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Skin Allergy Information

Q #1: What is skin allergy?

A: Skin allergy refers to the condition in which the skin turns red, swollen, experiences pain, peeling, pimples and acne etc after using skin care products. From the biology of skin cells, we know that the skin is made up of countless cells, and every skin cell has the function of absorbing nutrients and secreting waste. This is the metabolism of skin cells. Skin allergy is the function of metabolism through the secretion of waste in the skin. There are four types of skin allergy:

  • Normal Allergy
  • Vicious Allergy
  • Allergy caused by wrong application
  • Allergy caused by food

Q #2: What is Normal Skin Allergy?

A: Normal allergy refers to the use of skin care products of good quality, whose ingredients are only beneficial and do not contain any poisonous substances. After use, any sensitive reaction of the skin is normal as it is due to the functions of metabolism. This is due to the product working on the skin, enhancing circulation of blood and oxygen, performing the absorption and secretion functions. After the skin absorbs the nutrients, toxins and dead cells are released in the process.

Q #3: Who suffers from Normal Skin Allergy?

A: Firstly, those who suffers from poor quality skin, those who do not take care of their skin or have not used skin care products before, may experience Normal Skin Allergy when they use products enriched with nutrients that stimulate metabolism. It is a sign of the sudden absorption of too much nutrients. As a result, the skin cells are not able to accommodate so quickly. Allergy caused by the process of over-nourishment is a normal biological process and is known as Normal Skin Allergy.

Secondly, those who have poisoned skin, caused by using inferior skin care products with poisonous elements (in certain whitening and freckles treatment creams). Once they switched to good quality products, the products will exercise a function of detoxification. It will secrete the toxins underlying in the skin cells. This creates a detoxifying allergy of skin.

Those who experience Normal Skin Allergy must have patience and confidence in using good or superior skin care products. The symptoms will disappear after about a week, when the skin's metabolism returns to a normal state, and skin will become more beautiful than before.

Q #4: What is Vicious Skin Allergy?

A: Those who have been using inferior skin care products which contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, hydroquinone and iodine to treat their freckles and pigmentation may find that the products work rapidly, but the side effects also occur quickly. Constant use of such inferior products will result in skin poisoning. Dark spots will appear and are more obvious under the sun's rays. This is Vicious Skin Allergy. Users should stop application immediately as in the long run, continuous use of such products will result in the poison entering into the body system and affecting one's overall health.

A #5: What is Allergy caused by wrong application?

A: Non-adherence to instructions, wrong use or overuse of skin products will lead to burning and darkening of skin. In serious cases, the skin becomes inflamed and begins to peel. Such users should stop using the products temporarily, or use only mild products. After a few days to one week when the skin has recovered, they can then use the products, gradually increasing the dosage.

Q #6: What is Allergy caused by food?

A: Skin allergy caused by consuming high-level hormone seafood or stale seafood contaminated with bacteria is known as Allergy caused by food. However, consumers often neglect the above-mentioned facts and instead wrongly assume that their skin reactions or allergy are due to the use of poor quality skincare products.

Q #7: How can skin allergy be treated?

A: If you discover that you have developed Normal Skin Allergy after using skincare products, do not panic or rush to consult a doctor as some products do not contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin. The allergy is a sign that the product is being absorbed by the skin cells and resulting in the secretion of toxins from the skin cells; or is the symptoms caused by the absorption of nutrients that are suddenly fed to skin which is in poor & weak condition, or has not been properly cared for; or is the symptom of secretion of potential toxins in the skin which has been using products containing toxin elements. This is a sign of detoxification.

In the case of skin allergy, do not be worried, this is a normal symptom. You can either continue to use the product or use a smaller amount. Or, stop for a few days before continue using again.


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