Thursday, May 2, 2013

Skin & Lab Dr. Vita Clinic E Plus Moisturizing Review

WHAT IS IT: Skin & Lab Dr. Vita Clinic E Plus Moisturizing


Skin & Lab Dr. Vita Clinic E Plus Moisturizing: This product prevents skin damages and makes your skin moist and smooth by protecting cell membrane. In addition, it protects your skin from UV rays and gives energy to your skin and body to maintain healthy via strong antioxidant activity.

So far, I used this on my cheeks which tends to be dry and in need of moisturizing and thirst-quenching and it didn't leave my cheeks looking too oily.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent is actually a little on the herabl-ish side, but rest assured the scent isn't too much to handle at all. The scent actually dissipates after application and it doesn't linger on too much at all. Remember how I used to mentioned about how certain products have their own typical scent/aroma to it, it's partly to ensure that we enjoy using it on a daily basis. As products that are meant to be used regularly won't be able to improve your skin at all, if you are an irregular user.

What I like is that E Plus Moisturizing moisturizing is a rich texture but with an almost gel-like consistency, but it doesn't feel like I am clogging my skin nor pores at all. And note that I did not mix and match all 5 samples received since I am using each one on different areas of my skin I wish to target at, except for C and K which I used for my dark circles and very small and not so puffy eye bags. E Plus Moisturizing surprisingly absorbs pretty decently, and although the initial sensation is a little sticky, it went off after a short while and my skin doesn't look too shiny as if it's swathed in excessive sebum.

And before using E Plus Moisturizing, my cheeks actually looks a little dehydrated. But immediately after using, I noticed my cheeks looking a little more moisturized and looking so much better, as compared to before usage. And I don't even need to keep rubbing and rubbing for the product to get absorbed even from the 2nd night of usage either, despite my skin being better hydrated. As I used to have this problem when certain parts of my skin are well moisturized, the skin somehow refuses to take in more from subsequent night or day usage, instead making the specific area looked more oily and greasy instead.

What I liked is that, as I was already having a pimple on the side of my face, stuck in the throes of whether it should ripen or not ripen. E Plus Moisturizing doesn't aggravate that existing pimple at all, it still manages to hydrated and moisturized the surrounding skin around that pimple without making it look dry and sensitive at all. And I think the skin around and under the pimple itself might probably benefit from the moisturizing as the pimple itself went away pretty fast, instead of the usual "I linger cos I can" stance.

Partly because E Plus Moisturizing contains Vitamin E and Inca Omega Oil, which helps prevent skin from drying up a.k.a dehydration while Selenium actually prevents skin damage from UV rays, so I know and can feel my skin being so much in a better condition, as compared to before using this product. Skin immediately looks softer and plumper at the same time, without looking and feeling oily at all, despite hours after application. And I think this is an important factor in moisturizers, as a good moisturizer should moisturize and hydrate your skin without making it look and feel oily at all, even after X hours.


WHAT I THINK: Existing pimple wasn't aggravated and it actually moisturized pretty decently and the existing pimple went away without so much fuss :)

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I previously redeemed a set of Skin & Lab samples from Skin & Lab Singapore Facebook page at last October 2012. I'm not sure if there's anymore left, however, the sample app is still around. So you might want to head over and fill out the sample request form and hopefully, you might be lucky :)

Head over to Skin & Lab Singapore Facebook page at, Like their page as a fan. Next, look for an app that says FANS ONLY Promotion and click on it. Once the page loads, fill in your details and wait for it to arrive in your mailbox.

Why not like my Facebook page at to be informed of latest samples I found, which is duly updated? Also includes updates to health, beauty & lifestyle tips at least once a day. It will definitely save you the trouble of having to hunt them down :)


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