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Samples Received/Redeemed: 18 Mar - 22 Mar 2013

Don't you just love it when there's seemingly so much samples and goodies to receive and redeemed throughout the week. I still remembered when I was around 18 or so, and my first experience in redeeming a free set of samples was from Clarins at the old Tangs @ Orchard. You know, that old, gaudy, old-school and yet re-assuring Tangs @ Orchard?

I still remembered that it was from a local female lifestyle magazine (It was either Female or HerWorld) and interested sample users have to cut out a coupon, fill it in and bring it to the Clarins counter at Tangs @ Orchard. And of course, as it was my first time redeeming a sample, I immediately felt embarrassed and awkward as the queue was already quite long. And all the samplers before me were practically from all walks of life, different ages and all of them were in the typical attire of dresses and high heels. And I was the only one in T-shirt, long pants and track shoes. So, it was definitely an awkward moment where I wished the ground would opened a hole up for me to hide into. Needless to say, that was the first and last time I ever requested for sample due to the attire differences I encountered, until now.

But luckily with the advance of current technology, we can all grabbed our samples straight from Facebook. Either we just need to fill in our particulars and wait for the samples to be delivered straight to our mailbox or we can print out a redemption email and go down to the designated or preferred makeup counters of our choice and pick up the samples, and with quite a good amount of deadline attached as well. Which I liked, since I preferred going down to Orchard on a weekday for sample redemption, as weekday mornings meant that there's not much local shoppers around and the shoppers you do see are actually tourists.

Heck, this means I can feel happy that it could only be me at a particular timing, arriving to pick up my samples. And comfortably in my preferred clothes, namely T-shirt, long pants and track shoes. Instead of having to feel awkward that I am the only one not wearing tight skirts, flouncy frilly tops and high heels. On hindsight, those women who were queuing before me for that Clarins samples were probably hoping to get the samples before they start work, since who would specially wear such an ensenmble just to go to Orchard to collect samples and then go back home, huh?

Previously on Facebook, there was this app called Portraits of Hope. Shown on the app are actually portraits of real people who happened to be involved in accidents and from these portraits, we can choose one that appeals to us by pledging our support for rendered assistance. Well, I kinda went on a daily basis and ensured every portrait gets help by pledging a different one every day.

And this is probably why my Command sample strips took so long to arrive, since I voted for every single portrait to get help lol I thought I would never get to see it, but well, I suddenly received Command strips around Thursday.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: It's also over, but I do spammed everyone I know to join them :D

Previously, HonezyCube was having a giveaway in conjunction with Silky Veil and I was one of the lucky 30 to be chosen. I was surprised when the sample came in a little pot that has an additional lid within. Can't wait to give it a try :)

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: The giveaway is over. However, HonezyCube is having another giveaway, so head on over to their Facebook page and be a Fan to find out more. Alternatively, you can sign up as a member at, where you can vote for your favorite beauty products and give reviews for products you adore.

L'OCCITANE en Provence Singapore has a new app, called Brighten Up Quiz!, where you read testimonials from local known personalities and answer a question in return. (The answer is TRUE by the way). You will receive an e-voucher/email redemption letter in your email inbox, print it out and bring it to the L'Occitane outlet at Plaza Singapura to redeem the L'Occitane Beauty kit.

Despite being under the Immortelle Brightening series, the samples/beauty kit are different from the previous one. This beauty kit consists of:

  • Brightening Essence x 1 sample sachet @ 1ml
  • Brightening Moisture Cream x 1 sample sachet @ 1ml

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Go over to L'Occitane en Provence Singapore Facebook page at, Like their page as a fan in order to activate the app. Next, look for a link that says Brighten Up Quiz! and enter your details and answer a question. If you are too lazy to read through the testimonials (I know I am one of the lazy ones xD), the answer is TRUE.

NTU Facebook page was having a fun app last month, where you need to send invites to earn a chance at throwing dice. This enables you to progress forward on a board game and win some freebies along the way, let's just say, I kinda got lazy after winning the S$5 Old Chang Kee voucher.

Which my mother duly went forth and bought Curry Puffs and finger food with the voucher the very next day, after getting the voucher from me. I love Sardine Puffs, all that fish!!

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: It's also over, but I do spammed everyone I know to join them :D

While redeeming my S$5 Old Chang Kee voucher, I got this notebook for free as well. The lady who was in-charge of redemption asked this:

Redemption Lady: Are you still a student?
Me: No.. but I wish~
Redemption Lady: *hesitant smile*
Me: xD
Redemption Lady: But here's a notebook for you
Me: xD Thank you~

Here's the back of the notebook, it's actually a blank notebook with no lines. So, if you are a free-spirited journal taker, you can draw doodles while writing down your thoughts, I suppose.

And along the way, 100PLUS had a sponsored ad on Facebook before the NTU Board Game where interested users answer a short quiz to be eligible for a 100PLUS goodie bag of some sorts. I redeemed:

  • 100PLUS Water Bottle
  • 100PLUS Shoe Bag
  • 100Plus Beach Towel

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: It's also over, but I do spammed everyone I know to join them :D

I got to know about this Sheba giveaway from ilovepeppersung and immediately went to get my hands on the meow meow samples :D The samples I received from Sheba are:

  • Tuna pouch x 1 @ 70g
  • White Tuna & Snapper can x 1 @ 85g

I felt a little awkward when filling up the form as I really do not know the cat's breed, only that it's a stray that loves stretching and scratching on the egg trays when it thinks nobody is looking.

If you are curious to know where the cat food samples I've requested went to, rest assured I didn't nom them despite the cat food looking so delectable. It went to this cat, aptly named "Ah Meow" by the owner at the provision shop near my area. One of the strays that didn't seem interested in chasing me around. It probably knew I'm not worth chasing at all :/

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Despite Sheba Singapore Facebook page stating that they are giving away 2 Sheba cat food samples to the first 100 fans who Like their page, I'm not sure if they are finished with the promised 100 cat food samples yet as the sample page is still up. So, you can still try your luck via Sheba Singapore Facebook page at, Like their page as a fan to be able to access the app page. And good luck :D

Why not like my Facebook page at to be informed of latest samples I found, which is duly updated? Also includes updates to contests that I've sourced out for you to join. It will definitely save you the trouble of having to hunt them down :)


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