Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Face Washing Brush [Daiso] Review

WHAT IS IT: Face Washing Brush [from Daiso]


Face Washing Brush: Wash your face by gently rubbing to loosen your skin using soft silicone can smoothly remove difficult-to-remove pore-clogging impurities. You can remove accumulated skin debris, sebaceous matter, deadskin and pore-clogging debris. It is easy to use as it fits your fingers.

Hold it with the rounded tip pointing upwards.

VERDICT: To be honest, there are some days when I'm sure some of us are a little wee lazy when it comes to washing our face. It's like, yesterday I counted to 20, so today, I think I'm just going to skive off a little and count to 5. Don't worry if you think or even do that sometimes, you're not alone.

And yet there will be days when you are using either tired to having to use your fingers to massage/rub your face long enough for the dead skin on your face to come off or you are not cleaning long enough. Well, fret no more! Introducing this Face Washing Brush by Daiso (retailing at only S$2 per piece!). You can probably find a variety of different face washing brush at either the same or different Daiso outlets, so you might want to take a little longer to decide which one is better.

I previously used the pink spade-shaped one, but found that it wasn't really effective. It just effectively rubs/massages my face, but didn't aid in removing excess dead skin cells on the surface of my face. I got so frustrated with it that I promptly trashed it and went back out to Daiso and got this blue one instead.

What's the difference, you may wonder? Since face washing brushes are mostly the same, they should work the same way. Well, I'll regretfully tell you this, they are not really the same.

The pink spade-shaped one actually has round and soft bristles, and I felt that one is probably more for using as a face moisturizer brush than an actual face washing brush. But this blue one is even better. The bristles aren't that round to begin with, and I definitely can feel this Face Washing Brush cleaning my face thoroughly than ever before. This isn't really hard to use, especially if you are someone who is worried that you can tranfer germs from your fingers to your face via facial cleansing regime.

Here's how I normally wash my face with this Face Washing Brush:

  • Wet face and Face Washing Brush.

  • Pour/Squeeze out a dollop of your facial cleanser on the brush.

  • Using a small quanity of water, produce foam/suds on the dollop of facial cleanser that is on your Face Washing Brush.

  • Starting with your forehead, run gently in a clockwise circular motion while counting to 10.

  • Then, rub gently again in a counter-clockwise circular motion while counting to 10.

  • Repeat the above 2 steps on every part of your face, like your cheeks, nose, chin, etc.

  • Wash your face clean once your entire face is cleaned and enjoy the feeling of clean and fresh skin.

  • Remember to wash your Face Washing Brush clean of facial cleanser soap foam/suds.

  • Dry your Face Washing Brush as much as you can and leave at a non-sunny area to slowly dry off by itself.

See? It's not that hard, if you only consider the actual usage of facial cleansers and cleaning method for your face as actual steps. What's more, those little irritating blackheads on my nose doesn't look so prominent any more than it previously was. Sure, there's still stubborn blackheads left behind, but the amount is actually miniscule, if I were to compared to photos of myself during the 1990s. It definitely looked so much cleaner than before!!

And last tip, use your Face Washing Brush gently. Even though you are trying to clean your clogged pores, there's really no need to use too much force at all. Just rub it gently, as per the method I taught above and before long, you will notice your face looking cleaner and feeling cleaner as well. Beside, this Face Washing Brush that I got isn't really harsh on my skin at all.


WHAT I THINK: S$2.00 well spent at any time!

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: ^^ Daiso outlets in Singapore normally don't have samples to try nor bring home. However, it's an affordable S$2.00 per piece, and you can actually buy 1 more extra to keep away for just-in-case situations that arises. And yes, I didn't buy just 1. And yes, you can actually only use this product for facial exfoliation only, if you choose/want to.


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