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LAC zhi® [GNC] Review



LAC zhi®: 氣zhi is a proprietary Cordycep-Lingzhi power cocktail formulated to support the immune system and boost energy levels. It is a proprietary formula that uses only the finest species of century-old documented traditional Chinese herbs – Lingzhi, which is processed with a unique and break-through fermentation technology to achieve the highest proportion of fermented polysaccharides with valuable Cordyceps sinensis and high-grade Lingzhi polysaccharides (more than 200mg of the active polysaccharides, Beta-D glucan).

Enhanced with added nutrients such as B-complex, Beta Carotene, Taurine and Vitamin C, 氣zhi provides the greater health benefits for long term well-being.

Benefits of 氣zhi:

  • Works like an ENERGY SHOT! Feel the energy surge with every shot!
  • Supports healthy immune functions
  • Promotes health recuperation after illnesses and surgery
  • Nourishes vital organs for long term well-being
  • Improves physical and mental performance
  • Supports blood circulation

The Power of Cordyceps and Lingzhi

Source: 氣zhi for Energy @

VERDICT: There is never enough energy-boosting drinks in the market, judging from GNC's 氣zhi endorsed by Singapore's very own Stefanie Sun. This product is a power cocktail consisting of Cordyceps and Lingzhi, 2 of the best Chinese herbs ever to exist on the face of our world. All combined into a small bottle to give you that extra zest and boost to let you last through the busiest day during work or school.

It sounded too good to be true, I have to admit. And for a fact, Stefanie Sun actually has acne and blemishes aplenty on her face, for those of you who are in the dark. (Was fortunate enough to saw her up-close and face-to-face sans make-up, at one of my old workplace at Takashimaya S.C.) Okay, that previous sentence is just fan-service.

The first sniff from my opened bottle, and I was like, "Eh? Kaya!?. For the record, it doesn't smell anything like BRAND'S InnerShine® Berry Essence and neither does it smell remotely close to Ribena either. Which makes me wonder if different outlets have different flavors stocked? It smells like Kaya but the taste isn't anything close to kaya. Which makes this a baffling drink, in my humble opinion. The product description claimed to be Peach flavor, but I know I sniffed Kaya and tasted nothing that is remotely peach-y at all.

And because I didn't want to have way too much energy, I decided to split 1 bottle into 2 days worth. Half a bottle for Day 1, and the remaining half for Day 2. And the first half I had drank on Day 1, I didn't feel any burst of extra oomph, energy nor zest at all. And I semi-conclude that maybe it's the first time I'm drinking this, so I might need to finish the remaining half bottle on Day 2 just to be able to feel a little of the positive effect it promised.

Which actually turned out to be a big mistake actually. The remaining half bottle, I stored it in the chiller section, thinking that maybe a chilled version could be better. But when it's time to down the remaining half bottle on Day 2, I decided to pour them out onto a small bowl to see if there's any color change after sitting in the chiller. There wasn't, however, the remaining half bottle actually started to coagulate and turned jelly-like.

And both days I drank this, I really didn't feel that so-called "energy-boost" at all. Concentration-wise, I don't seemed to feel any change and sleep-wise, I'm definitely still turning and tossing in my bed at night like an unwilling burrito. My immune system wasn't improved, in fact, I had a slight cough for a couple of days after drinking this concoction. And personally, I am glad this bottle was free due to GNC rewarding their Facebook fans by offering a free membership + 1 bottle of 氣zhi®. If I were to buy this with my own money, I'll balk at the thought that for something close to S$10.00, it's more than wastage. It's just empty promise that cannot be served chilled.


WHAT I THINK: Best served un-chilled. Literally.

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: Previously, GNC Singapore was rewarding their fans, new and old alike, with free membership + 1 bottle of 氣zhi® with no strings attached. So, I went for it and part of me is glad this bottle was free instead of having to fork out S$8.95 (without membership) just to review it. Presuming that you are someone who needs to have an energy boosting drink on a daily basis, except Sundays. That would have cost you back by S$214.80 per month, which works out to at least 24 days x S$8.95 without membership discount. Definitely not worth S$214.80 just to feel energetic, you just need to chase after naughty kids who refused to wear clothes after they are finished with their shower, much cheaper!

But still, you can go over to GNC Singapore Facebook page at and Like their page in order to be notified of future giveaways and contests.


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