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JustUme™ Fiber Plum Review

WHAT IS IT: JustUme Fiber Plum


JustUme Fiber Plum: Taking fruit such as plums will help cleanse our digestive tract. JustUme™ contains the Japanese Umeboshi plums combined with 2 strains of probiotic and a special blend of herbs to get rid of digestion problems. Fast paced modern working life tends to result in many modern day problems. Internal problems such as constipation, excessive flatulence, bloating will lead to external issues such as skin problems, weight gain and lethargy. These problems occur when the pH of our body gets too acidic.

The sample had this brown dusting on it, which I took care of easily by rinsing under running tap water. The taste is mixture of sweet and sour, and yet still acceptable. And lo and behold, a seed in it too!

VERDICT: Before trying this for the very first time, I do have to admit I have constipation woes once in a blue moon. And it didn't help that I'm not really a big fruit-lover, unless it's watermelons. And despite trying to eat/try other fruits, let's just say my stomach isn't exactly friends with oranges, since I tend to puke a lot if I so much as take a sip of Orange Juice, and no doubt, oranges are already out of my diet for so long I don't even know how many years. Apples are okay, but then, I got a decayed tooth stuck in an apple during my school days, and I ended up having this phobia that all my teeth are going to get embedded on the apple one fine day. So, watermelons it shall be!!

Anyway, I do eat loads of watermelon once every 2 days since older folks tend to view watermelon as a somewhat "cooling" fruit, and hence too much "cooling" foods aren't exactly good for women due to the monthly cycle thing going on. Which I totally agree when I have really bad stomach cramps. However, long story short, despite eating my watermelon on a regular basis, it didn't really help much with my constipation woes at all. Until, I tried this JustUme™ Fiber Plum for the very first time. And I was actually a little impressed, since I immediately took off for the toilet after a bout of bad stomach pain that cannot decide whether it's a regular stomach-ache or constipation-related issues.

Basically, if you have one of the listed symptoms stated below, then maybe it's time to give JustUme™ Fiber Plum a try:

  • Poor digestion
  • Water retention
  • Bloating & flatulence
  • Fatigue, low energy
  • Prone to sickness
  • Poor and dull complexion
  • Excessive weight gain

Basically for me, I suffered from all listed 7 symptoms and I thought it's really time to try something else for a change. At least to see if anything good comes out of it. And I mean, let's face it. A lot of things in life, you really have to take the plunge and give it a try, if you don't ever take the first step out, you never know what works for you and what doesn't. And so, I decided to give this JustUme™ Fiber Plum and boy, I am a little impressed, like what I've mentioned in the previous paragraph. Although luckily, I suffer from constipation woes once in a blue moon instead of a regular basis.

Along with the little fact that JustUme™ Fiber Plum contains Japanese Umeboshi plum, which is combined with 2 strains of probiotic and a special blend of plant extracts to get rid of digestion problem for cleaner, clearer and healthier intestinal system. Although on a good note, I tend to love drinking... water on a really regular basis. Which kind of explains why I look and feel bloated sometimes. I drink more than I eat, to be honest. If you were to place a cup of milk-shake and a bowl of noodles in front of me, the first thing I would definitely grab is the milk-shake and not the noodles. Unless that bowl of noodles happened to be called "Laksa", then it's a different scenario already.

Despite doctors stressing that we need to drink 8 glasses or 1.5 litres of water everyday to cleanse our body of toxins and the likes, I think I probably excelled in the drinking part already since I know I go more than the requisite 8 glasses daily. And yet, too much liquid consumption isn't really good in the long run, hence a product such as JustUme™ Fiber Plum helps to detoxify right where you need/want it, without having to go through so much hassles or procedures to do so.

And did I mention the flatuence symphony going on after taking it? Yep, it was farts-a-plenty for me. A poot here, followed by a poot there. But it's all really the natural way JustUme™ Fiber Plum works since it's working hard in your body after consumption to make your inside working well and normal again. And I did feel my skin feeling a little better too, with less visible breakouts for a short while. I wouldn't say my pores looked more minimized or anything since this is something that is best used for a long-term period to see the full benefits. But from one plum that gives me release from my stomach-ache/constipation confusion, I would dare say this is actually a good product to consume in the long run. Yep, really impressive for something so small and unassuming.


WHAT I THINK: A poot here, followed by a poot there, and then greadual ease in the stomach region. I'm sold!

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I previously got to redeem this sample by sending a SMS with my details, but sadly, the redemption was rather fast and quick. And the only way to know about the next redemption is a impromptu Facebook Sponsored Ad.

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