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Chocgoji: Chocolate-covered Wolfberries Review

WHAT IS IT: Chocgoji: Chocolate-covered Wolfberries


Chocgoji: Chocolate-covered Wolfberries: Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, have been prized for their large composition of macro-nutrients. Possessing a high level of antioxidants, essential amino acids and vitamins A and C, the nutritional benefits of the Goji berry outshines fruits such as oranges, cranberries and carrots.

Known to the Chinese speaking market as 枸杞子 (gǒuqǐzi), the Goji berry is used in oriental soups for its sweet undertones and TCM properties, which is believed to be beneficial to the eyes, liver and kidney.

Having the dried Goji berry covered in chocolate increases visual and appetite appeal, as well as increasing the overall anti-oxidant levels in the product. ChocGoji brings together the best of both worlds, a snack that is tasty and nutritious at the same time. The snack aims to appeal to all ages, from busy PMEBs in need of a quick snack, to children who are fussy eaters.

Those are real wolfberries a.k.a goji inside the chocolate!!

VERDICT: To be honest, I am not really a fan of strange concoctions any time, before, now or later. But when this little craze called Chocgoji hit Singapore, I figured it would be a healthy craze. You see, Wolfberry a.k.a goji (枸杞子) as old folks mostly know it by, has a sweet and neutral properties and is used for treating the kidney, lung and liver. And it tastes great in Chinese soups and certain Chinese dishes, in which my particular favorite happened to be Chinese Herbal Chicken. Despite Wolfberry looking like dried fruit(s) on most occasions, it is preferably used more as a herb instead.

Just the benefits of Wolfberry is almost endless, and some of the medical function(s) for wolfberry includes:
  • Improves and regulates immune system
  • Lowers blood lipids
  • Protects liver function, prevents fatty liver
  • Contains anti-cancer properties
  • Improves white blood cell counts during chemotherapy
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Enhances memory and many more

And personally, I'm a big lover of chocolate (preferably dark chocolate) and wolfberries. And by marrying these 2 wonderful food items of mine, Chocgoji is thus born. Plus the little fact that I am prone to snacking on and off, so this Chocgoji is perfect for someone like me who have a tendency to snack a lot. As it's more healthy than snacking on the regular plain chocolate or potato chips, as Chocgoji has more vitamins than the regular orange fruit, more beta carotene than the regular carrots and higher levels of anti-oxidants than cranberries. Let's face it, we sometimes start off on healthy snacking like carrots and fruits and ended up slowly losing interest as it's just "plain" at best. After prolonged "nomming" on stuffs like these, we just feel that we needed a little more of something to tease our taste-buds. And what better choice than this Chocgoji?

And what I am personally glad of? Chocgoji comes in 3 yummy flavors:
  • Milk Chocolate Chocgoji
  • Dark Chocolate Chocgoji
  • Sugar-free Chocolate Chocgoji

Nutrient Filled Chocolates

Premium sun-dried Goji berries (also known as "wolfberries") covered in a layer of rich chocolate, Chocgoji brings to you the best of both worlds! Prized for their nutritional benefits, Goji berries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C. Perfect as a snack between meals to give you that extra boost.

Sourced: Back of product packaging

Just perfect for most of us who may want to tone down our snacking a little. Despite all 3 being good yummy choices, I personally prefer the Dark Chocolate Chocogji as it goes really, really, aboslutely well with the wolfberries. (Arooooo~) Other flavors are good, but I just have a really fond preference for dark chocolate on most occasion. Besides, if you have children of your own who happened to be really fussy eaters who detests chinese cooking/herbs to a fanatic level. This little simple snack could be the first step in coaxing them to eat "herbs" that they may not like. Namely the goji within the chocolate, and I can foresee parents having little difficulty to get their children to gulp down healthy bowls of chinese soup with wolfberries in them if they are already introduced to Chocgoji.

For the uninitiated, Chocgoji may taste close to raisins covered in chocolate. Yet another great way to break the healthy news to friends and acquaintances of yours who aren't that fond of wolfberries. I'd say YCT Manufacturing has come up with a sure-winner, who knows how long they have "tortured" their brains and taste-buds to come up with something that makes you ponder what exactly it is and why this wasn't conceptualized earlier.



WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: As mentioned in one of my previous post(s), the samples were fully redeemed as soon as they were up for grabs via Chocgoji's Facebook page. But who knows? If they come up with another few more new flavors due to customer demands, we may all get to sample them omce more.

So, go on to Chocgoji's Facebook page at and Like their page to be notified to future/upcoming sampling giveaways.

On the other hand, I always recommend the best for my readers and if you are already dying to try this instead of wanting to get a sample first, here's a list of places where you can buy this wonderful little snack:
  • SPH Buzz Kiosk
  • Cheers Store
  • Cold Storage supermarkets
  • Four Seasons Gourmet Market
  • NTUC FairPrice supermaket
  • FairPrice Xpress supermaket
  • Guardian Pharmacy
  • SPC Petrol Stations
  • OG department stores
  • Yu Hwa chinese products (department store)


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