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Majolica Majorca: Eye Reset Gel Review

WHAT IS IT: Majolica Majorca: Eye Reset Gel Review


Majolica Majorca: Eye Reset Gel Review: A spin-off make-up range by Shiseido, targeted at young women. An easy to use eye makeup remover in gel-type. It quickly removes any eye makeup even the stubborn waterproof types. The "non-drip" formula allows a quick make-off and wearing new makeup again easily.

Here's my take on removing eye make-up. The whitish-looking gel/cream on the left of the "eye" is the Eye Reset Gel from Majolica Majorca.

Rubbing onto the "eye", it slowly turns into a oil-like substance, effective in removing eye-based make-up.

Although the instructions says that using a tissue is best, I found that it's rather hard to remove eye make-up mistakes with only the use of a tissue paper. Whereas, using water directly or a wet-wipe, even a Q-Tip wet with water is a better solution.

VERDICT: For a fact, I tried sniffing this product, but couldn't tell exactly what type of scent it's supposed to be. Considering that there is a scent to it, but albeit a very faint one. Maybe not all eye make-up removers smell that great, hence the "low-key" scent, I guess. The good thing is that this comes with a small nozzle, so you only need to squeeze out a suitable amount to remove eye make-up mistakes, without having to fear that you over-squeezed too much and wasted it. Factor in that this is only 30g and costs S$19.90 available at all Watsons outlet in Singapore, this is going to be a pricey eye make-up remover if the amount cannot be controlled effectively, when it comes to using it. But at the same time, you only need a small pea-sized amount to remove eye make-up on 1 eye, make that 2 small pea-sized amounts for both eyes.

Also, as this product is aptly named Eye Reset Gel, there will be users who may mistakenly think or believe that this is a eye make-up remover at it's best. In reality, this is actually an eye make-up corrector through and through. For example, if you draw your eyeliner wrong or you accidentally smudge your eye make-up by mistake. Instead of having to remove everything totally and re-do your eye make-up all over again, this Eye Reset Gel from Majolica Majorca actually lets you correct a small tiny mistake without needing you to waste time re-doing your make-up all over again.

And while we are at the topic of removing eye make-up mistakes without having to re-do anything, this brings us to another issue with this Eye Reset Gel from Majolica Majorca. Despite the instructions stating that it's best to wipe away gently with a tissue paper, I personally find that it's rather hard to do so without smudging the rest of your almost-perfect make-up, and it also states that it is possible to rinse away with water. But I'm making a huge bet here that whoever's in charge of the translation didn't really try the product or it may have been translated just a tad incorrectly.

I tried using a tissue paper and couldn't wipe a targeted area off, namely the salmon-colored glitter as seen in the picture(s) above, maybe just get a little glitter on a plain white tissue paper. However, trying to remove everything by rinsing it off is a better choice as I do not need to use soap at all. Despite the product claiming that "gel type remover turns into oil for complete make-up removal". True that when I first squeezed out the gel from the tube itself, it does resemble gel, only to slowly turn into an oily texture for effective make-up removal. It definitely doesn't feel oily nor greasy, although my skin felt a little dry just less than 1 hour after testing it.

However, if you just want to remove a tiny make-up mistake (as I had mentioned), the best method would be to either use a Q-Tip or cotton bud dampened/smudged with the Eye Reset Gel and slowly and gently rub away the mistake. For mascara users, the general recommendation is to first squeeze out a small amount and applied in on your lashes and just let it do a "sit and soak" for maybe a minute or two. After that, you can just wipe your mascara-lined lashes clean with a wet cotton pad. However, if you are someone who constantly re-apply mascara throughout the day, you might want to wait a little more longer than the recommended 1-2 minutes.

The cons of this product?

If you accidentally get this into your eyes while trying to remove eye-based make-up, it although doesn't hurt nor sting, but it will no doubt freak you out a little as your vision will suddenly go cloudy and blurry. So, be warned when using this to rub off eye make-up. Another con is that there are other make-up removers out in the market that helps you remove all your make-up at one go. So, if you are just going to get this for the only sake of correcting a tiny mistake in your eye make-up, this might kill your budget a little. Unless you are someone who only wears eye-liner, like me. Which will probably works fine and good. But if I'm someone who wears full make-up, I know I will not buy this at all. But since I'm more of an eye-liner girl, I may buy this so I can remove my eyeliner only, but if given the choice, I wouldn't.

And not forgetting that a lot of rubbing is needed to remove your eye make-up. If you take a look at one of my photos above, the one with an eye drawn, with glittery eye-shadow applied. I had to rub thoroughly for close to a minute before everything is dissolved, if not, there's going to be eyeliner stains here, there and everywhere. And excessive rubbing is not good, all those wrinkles that suddenly pop up will attest to that.


WHAT I THINK: Blurry eye-vision scare? Excessive rubbing? No thanks..

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Don't recall seeing samples of this product anywhere, although you can pop by any Watsons outlet throughout Singapore and wobble over to the Majolica Majorca displays and see if there's an opened tube for sampling purposes. And considering that there's many make-up products for sampling as well, you can probably test this out on the spot without having to use your own make-up to gauge if this is effective for you.


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