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Head & Shoulders: Itchy Scalp Care Review

WHAT IS IT: Head & Shoulders: Itchy Scalp Care


Head & Shoulders: Itchy Scalp Care: An invigorating Itchy Scalp shampoo and conditioner with eucalyptus that leverages Head & Shoulders’ proven HydraZinc formula to immediately soothe and help protect against itchy scalp for all-day itch relief. Soothes and helps prevent itch associated with dandruff and contains eucalyptus, soothes and helps prevent itch associated with dandruff

The shampoo itself has a liquid/gel-based consistency and the product itself is actually white in color. It doesn't seem to lather/sud easily, however, upon contact with wet hair, it's practically glorious creamy and soft shampoo suds. It actually does help prevent itchy scalp that resulted from dandruff issues and gives this light tingling and cooling sensation.

VERDICT: The shampoo itself has a liquid/gel-based consistency, and the texture is actually smooth and creamy. Although I never understand why old-school anti-dandruff shampoo tend to be white in color, maybe white lathers up much better than other colors? What I like is that, despite the shampoo itself doesn't seemingly lathers/suds up well enough via hand-to-hand contact, it's totally different when the shampoo comes into contact with wet hair. It lathers/suds up really well, and the suds are actually creamy and seemingly thick. And yet, it washes off rather easily too. (Kinda had enough with shampoos that takes too long to rinse off, thereby making us looking like shower zombies on a wacky note)

As usual, Head & Shoulders shampoo tend to leave a tingling and cooling sensation on your scalp after usage, so I normally start my shower regime by wetting my hair and shampooing it first. And while the foam sits on my hair and scalp, I proceed to do my usual facial cleansing, a little bit of scrubbing and loofah-ing here and there before I finally washed off everything. And while the shampoo suds sit on my hair during my other shower activities, that tingling and cooling sensation slowly develops. You can liken it to a caress somehow as it's slow, unlike their regular anti-dandruff brand that hits you with this really intense tingling and cooling sensation as soon as you lather up the suds in your hair. Really slow and easy, especially good for those of us who don't like getting a mint-shock in the middle of a shower regime.

And the tingling and cooling sensation on my scalp lingers on until my hair is dry, but if you want it to be a little more intensified, just plonk yourself in front of a electric fan or sit directly underneath a ceiling fan at full blast. It does helps to keep you awake, especially if you are in danger of snoozing in a split second without warning and you are definitely trying to stay awake. Normally, if I am feeling sleepy and drowsy in the afternoon, I'll take an early shower to stay awake. But with this, it's definitely full-blown awake, without the bulging goldfish eyes expression though.

I love how it keeps my scalp from excessive itching, which is due to dandruff on my scalp. Sometimes, when my hair feels greasy and oily, I use this shampoo too to get rid of the greasy and oily feeling I have on my scalp. And the itchiness actually stays away until the next shampoo day approaches. Initially, I was having trouble choosing which shampoo to get, since it's a lot of different variety and with all the color packaging assaulting my eyes. But, I finally decided on this particular one. Essentially, you don't really nee scented shampoos to leave your hair smelling nice, floral or fruity as a good bottle of brand of conditioner will simply do the trick.

Although on an awkward side note, despite having dandruff, I still wear black T-shirts like Armageddon is coming. And thankfully, my dandruff never flakes down to the black T-shirt, hence, saving me from dandruff embarrassment. And also, believe me that dandruff-free hair actually feels so much smooth and silkier than before. I think it's partly because of the little knowledge you had knowing that your scalp is dandruff and itch free, hence you will feel more confident about your hair. And if you have dandruff and nothing seems to be working, even if your hair is worthy of a shampoo commercial, you are still going to feel like a gutter rat (I feel like one most times, I admit), no matter how hard you try. Yep, it's that little thing called "dandruff" that affects our self-esteem most times.

And on a side note, I would also like to point out a little something. If you have dandruff, only an anti-dandruff shampoo can help eliminate dandruff. And as we all are aware of, everywhere you go, you will see shampoos and conditioners displayed alongside each other. And most times, a certain shampoo you picked up will recommend using it with a conditioner of the same range. For example, use Head & Shoulders: Itchy Scalp Care with Head & Shoulders: Itchy Scalp Conditioner for best results. Please be extra cautious that only anti-dandruffs relieves or gets rid of dandruff, the conditioner doesn't. A conditioner only helps to ensure your hair is easily manageable, stays smooth, soft and tangle-free, that's it. Therefore, you can definitely mix and match your favorite shampoo with another conditioner that need not necessarily be from the same range or brand.


WHAT I THINK: Slight tingling and cooling sensation on scalp after usage, less itching on scalp. And definitely less dandruff too. But then, I love my shampoos intense. Woo~

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Unfortunately, I am unable to find a Facebook page for Head & Shoulders Singapore, hence there won't be samples to try. However, what I recommend is to find another 1 -2 friends or family members, and buy a bottle to share (or divide by pouring half into a re-usable bottle) so you can divide up the cost. At least if it doesn't suit you, you will only be paying half the price if you share it with someone with the same scalp or dandruff issue.

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