanted hair on specific parts of our body for various reasons. Well, this Veet Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream is somewhat the latest in Veet's range and this has a range of ingredients that makes hair removal a breeze. Especially if you are someone who doesn't see the point in spending a few hundred dollars each time you need to remove unwanted hair on limited parts of your body. Products like this is actually a godend to our budget when money can be easily splurged without a second thought.

Veet Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream has a heavenly blend of essential oils that leaves your skin more moisturized and silky smooth. Also, it has Velvet Rose Fragrance that leaves your hair-removed-areas delicately scented with the fragrance of rose that isn't overpowering nor cloying. I love how rose-y the scent is, unlike hair removal creams of the early 1990s when product such as this is still relatively new and we all may not be aware that smooth legs can be achievable in the comforts of our own home.

Normal situations dictate that you should at least exfoliate at least a day prior to using product such as this Veet Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream, to ensure that dead skin on our legs don't prevent this hair removal cream from working it's magic. And this is so true, I made a mistake of not knowing that I should exfoliate during my younger days and ended up with patches of unwanted hair on my leg, while some patches were hair-free. So, always always remember to exfoliate. Exfoliate is important at anytime.

This Veet Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream doesn't have any strong chemical smell, which means our legs aren't going to be "doused" in chemical at all. Good part is that it doesn't make my sometimes sensitive skin break out into rashes nor do I suffer any side-effects 24 hours after I have used this. My legs felt a little more moisturized due to the fact that this product contains essential oils, and this actually last me at least a good 1 week or so before I start seeing new stubby hair re-growths on my legs. But still, it depends on the individual as some of us need a longer time to see new hair re-growth on newly shaven/waxed legs while some only get to enjoy smooth hair-less legs for at least a week. But I'd say it's definitely cheaper than going for a professional waxing/shaving in the long run.

Although the instructions stated that this should be left on for a minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 6 minutes, I personally prefer to leave it for the full maximmum timing to ensure that unwanted hair goes kaput for the time being. Any longer, and you will no doubt get some sort of chemical burns, which I unfortunately encountered as stated before when I was still young and inexperienced on the proper Do's and Don't's. But this time, I am glad to say that there isn't any uncomfortable encounter. But if you are someone who may forgot all about the time, I'd suggest you to leave it for 5 minutes instead.

My only grouse is that the tube itself is too little for extended use, especially if you are a little "hairy" here and there. You may actually find yourself using an entire tube to remove unwanted hair all over your body. But if hair on your legs is the main and primary concern (and you happened to be born with only hair on your legs, but baby smooth anywhere and everywhere else), 1 tube should last a good 2-3 times usage, if you apply it in a thin layer sparingly.


WHAT I THINK: I feel like those ladies in smooth legs-type of commercial. Without the skimpy, revealing clothes.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: As this product isn't really literally brand new, it may be hard to find samples for it. However, if you are a member of CozyCot Singapore, you may still be able to redeem one to use before plunging down real money for it. Go to this link at, print out the exact page and bring it down to CozyCot Orchard Central to redeem it. Act fast as there's only 1000 to be given away to the early birds~


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