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TBS Moisture White™ Shiso Concentrated Target Protector Review

WHAT IS IT: TBS Moisture White Shiso Concentrated Target Protector


TBS Moisture White Shiso Concentrated Target Protector: A light lotion in an easy to apply roller ball applicator for target action against dark spots to minimise their appearance.

My mother bought it and I've tried it on my face before, here's a review on what it looks like on the back of my hand.

VERDICT: Well, I've tried sniffing this one, but since my nose seems uncooperative and decided to get itself a flu block, so I cannot really tell how this product smells like. But I'm positively sure the scent shouldn't and wouldn't be over-pungent in any way since this product is supposedly applied best to the face area.

First things first, this Moisture White™ Shiso Concentrated Target Protector is actually a roll-on product meant to be rolled over target spots, so it's definitely easy to carry out as it doesn't take up too much precious bag/pouch/handbag space at all. Just pop into the nearest ladies, roll it on and presto! However, this product has a slow absorption rate so you will have to lightly tapped it into your skin after application.

I initially got my mother to buy this item as a means to reduce pigmentation on her face (and also to diminish oil seeds a.k.a milia) since she tend to have a tendency to go out of the house when the sun is shining uber bright on a daily basis. So far after a few months of using this product, I don't really see much visible difference on my mother's face at all. The dark pigmentation still stayed at the same spot, despite her using this product on a daily and religious basis. (Hey, I even got her to bring it out with her so she can use it outside the house too!)

Thinking that I might have done a wrong job at introducing this product to my mother, I tried using it on certain areas of my face/skin, namely my acne belmishes. It's a Moisture White™ Shiso Concentrated Target Protector, it should probably help reduce the "pigmentation" (a.k.a color) of my blemishes, I suppose. And right after I applied it on, the areas where I rolled this product on took a long while to dry/absorb and I didn't realize that I could have lightly tapped it into my skin for faster absorption.

Also, I felt this terrible sticky sensation on the blemishes where I rolled this product on. The worst thing possible about any beauty or facial product(s) is when it looks seemingly easy to apply + absorb, but ended up making you take up more time to ensure full absorption. In other words, this product! It comes with a roll-on ball and yet, I still have to lightly tap at rolled areas to aid faster absorption. And for any ladies on the go, I'm pretty sure you all probably might need to spend even extra more time than usual just for products like this.

I discussed it with my mother and asked her if she had any sticky feeling after application, but she said no. However, it isn't the case for me. I've used it on and off (partly because of the sticky sensation) on blemishes that has been visible on my forehead for a while, expecting the color of the blemish to tone down a little. But nope, it stayed the same, no change, nada, zilch!

Since the current one my mother has is still quite full, I'm still continue using it on a on/off basis to gauge more, however, this is definitely one product that I do not forsee myself buying on a longterm basis.


WHAT I THINK: I run from this.

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: So far, I've never encountered staffs from the The Body Shop outlet where I regularly patronise giving me a sample satchet before, so I'm presuming this product does not have samples for you to bring home and give it a try. Considering the product is in a lip-balm shape container and happens to be a roll-on. However, you can just pop by any The Body Shop outlet throughout Singapore and give their open bottle a try.

TIP: Use a tissue to wipe the roll-on ball clean before applying it to the back of your hand or face, although I would recommend testing it on the back of your hand. You are not the first person who tried it, and neither would you be the last, hence you won't know if the previous user before you "sampled" it straight onto their face that is caked with make-up or had a serious acne condition. Be safe and hygience when testing facial products straight from a store!


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