Monday, September 17, 2012

SilkPro Treatment Conditioner Review

WHAT IS IT: SilkPro Treatment Conditioner


SilkPro Treatment Conditioner: Silkpro Treatment Conditioner is specially enriched with natural active ingredients to care for and protect hair texture from turning dull and dry as well as to maintain hair colour.

The intensive conditioner helps hair lock in moisture to give you stronger, shinier, and healthier-looking hair, while maintaining good scalp condition..

Tested a dollop for review.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent of this SilkPro Treatment Conditioner is rather pleasant. I'm guessing it's probably because of the shampoo range series, if not, your hair will smell weird with different scents from different hair products (the shampoo and conditioner, namely) clashing together. Not every scent complements each other ^^

It spreads easily, as you can see in the 3rd image above. However, this is also where my peeve about this product starts. For a start, conditioner(s) of any types or brands should make your hair feel smoother and much more manageable prior to using. And yet at the same time, able to be rinsed off completely and cleanly without leftover residue. A sample satchet is actually enough for 2 days usage as I don't need the entire satchet for my head, just mainly for the tangled, frizzy and split ends.

Again, I musy once more stress that the only product that touches your scalp at any time would be your shampoo as you need to wash it off in the end after deeply cleansing and massaging your scalp to promote blood circulation, blah blah blah. Conditioners, especially, must never ever touch your scalp, even if it's in the shower. It's not meant for scalp use, it's for hair use. Remember this!

True that this SilkPro Treatment Conditioner did make my hair feel much more smoother and manageable, almost as good as the Dove one I used years before. However, it sort of leaves a filmy and greasy feeling on my back, since my hair is long and touches my back easily especially when wet in the shower. The first day, I didn't realize it until I was done with my shower and was about to dry myself.

With that in mind, I paid a little more attention to my back as well for signs of greasiness and feelings of oiliness after using the SilkPro Treatment Conditioner. And there is the feeling of greasiness again! And it was really hard to wash off the feeling of greasiness/oiliness off my back after rinsing my hair clean of conditioner. Did I mentioned that I had to rinse my hair longer than before?

This SilkPro Treatment Conditioner although manages to leave my hair feeling smooth, soft and manageable, but it does take a little longer to rinse off, despite using only a small dollop for my hair. Mind you, I didn't use 5-6 teaspoon-ful of hair conditioner. Just a dollop is enough to cover from the back of your head to the ends of your hair. And I basically felt I was re-washing my hair all over again, but without the shampoo. And once the rinsing was done, my back was getting the conditioner treatment that was unnecessarily.

I ended up having to re-shower my back again to get rid of the greasy/oily feeling left by the conditioner. Thinking that it may be me and not this product, I tried using it on the back of my hand, as you can see in the last image above. The result? It's definitely SilkPro Treatment Conditioner, not me.

And at the end, I had more hairfall than before, despite using SilkPro Treatment Conditioner together with SilkPro Hair Fall Control Shampoo


WHAT I THINK: Having to re-do everything in the shower? Not cool..

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: I got my samples from SilkPro Singapore Facebook page at while they were still having a Facebook sample giveaway. However, the samples were redeemed too fast. So, I'd recommend being a fan of their page by Liking their page in order to be informed of their hair care kit giveaways at selected locations.

Generally, I'd suggest getting this hair care kit and saving the shampoo samples for at least a good 2 days use as you don't need much shampoo on your head. And you can gauge/judge for yourself if it is really effective for you. I know it doesn't for me, so I won't bother to buy this product ever.


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