Saturday, September 8, 2012

EcoBeau Natural Nutritive Cream Review

[ This sample was received from CozyCot while redeeming my Welcome Gift for logging into CozyCot's website via Facebook. ]

WHAT IS IT: EcoBeau Natural Nutritive Cream


EcoBeau Natural Nutritive Cream: Made from herb medicine extract for antimicrobial, hydrant and nutritive properties, Natural Base Nutritive Cream is an enriched natural hydrator and whitening (reinforced) solution. Formulated with functional nourishment, the cream penetrates deep into the inner skin and serves as the best food for radiant complexion.

All skin types including sensitive, eczema and acne-proned skin.

Tried a generous amount on the back of my hand (and my jawline as well). Spreads rather well evenly, although it doesn't look as if it was well absorbed.

You can see in this image how this EcoBeau Natural Nutritive Cream is in contrast to my skin color.

Further image taken to show the color contrast. It just looks like a bad tanning job at the tanning salon.


VERDICT: For starters, the scent of this EcoBeau Natural Nutritive Cream isn't quite bad. However, as I have a rather pale and ghostly complexion, it seems that even the lightest tone, in this case EcoBeau Natural Nutritive Cream, seemed a little too dark for my skin. I initially tried it on the back of my hand to get a rough gauge/estimate on how the product would look and feel like, and whether it would be easy to apply and gets absorbed fast as well. But it looked more like I had decided to go on an impromptu tanning session at the tanning salon and came out with only my hand tanned. The color contrast isn't really working well for me at all.

So, I tried it once more, but with lesser amount on my jawline/part of my face once more. And the result stayed the same for me. Bad tanning experience. As you can see in the last 2 images above, the color contrast between the EcoBeau Natural Nutritive Cream and my skin is really obvious. If I were to apply this on my face all over and walked out of the house, this would be a rather bad experience for me. Firstly, my face would have probably take on a somewhat "healthy" glow, next, my hands and neck would suddenly look too pale as compared to my face. The difference there is going to be really visible and I don't see why anyone (me in particular) would apply BB Cream such as this one on my hands and legs just to achieve the overall "healthy" glow. It would have looked and felt silly all at the same time.

As we all are probably aware of, people with oily skin (like me!) are best suited to liquid or cream base foundation, and this includes BB Cream as it stays longer and looks more matte on our skin. In short, liquid foundation works best for oily skin. It blends well, covers breakouts and blackheads and does a better job when it comes to oil production.

But then, somehow, this liquid-y/cream based cream although may glide onto my skin effortlessly when used in the right amount, just doesn't do it for me. The texture is rather thick, maybe that's why I find that it doesn't absorb well and fast enough, but yet feels so light and smooth. Too bad it's a no-go for me personally. However, someone else with a slightly darker a.k.a healthy glow may find this a rather good enough choice.


WHAT I THINK: Tan job gone wrong!

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: As stated, I've received it from CozyCot as part of my Welcome Gift for logging into CozyCot's website via Facebook. The Sample Store Singapore is out of sample stocks as well. However, if you are someone who don't have a fond liking for heavy creamy based BB Cream, then this may not be for you.


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