Thursday, October 4, 2012

[Daiso] Home Aroma Oil Review

WHAT IS IT: [Daiso] Home Fragrance Oil


[Daiso] Home Fragrance Oil: Uplift your senses with various irresistible aroma.

*sniffing frenzy*

VERDICT: I'm sure we all have that moment when we walk into big name stores like The Body Shop, take a look at their Home Fragrance Oil range and secretly (silently) balk at the steep price. Sure, the scent is nice, it makes your house or a particular room smell nicer due to the fragrance oil and also helps when you just want to calm down a little after a terribly hectic day. But the price isn't really helping at all.

Fear not! While there's The Body Shop toting expensive home fragrance oil, Daiso are selling similar home fragrance oil at only a fraction of what you might have bought at TBS. (Sorry TBS, not that I'm trying to "spoil" your business, but then, it's not nice to ignore an email I've sent you months ago without a single squeak despite you guys being very active on your Facebook page. But you asked for it, I suppose ^^ ). From what I can clearly recalled, Daiso has been selling Home Aroma (or Fragrance if you prefer) as soon as I realized it exists in Singapore. They could even be selling them as soon as their 1st outlet was up in Singapore too, but then, I'm a nub and I take longer to discover good and affordable goodies.

When I first came across the Home Aroma Oils in Daiso the very first time, I have no idea how to use it, didn't even know that there's this thing called Aroma Oil Burner too. In fact, I thought I had to sprinkle a few drops on all 4 corners of a room, or something vaguely like that. But fast forward a couple more years later when aromatherapy seemed to be the rage, and I read up a little and realized how exactly I'm supposed to use home aroma/fragrance oil.

So, when I saw my first aroma oil burner (which my mother conveniently hid away to gather dust..) going for S$2.00, I was like "Buy!". Then, I came across my first aroma oil (called 月 a.k.a Moon), I was like "Buy also!". But sadly as mentioned, my mother grabbed and hid my oil burner and let it gather dust. And by the time I found it again, it was just too dusty and yucky to be used anymore. So, I had to buy a new burner and cheapskate me still refused to buy it at TBS, instead preferring the S$2.00 version from Daiso. And along the way, picked up brand new aroma oils for that Zen-like atmosphere.

Each aroma oil costs only a reasonable S$2.00, although I had to warn you that some Daiso outlets may not carry burners. The current burner I have now was brought from the Vivo City branch while the aroma oils were bought from the Bukit Panjang Plaza outlet. I probably have to go back to Vivo to stock on a new one some time soon, and maybe take a peek and see if the Vivo outlet has new scents that may not be available at the BPJ outlet.

The scent(s) doesn't lose out to the expensive ones from TBS, for example. And presuming that you only used 5 drops each time, 1 small bottle (roughly 10ml give or take) can actually last close to 1 month's usage, if you are using on a daily basis. Being pretty via beauty products isn't enough, you also need to find the zen in you to feel pretty too. And this isn't easy to achieve with affordable aroma oil(s) and burners. Besides, Daiso normally stock at least close to 10 different types of aroma oils and if you bought 10 different scents, that's like almost 1 year's worth of zen atmosphere in your own home/room, with the low low cost of S$20.00. As compared to TBS's 1 bottle which is close to the price of 9 or 10 aroma oils from Daiso.

Besides, I'm also asthmatic and was rather hesitant initially. So, I bought only 1 to try. If it doesn't work and made my asthma flare up, at least S$4.00 won't be too hard on me if I had to either dispose or find a friend who wants it. But fortunately, the aroma oils from Daiso didn't aggravate my asthma and in fact, I don't recalled getting so "agitated" that easily, which is a big factor in making my asthma worse. Defiintely well worth my S$4.00 spent!


WHAT I THINK: Omm.. (Nom Nom..)

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: Daiso doesn't have samples. However, if there are "sample" bottles displayed out for customers to sniff at, don't be afraid to sniff out your favorite scent. Normally, I can't find any "opened sample" bottles, so I had to open a new one. But almost immediately, I always like the scent and bought the bottle that I "un-ceremoniously" opened up to sniff at.

Hey! I don't open 1 to sniff, feel like it's good and put back and grabbed a new one instead. I'm more gracious than the typical Singaporean, and besides, who else is going to know that bottle which you previously opened to sniff at is a "previously-opened-bottle"? Nobody does! So, be nice, you like the scent, pay for the one you opened up, not put back and grabbed another new "unopened" one.


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