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My Scheming Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask Review

WHAT IS IT: My Scheming Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask


My Scheming Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask: The mask is specially for oily skin. It can help to control oil and provide you a fresh, mild and soft skin. The mask can help to remove dirt and get rid of aged cuticles and enhance metabolism. Bring you bright and transparent skin!

A look at the back of the mask, in all it's clarity :D

How the mask looks like inside the pouch.

I always find that the best time to do facial masks is when you are fresh out of the shower :D

The pearl paper. I'm still convinced the pearl paper doesn't like to be separated from the mask :O

And here's how the mask looks like after using it.

VERDICT: Well, as of now, I'm sure most of you would know I absolutely adore My Scheming masks range. Since I am constantly "assaulted" by lots and lots of brightening masks, it is really refreshing to see a mask range that offers you something you really need for your skin type, instead of just having a lump of brightening masks here, there and everywhere. Especially if you suffers from oily skin that has blemishes here and there. And the worst part is when you wake up in the morning with little red spots that looks like it's undecided on whether it should ripen or just linger on like a bad lover. This is when My Scheming's Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask comes into play here.

The mask actually has this wonderful scent to it, without a hint of anything herbal-y or medicinal at all. And I absolutely dread masks that smells somewhat like Chinese herbs sometimes, when all I want is something that smells girly and fun and easy to use. But there's this wonderful scent to it, which I can't seem to pinpoint to, but nonetheless, the scent is really nice and you all know how I love to sniff my products before using it and how scents are a big part of me using any beauty products. So, I am loving and rocking this mask for the scent and the fact that My Scheming masks has already helped keep my acne and pimple issues at bay for a while now.

This mask actually promises to help control oil (a.k.a sebum for the clueless), remove dirt, gets rid of aged cuticles (a.k.a dead skin cells for the clueless once again) and enhance metabolism, which ultimately leaves your skin looking bright and transparent. Basically, it sounds just like botox would do, except instead of having those painful injections on your face, it comes in the form of a facial mask which is essentially painless and effortless. All it actually takes is for you, the user, to sit back and relax your mind for a good 15 - 20 minutes while the mask does it's magic on your tired skin.

And as I have previously mentioned, the best time to use facial mask like this is actually right after you are fresh out of the shower when your pores aren't that minimized yet. And at the same time, your hands and fingers are clean, so this means that using this mask doesn't leave dirty fingerprints and smudges on the mask that is meant for pampering your skin (or face, if you prefer). What I still adore now is the little fact that My Scheming's Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask isn't too big on my face, so it actually fits snugly without overlapping too much onto my hairline. Since obviously, I need the facial mask to pamper my skin and not my hair no matter how I look at it.

After using, my skin felt smoother and my pores actually looks smaller and more minimized, especially on my nose. Yes, no matter how big or small your pores are, those on your nose will probably garner more attention since it harbors these little yucky minions called "blackheads". My skin felt moist and bouncy, like a mochi *booooing* and those little red dots that looks and behaves like pimples? It looks better the next morning, and it's only the very first piece. And through subsequent usage, my face is decidedly clearer and free from acne and pimples and it's been like, maybe close to a month or 2 since I last saw a pimple appearing anywhere without explicit invitation.

And as we are aware of, facial masks can be used daily. Especially if you are someone who doesn't like following skincare regimes where facial moisturizing is an important process to ensuring that your face don't have breakouts unexpectedly. But if you can afford to splurge, then I would suggest having 2 to 3 different My Scheming masks that you can use alternatively on a daily basis. And did I mentioned that each My Scheming mask has 30ml worth of mask liquid in it? I swear, honest to God, there is more than 30ml than indicated as each time when I used a piece of My Scheming mask, it's always dripping and dripping. And this proves that My Scheming do care about the quality of their products to ensure their consumers always get the best out of it.

But in the event you are someone who loves facial masks but at the same time is not a big fan of facial moisturizers, here's a little tip. You can tip the leftover mask liquid into a re-usable pot or container and use it as a facial moisturizer instead, which exactly is what I sometimes do. As I tend to sweat easily in the daytime, I personally find that the mask liquid is actually helpful when I want to lather on facial moisturizer in the morning but afraid that I would sweat it out. It doesn't sweat out of my pores since my skin doesn't feel sticky or anything similar, it absorbs just as well and happens to give my skin an instant refreshing boost when I think my face feels clammy and looks sickly.


WHAT I THINK: Didn't see a breakout for close to 2 months already, and this is definitely a record breaking moment ever since I started using My Scheming masks.

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